Anger over proposal to use beldon park as home for joondalup united _ community news group

JOONDALUP United Football Club’s fight to find a home ground continues, with the City of Joondalup now considering Beldon Park – an option that has local residents concerned.

However, in order for the club to compete at that level, it requires a fenced-off pitch with the playing field at least 60m wide and the fence about 1m high, at least 24m of linear sponsorship signage, permanent seating for at least 120 people, a scoreboard and PA system, changerooms for teams and officials, public toilets, a place to sell food and drinks including alcohol and sufficient parking.

For this season, Joondalup United will play its NPL games at Percy Doyle Reserve and continue to train at its three venues while the City and the club work together to find a suitable home ground.

The City is now calling for public feedback on the proposed park upgrades, which include levelling the playing surfaces and installing a second soccer field, fencing up to 1m high around one of the fields with gates to enable public access, limestone retaining that will also act as seating, new sports floodlighting and redevelopment of the existing changeroom and toilet facility.

She also raised other concerns including insufficient car parking available, the park’s location between Beldon Shopping Centre and Beldon Primary School and Education Support Centre, the sale of liquor near a playground for children and litter.

However, if the proposal goes ahead, it is expected this would increase with juniors and seniors training on weeknights, regular games on Sundays and between 11 and 13 NPL games on Saturday afternoons in winter.

A City response to the Times said “should the upgrade proceed, as the only sporting club currently utilising the Beldon Park facility, no other clubs or groups will be affected”.

“The City has already met with the Beldon Primary School and the Department of Education and will work collaboratively with both bodies to ensure their current use of Beldon Park is not affected by any proposed upgrades.”

“It is the City’s approach that any trees removed in a proposed upgrade would be replaced by additional trees and could be a feature of proposed terraced seating,” it said.

“We have had no issue with obtaining a liquor licence during that time, which is evidence of our exemplary behaviour and there is nothing to suggest this would change in the future,” he said.

“Concerns regarding alcohol consumption are understandable, however the fact a licence has been held for a number of years with no reported incidents is testament to how seriously the club takes the responsible sale and service.

“Football is the number one participation sport in Australia and Joondalup United provides a safe and fun environment for people of all ages, from pre-school kids right up to adults in their 60s and 70s,” he said.

“The proposed limestone wall would offer a resting place for those out walking their dogs – currently there isn’t even a bench in the park. How to lay patio blocks It could also be utilised for exercise purposes.”

“The club would also be keen to see a water fountain or two installed, as the only free water option available to the general public at the moment is from the taps in the toilet block.

“There is an opportunity here to make a difference to both the club and the community and we hope that common ground can be reached so nobody misses out altogether.”

Mrs Conlin said residents had been distributing flyers to inform others of their concerns, placing protest signs in their front yards, writing to the City and local politicians and organising a petition.

Joondalup MLA Jan Norberger, who helped organise the meeting, said it would be an opportunity for Mayor Troy Pickard and the councillors to address the residents and for residents to ask questions before the end of the community consultation period.

The Joondalup council will receive a report, including results of the community consultation, at its meeting on March 21 when it will consider the proposed upgrades.

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