Amona evacuation comes to violent end as protesters pulled out of synagogue _ the times of israel

In a few chaotic minutes of violence, during which at least 17 police officers and several protesters were lightly injured, Israeli security forces evacuated dozens of protesters from the synagogue at the West Bank outpost of Amona on Thursday afternoon, drawing to a close the evacuation of the illegal West Bank outpost.

The protesters had made the synagogue their last stand after over a day of evictions from the outpost starting Wednesday afternoon, with heavy clashes marring what police and others had hailed as a mostly orderly operation.

Police said they were attacked with tear gas or similar chemical materials, pepper spray, iron bars, rocks and other materials that the protesters had stockpiled ahead of time.

According to Magen David Adom, 42 of those injured in the two-day evacuation were police and border guards, and 15 were protesters, with injuries ranging from hypothermia to light bruises to a scorpion sting.

One police officer suffered chemical burns after a liquid was thrown in his face. Garden ideas Another officer’s shoulder was dislocated during the clashes with protesters, said a spokesperson for Hadassah Hospital, where 35 of those injured were taken for treatment — 27 to the Mount Scopus branch, 18 to Ein Kerem. Usa basketball olympics roster 2016 Another 12 were taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

“I want to be clear: We did not use those kinds of materials,” police spokeswoman Meirav Lapidot said, referring to the gas which was seen to billow from the synagogue as dozens of elite police personnel forced their way in and evacuated the building.

The rabbi of the illegal outpost, Yair Frank, one of the last to leave the building, refused to answer when asked if he had sanctioned and condoned the violence, and whether it constituted a desecration of God’s name. Dripping springs isd jobs “We’re not a democratic state,” Frank said. Prices paving “The people want Amona to stay.”

“The police used violence too,” said Itamar Ben-Gvir, one of the leaders of the protest, rejecting the accusation that the protesters had desecrated the place of worship.

Israeli police forces evacuate people from the synagogue of the illegal outpost of Amona, on the second day of the eviction on February 2, 2017. Indoor basketball courts open to the public (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Hours of unsuccessful negotiations had preceded the forced evacuation of the synagogue, the final building to be cleared at the outpost after the 40 homes of its residents were evacuated on Wednesday and earlier Thursday.

“We made every effort” to avoid the forced evacuation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, but stressed that the state had to honor the court order to demolish Amona.

Dozens of police personnel gathered at the entrance to the building, and tried to enter. Planning a garden layout One was hit with an iron bar. Landscape design online free There were reports of paint being thrown and a fire extinguisher turned on the forces. Justbats coupon Police held up plastic shields to block the synagogue’s windows as protesters threw bottles and debris at the officers. Timber merchants leicester The police initially tried to enter without helmets or other heavy protection.

Then what was reported to be tear gas billowed from the windows, and several of the protesters, hitherto determinedly staying inside the building, tried to escape the gas, with one emerging on the roof and others from a back window. Asphalt and rubber The cops chased after some of them.

Police, now wearing helmets, then sped up their entry into the synagogue, sawing through window bars and smashing windows so that those inside would not be further affected by the gas.

As the protesters emerged, many were coughing and spluttering. Football season is here Three police officers took each of them away from the scene. Drip coffee Those who had broken the law would be prosecuted, the police said.

Inside the synagogue, evidence of the violence abounded. Masonry supply stores near me Along with the graffiti, water, paint and some holy books were on the floor. Watch baseball online free live stream Broken furniture was strewn around. Pitch dark So too were tires and debris. Leaders furniture There were holes in some of the walls.

A Channel 2 report noted that most of the protesters seemed to be in their teens, or a little older, and said most were not Amona residents, but more likely anti-Zionist extremists, some of them students at yeshivas nearby.

Police hold up plastic shields, as protesters throw bottles and other objects at them from inside the Amona outpost’s synagogue on February 2, 2017. Free landscape design software online (Screen capture: Channel 2)

Earlier in the day, several dozen protesters were pulled out of a home where they had holed up during the night, following the evacuation of all of the illegal outposts’ 40 families, many of them being carried out as they showed passive resistance.

The synagogue evacuation came after a day that saw police evacuate nearly the entire outpost on Wednesday, pulling tearful settlers from homes and battling protesters in low-level clashes.

As night fell Wednesday and temperatures dipped to freezing, most protesters either had been forcibly removed from the outpost, left of their own volition or were inside the synagogue and one last mobile home, with only a few milling around.

Wednesday’s day-long evacuation was marked by only scattered scuffles and some throwing of bricks and other materials as most protesters and settlers showed only passive resistance.

“Whoever is still around is the hard core of lawbreakers who came to create a provocation, and we are preparing to evacuate the synagogue and the home next door,” police spokesperson Lapidot said Thursday morning.

Protesters surround the Amona synagogue on the morning of the second day into the evacuation of the illegal outpost on February 2, 2017. Wicker man (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

On Wednesday, 24 police personnel were taken to the hospital with light injuries, mostly from the fighting, but some from hypothermia. Fantasy basketball team names 2015 Several protesters were also hurt and taken to Jerusalem for medical care.

Videos taken inside at least one home and the synagogue showed police looking on as protesters, some of them chained to furniture, prayed and pleaded to be allowed to stay.

Another video showed a police officer asking the remaining protesters in a house to leave in a respectable manner that honors their community and sets an example.

On Wednesday, two Torah scrolls were seen being removed from the outpost along with a carful of women who had agreed to leave. Girls softball The women were part of about a dozen families who chose not to resist the eviction notice during the afternoon. Georgia softball However, a police officer remarked that while they were leaving without force, “at this point, no one is leaving here willingly.”

Frank, the outpost rabbi, told Army Radio that he had spent the night at the outpost after being allowed to briefly return to his home. Desert landscape However, no other settlers were seen attempting to return to their former homes, deemed built on private Palestinian land and ordered by Israel’s High Court to be razed by February 8.

By Thursday morning, crews were seen entering the outpost to pack up belongings left behind by the settlers ahead of the eventual razing of the homes and other buildings.

Settlers barricaded the entrance to Amona synagogue on February 1, 2017, in an effort to delay the evacuation of the site as the West Bank outpost was cleared by security forces. Cbs sports fantasy baseball podcast (Judah Ari Gross/Times of Israel)

The Amona evacuation began Wednesday as unarmed police in blue sweatshirts and black baseball caps made their way up the hill around midday. Elevator pitch sample On the hilltop, hundreds of nationalist youths erected makeshift barricades out of smashed tiles, rusty metal bars and large rocks, as well as burning tires and furniture, to slow their advance.

Some protesters hurled stones, bottles and bleach at police, but most others resisting the eviction order only passively. Fencing terms However, emotions ran sky-high, with protesters and evacuees yelling at officers or pleading with them to refuse the orders.

About 3,000 security personnel were deployed to the operation; about 1,000 people — residents and their supporters — were estimated to be at Amona when the evictions began.

Netanyahu announced Wednesday night that he had ordered the creation of a new settlement to replace Amona, the first official new Israeli community in the West Bank in some 25 years.

The announcement came hours after the High Court shot down an agreement for most of the settlers to move to an adjacent plot of land, after the land’s owner came forward.

After over a decade of delays and legal wrangling, the High Court ruled in December 2014 that Amona, which lies east of Ramallah, was built on private Palestinian land and must be demolished. Sprinkler warehouse Nine homes in the adjacent Ofra settlement were also due to be demolished.

The fast — a Jewish sign of mourning — is being called “over the destruction of houses and communities in the Land of Israel, a merciless and unjust [High Court] ruling, and the wantonness of elected officials.”