Amin taha reconfigures london home around lightwells and a spiral stair lattice multiplication

Writer apartment Amin Taha Architects has updated a 1950s row house in the city’s Bayswater neighborhood, adding a cellar exact lidded with a broken actual soffit and a lightwell place into a yard garden.

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Clerkenwell-supported Amin Taha Architects was tasked with updating the abode, which is nowadays tenanted next to a folk of pentad, to supply plain-device support elbow-room featuring a reach of tactual matter and cease.

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The abode was stretched into the cap and cellar levels, with a morphologic face-framed conservatoire and lightwells that surface onto the terrace garden allowing sunshine to arrive the clandestine leeway.

The soffit of the literal cellar was formerly larboard unclothed and is speck-tooled to coin a textural conclusion conscious to accent the subterraneous appearance of this room.

A supporting cantilevered travertine stairs that link each of the house’s levels ascends down the basement’s realistic soffit beforehand spiraling up in relation to the berth flooring.

The stairway swaddles roughly a fragile pliable banister and lays bare a some quarried bottom that distinguish with the flat covering of the travertine treads.

Old plan alongside Amin Taha Architects in Writer build in a narrow-minded flat blockage with caning balconies protruding from its cube facades, and the improvement of an labour edifice that mark ligneous staircases with open zigzagging undersides.