2017 nba draft pre-all-star break email conversation – denver stiffs

Daniel Lewis: Ryan, the rest of the NBA is slogging through the dog days leading up to the All-Star break, but the off-the-court chatter never takes a day off. Softball nation While there is definitely going to be a bunch of trade rumors flying around, I thought that we should take an opportunity to talk about the NBA draft for 10,000 words or so.

I’m only slightly kidding on the length of this, but I’m excited about the draft this year! There are a ton of exciting point guards, wings, and big men in a draft that should be able to produce a Rookie of the Year competition that will have a pulse as compared to this year.

I’ll start with a brief mention of Markelle Fultz – wow. Small backyard ideas He’s the clear cut No. Outdoor voices founder 1 pick in the draft, and belongs in a tier all by himself. Define pitch After Fultz, who fills out the rest of your top five in the draft? Do you have a favorite out of that group?

Ryan Blackburn: Hey Dan, I always love talking about the draft, and I really like this draft class. Frances bean cobain twitter As you said though, Fultz is the clear cut number one prospect right now, and for good reason. Outdoor restaurants nyc He scores with volume and efficiency from all three levels of the floor, and his passing instincts are strong as well. Irrigation definition medical He deserves the James Harden comparisons that will surely come. Pitch in definition I don’t think he will shoulder the same burden as Harden, but he’s going to be great.

He may decide to stay in school, which would be a real bummer, but if he declares, he could be a good value with the Grizzlies first round pick. Facebook mobile messages He would give the Nuggets additional depth on the wing, which NBA teams really can’t have enough of the way things are currently trending.

Blackburn: I really like both Mikal Bridges and Justin Patton so far. Dripping springs tx hotels I haven’t spent a ton of time with either player, but Patton was a guy I was saving for later in the process because I believe he will wow me even more. Cultural landscape example I see Patton with similar physical tools and traits to Myles Turner, but so far in college, Patton’s efficiency inside the arc blows Turner out of the water. Uk basketball live score Bridges is a hyper effective college player right now, and I definitely think that sliding him into a steady role could produce a solid glue guy at the next level. Timber merchants kent Otto Porter if he continues developing the jumper, and Andre Roberson is if goes down the defensive route. Hard landscaping materials I wouldn’t say you have converted me at this point, but I will be keeping a close eye on how he affects Villanova long term.

Moving more into the second round, the Nuggets have two mid-late second round picks that they may or may not use. Lattice multiplication I’m calling my shot right now: you picked the wrong Oregon player in your recent draft profile. 2016 olympics usa basketball roster Chris Boucher is going to carve out a role in the NBA as he puts on muscle and works on his shot mechanics. Driveway paving ct He has scary physical tools for a player his size, and as stretch power forward with tools to slash, he could be the glue for a bench at the next level.

Lewis: There are a few second round guys I like, outside of Jordan Bell, whom I profiled a few days back. Front yard landscaping ideas with rocks Chris Boucher is one of them, but I am a little wary of a few things with him. Outdoor voices apc He’s old, already at 23, and skinny. Natural stone He’s a fun player to watch though, regardless.

One of those guys is Caleb Swanigan, out of Purdue. Japanese baseball teams He’s a talented scorer and rebounder, but is not known for his defense. 2016 olympics team usa basketball roster He’s averaging a double-double this season, his second in college.

I like VJ Beachem, out of Notre Dame, as a 3&D wing prospect at small forward. How to build a floating deck Donovan Mitchell, out of Louisville, is a great defensive guard. Online baseball games If he is able to have a consistent shot from the perimeter, he’s a NBA guard for sure. Anaheim stadium Cameron Oliver is a bouncy but unrefined power forward, he’s playing for Nevada at the moment.

Do you have a favorite prospect? A guy that may not be someone you see as a fit with the Nuggets, but you are just excited to see play in the NBA someday? Caleb Swanigan, Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Blackburn: Caleb Swanigan did the best thing for himself and went back to college during last year’s draft process. Laying paving slabs He wasn’t ready at that point, but now he’s putting up a double-double in college, something very few players are doing.

As far as favorite prospect, Alec Peters out of Valparaiso is a senior who is in a league of his own nearly every time he plays. How to hit a fastpitch softball Given that he’s from a mid-major school, this is understandable, but some team is going to give him a shot and he’s going to impress, not with athleticism, but pure shot making ability and intelligence on the floor. Hardscapes sioux falls He’s the Nikola Jokic of this class if he can take advantage of the opportunity. Paving patterns He probably doesn’t fit the Nuggets, who really need athletic defenders and spot up shooters more than anything, but if a team is looking for a stretch 4 with skills all over the floor, he’s a great candidate in the second round.

Compare and contrast him with Josh Jackson, and there are very few similarities except basketball I.Q., but Jackson is a guy I will be rooting for regardless of which team drafts him. Jain irrigation share price target Too many people put stock in a jump shot at the three point line. Football teams in texas Jackson’s mechanics are good at 20 feet, but he just needs help extending that range consistently. Softball pitching drills for beginners Not to mention, his defensive tools are first team All-Defense caliber.

The first is Malik Monk. Gardenia meaning I can’t help but love guys that can get the ball in the basket, and Monk has no equal at the college level. How to pitch a stock His ability to get open and make jumpers is just absurd, and it’s just so entertaining for me to watch him play.

The second is Donovan Mitchell. Waddington ny His jumper looks better than the stats, and he plays with great intensity. Patio town I love watching guards that can hound opponents on defense, and he makes life miserable for the players he matches up with. Fantasy football rankings 2016 ppr His outside shot is getting better, and if he keeps up this production, he could take Louisville pretty far in the NCAA Tournament.

This has been a pretty fun chat. Little league softball There are a few guys you mentioned I’ll have to take a look at. Fence masters Do you have any closing arguments or hot takes you want to share with the Stiffs family?

Blackburn: In close, there is only one surefire draft pick this year: Markelle Fultz. Beach landscape photography The next tier of players includes about four guys, and the one beyond that probably includes as many as seven or eight. Football games download That being said, if the Nuggets do in fact make the playoffs, they will be pricing themselves out of many of the draft picks we talked about and will be forced to select from a lesser pool of talent. Front porch building plans If that is the case, the Nuggets need to focus on three traits: length, mobility, and basketball IQ defensively. Backyard baseball 2007 Shooting is nice, but the Nuggets have enough shooters now and can focus on filling in the gaps. Pavers boots clearance Defense has been the biggest issue, so drafting a player at any position that improves the defense will affect the team’s trajectory in a good way. Football teams playing today When in doubt, go with OG Anunoby, Mikal Bridges, or Justin Patton. Football player logo team quiz game answers Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports