2017 nba draft prospects_ stock up, stock down – the step back

Fox’s shooting numbers place him squarely in non-shooter territory, converting just 5 of 34 3-pointers this year and seeing his free-throw percentage drop to almost 72 percent on 96 total attempts. Rawlings custom gloves This is redundant information at this point: low volume on 3-point attempts with minus efficiency does not create a projectable shot at the next level. Basketball rio 2016 live Fox’s form is not broken, and he could absolutely benefit from leg and core strength especially to shoot from longer distances, but it’s easy to see him really struggling with the transition to the NBA 3-point line. If Fox can’t shoot 3s, he’ll need an avenue to score in the league, as you rarely find starting level lead guards who can’t score from any of the three levels on the court.

Diy landscaping For Fox, a lot of his success will depend on his finishing acumen.

What might separate Fox from players like Emmanuel Mudiay and Elfrid Payton is his outlier speed and burst with the ball, to pair with potential finishing craft. Basketball games unblocked Fox might be fast enough to beat his defenders to the corner even if they duck under screens, enabling a mechanism to score if he can finish. Cbs sports fantasy football login To start the year, Fox’s finishing wasn’t especially advanced or impressive in the half-court. Landscape He has a slender build and isn’t explosive off one foot in traffic like a Dennis Smith type. Raspberry trellis plans He can really explode in the open court, but in a half-court setting around bodies he just doesn’t have that ability to convert his speed to explosive power, meaning craftiness is paramount. College softball coaching jobs He didn’t show that advanced craft early, but in conference play of late, he has shown interesting progression.

Here, he shows a good change of speed keeping the defender in jail out of a pick-and-roll, and displays excellent footwork to navigate his way around the bigs to finish off his right foot protecting the ball from the shot-block.

Even with that adjustment to counter the rim contest, that shot likely gets blocked on the next level as Fox uses his left instead of protecting the attempt with his right. Front porch designs That is a noticeable issue with Fox: coming back to his left hand when he drives right, and he’ll need to develop that right hand to have the requisite ambidexterity to fully unleash his finishing potential.

The following clip contains another crucial element of Fox’s potential success as a finisher: his side-to-side agility with the ball. Georgia softball schedule This is a straight-forward straight-line drive, but Fox’s side-to-side agility as a slasher is evidenced by his ability to step around the big rotating for the contest.

We know Fox can defend at the point of attack with his lightning quick reactionary athleticism and he can really push the pace in transition, showing fantastic footwork there on eurosteps and other dribble moves in large spaces. Sleeper retaining wall design guide If Fox can develop his finishing prowess in tighter spaces in half-court settings, he might have enough of an avenue to score where he becomes a more viable bet than typical non-shooters of his archetype.

He’s kicked his 2-point finishing up to 61.8 percent over 5 conference games, upping his season total to 53.3 percent. Baseball league logo If this development holds, his combination of plus first step, elite burst and modicum of finishing could afford him two-way value on a good NBA team. Fantasy basketball team names Unless his shot really develops however, it’s hard to see him ever being a significant contributor on a title contender. Francesca battistelli beautiful beautiful Stock Up: Miles Bridges’ shooting versatility

After suffering through an inefficient start to the season and follow-up ankle injury, Bridges is starting to turn the corner in conference play, looking like the explosive big-space-killing dynamo we thought he could be to start the year. A baseball As our own JZ Mazlish outlined in-depth, a lot of Bridges’ future success relies on his jump-shooting prowess.

In four games of conference play, Bridges is 6 for 12 on 3-pointers and 6 for 6 from the line. Oldest baseball stadiums This is unquestionably too small of a sample to analyze, but it’s more about how is he making his shots that is more intriguing.

Overall, if Mitchell can build off his momentum in the Indiana game (I highly recommend watching this) that has spilled over into his early conference play, we could be talking about a very interesting potential two-way secondary handler rotation-caliber player at the next level. Garden city sc Stock Down: Josh Jackson’s shooting/scoring decline

This point doesn’t require a video breakdown, as everyone is familiar with Jackson’s shooting struggles. Basketball wives season 5 episode 5 Unfortunately, over six conference games his shooting efficiency has been as bad as ever.

We know this though. Baseball american league standings Waiting for shooting improvement with Jackson is foolhardy because his two-part form is broken and will require reconstruction at the next level. Outdoor voices discount code The regression efficiency-wise with dips to 47.7 true shooting and 43.8 effective field goal percentage is still disconcerting from an overall scoring perspective. Softball world Big 12 defenses have better adjusted to Jackson being a non-spacing threat, and that will only be extrapolated on the NBA level, where teams ruthlessly draw out the weaknesses in their opposition.

I’m still very fond of Jackson, as he brings basically everything you’d ever want from his position to the wing spot with one glaring hole. Boundary fence He’s a devastating passer on the move, has feathery touch inside to provide him an avenue to score and is a potential defensive versatility monster who brings a high motor and intensity to the position which few star players possess. Flower bed ideas But he needs to be used on-ball in a creator role and play a lot of 4 to fully capitalize on his defense and playmaking ability to fully optimize his value where he’s going to be drafted. Drip coffee shop Stock Down: Harry Giles’ slow recovery

I don’t want to jump to brash conclusions, as Giles deserves more time to reacclimatize on the floor and start trusting his body again. Crowthorne fencing But the early returns of his diminished vertical athleticism and insane lack of timing aren’t promising, and his negatives have only grown more transparent with increased minutes in six conference games.

You can draw on numerous examples of Giles just not looking right on the court yet. Hard landscaping All you have to do is look to their most recent outing against Louisville to see that.

Here, Giles is caught in an awkward no man’s land position defending the pick-and-roll, ultimately allowing dribble penetration without a hedge and when he ultimately rotates down to the opposing big man, he doesn’t have the vertical pop to contest the jump hook.

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