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The station is between the city’s two rivers, the Limmat and the Sihl, and opens to Bahnhofstrasse, the renowned mile-long shopping street that connects the train station with the lake. Baseball america top 100 Trams are to the right, the Swiss National Museum is to the left.

The main entrance’s Triumphal Arch was built in 1871 in celebration of Zurich’s position as the top Swiss Industrial Age city. Garden of words english dub There is a statue outside the station of politician and entrepreneur Alfred Escher, who put Zurich on track as the high-powered banking, technology, and transportation hub of today.

Escher began the infrastructure of railroads that connected what had been an isolated country to the rest of Europe by founding an early privately funded railway, establishing a bank, now Credit Suisse, for financing, and cofounding what is now the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) to train the professionals needed for construction. Pitch dark pack His railway connections also include being responsible for the Gotthard Tunnel that connected northern and southern Europe, thereby creating a link to international trade.

Trams run every few minutes and we boarded #4 toward the neo-baroque style Hotel Ambassador à l’Opera, a 45-room small luxury hotel in the former Uto Castle. Washington softball We were warmly welcomed with a voucher for a glass of champagne that we enjoyed later in their Restaurant Opera, which has been awarded Gault Millau points and the Golden Fish for their specialties. Francesca eastwood height The walls of this intimate restaurant are decorated in surrealistic baroque images of the opera world and there is a boulevard terrace.

We were right by the lakeside promenade, parks and cruises and a short stroll to where the Limmat River flows from the lake and low boats shuttle passengers throughout the city. Facebook stock value We could see the steeples of three iconic churches from our windows. Asphalt 8 download Grossmünster, the “Big Cathedral” from which Huldrych Zwingli led the Swiss Reformation in 1519 and is said to go back to Charlemagne. Baseball drills Fraumünster is renowned for the Chagall window series, and St. College softball players Peter’s Church has a 28.5-foot diameter clock face that is the largest in Europe.

We could also see a floating wooden platform, the Pavilion of Reflections, part of Manifesta 11, a 100-day, biennial celebration that explores social changes in the European cultural landscape. Facebook mobile This urban island was the product of a competition among architecture students and was a gathering place with artwork and open-air swimming by day and films by night. Garden state parkway traffic Artistically and Intellectually liberal Zurich was a perfect choice as host city.

While many head for the glitz and elegant shops on Bahnhofstrasse, we walked along the lake and river to explore the winding lanes and alleys of the Old Town, and area that attracts both locals and tourists by day and night. Lattice Medieval buildings, including elegant guild houses and tall patrician residences, have been restored and transformed into unique little shops, restaurants, cafes, and galleries.

The elegant cakes, chocolates, and signature macaroons known as Luxemburgerli at Confiserie Sprüngli on Bahnhofstrasse are scrumptious and world-renowned, but this time we indulged in the signature hot chocolate, sweet treats and elegant Old World decor at the local Old Town favorite, Conditorei Schober. Espn fantasy football cheat sheet 2015 It is in the original mid-19th century candy shop that gave Napfgasse 4 the name “the sweet corner.”

During the turmoil of World War I many found asylum in neutral Switzerland and Cabaret Voltaire on Spiegelgasse was the hub for emigre artists and writers. Basketball rio 2016 results In 1916 it was a birthplace of the revolutionary art and political movement known as Dada that evolved as a response to the atrocities of war.

Cabaret Voltaire honored Dada’s past when it reopened as an art institute in 2004 stressing independence and resistance through avant-garde performances, debates, and workshops. Patchworkz For the 100th anniversary of the movement the Hotel Ambassador joined Cabaret Voltaire in celebration by displaying hand-drawn portraits of the most significant Dada artists and “Super-Dadaists” like Einstein, Lenin, and Freud.

A plaque marks one of the places Irish poet and writer James Joyce lived while working on his novel “Ulysses.” The James Joyce Foundation, established to keep his memory alive, is on Augustinergasse 9. Baseball field images We spotted another plaque at Spiegelgasse 14, where Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin lived from 1916 to 1917.

It was a day with record-high temperatures. Lattice energy To escape the heat we thought about revisiting the fairytale-style castle that houses the Swiss National Museum’s vast Swiss cultural history collection or going the top of Zurich’s local mountain, Uetliberg, for the sunset view of the city and lake. Facebook stock history But after walking all morning we did what the Swiss do on a hot day and headed for the lake. Home design ideas As the afternoon progressed, we noticed more and more people on boats, at the beaches, and paddle boarding.

We relaxed with a cruise that was included with our Swiss Travel Pass. Simple landscaping ideas A 1 1/2 hour trip was also available but we had enough time for the 4 hour Long Round Trip. Gardening zones It makes stops along both sides of the lake as it runs between Zurich Bürkliplatz and the medieval town center of Rapperswil, a popular stop for locals and visitors.

Rapperswil’s 12th-century castle, now the Poland Museum, looms above a vineyard, Capuchin monastery, and garden in this “Town of Roses.” Families flock to Circus Knie’s Children’s Zoo, and pedestrians can walk 2,700-feet across the lake to the village of Hurden on the longest wooden bridge in Switzerland.

The cruise brochure offered helpful information about sights along the way and noted stops that had lakeside restaurants, public beaches, children’s playgrounds, museums and campgrounds.

It made us aware that we would be able to see the Lindt & Sprüngli chocolate factory in Kilchberg from the lake. Facebook desktop login We learned that restaurants and shops are now in the preserved historic village center of Richterswil, which in the 19th century had a textile mill, brewery, and a brick factory. Softball positions At noon on Sundays the highest gravity-powered fountain in the world, built by a mill owner, gushes to a height of 331 feet.

A chapel and the Old Knight’s buildings are right by the pier in Uerikon, and the knight’s house from 1531 is a national landmark. Sales pitch Vineyards in Meilen date to the 14th century.

The well-to-do built lakefront country estates like the 17th and 18th century Schipfgut, in Herrliberg, the summer home of a family who made a fortune in the silk trade. Frances bean cobain courtney love Goethe and Winston Churchill stayed there.

When we returned to Zurich, we strolled past the Börse area, where stylishly dressed young professionals were sipping cocktails at tables outside a chic cafe. Dot patio Many of Zurich’s swimming areas are transformed into bars and lounges after dusk on summer nights. Frances bean cobain 2016 People were enjoying the Wednesday night jazz band and view of Grossmünster at the Art Nouveau style Frauenbad Stadthausquai. Realtime landscaping architect 2014 crack Men are allowed entrance to this event at what is usually a women-only public swimming facility.

We walked back along the lake, attracted to the lively atmosphere at the Pavilion of Reflections then returned to our hotel to look back on our own Swiss adventure while enjoying the Restaurant Opera and complimentary champagne. Mls softball downey We relaxed with the nighttime view from our balcony then closed the motorized shades to block any light or sound, opted for the goose down pillows scented with lavender, and settled into the plush electronically adjustable bed to enjoy a rejuvenating night’s sleep and sweet dreams of our unforgettable visit to Switzerland.