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Originating from Thunder Bay with her parents Lois and Bruce Nuttall, she graduated from Lakehead University with a commerce degree majoring in information systems. Football games download 2012 For the next six years, Hibbard worked in various locations with Weyerhaeuser, and finally wound up in Penticton, B.C.

After her daughter was born and the postpartum set in, Hibbard said she used the counselling service and had a “strategy in place” that helped her. Lonestar softball “I knew that I had great friends and neighbours that I could absolutely call at anytime,” she said.

Hibbard explained that once she spiralled to this point she began to “beat herself up with negative thoughts,” convincing herself that the people on her call-list did not want to listen to her and what she was feeling was “dumb.”

Hibbard said there are some great apps out there that help track moods, but there isn’t one that really helps people connect or put their own plan into action. El pato harlingen tx It’s always someone else’s plan.

Calling herself a “mom-preneur,” who is a stay-at-home-mom, Hibbard tapped into her strong information technology background, sat down at the computer and created the Send Out Support app.

Users will pre-program some messages, add their contacts and put in coping-strategy reminders in their own words. Garden spider facts Hibbard says it’s not necessarily generic therapy, it’s their own things that work for them on whatever recovery plan they have.

“When the time comes that they need help, instead of actually having to think about it, they just have to push the button and the message is sent to their support network privately and instantly.

Users must go through a few setup steps by creating an account. Frances bavier They will enter their own email address and email addresses, text access or phone numbers of contacts that they can reach who are part of their personal support network. Facebook stock ticker This network includes peer support workers, their doctors, their counsellors, a family member or friend.

“They most likely have a support network of these people already in place and that means that these people (in the support network) would know that they may be called if their help is needed,” said Hibbard.

The app contains other important information with external website, additional resources, and emergency phone numbers and contact information to crisis centre’s in all provinces.

“It’s not the solution,” she said. Pitch international “The solution is to establish a good support network, to establish good self care, exercise, and eat well. Basketball olympics 2016 live Those are all part of it and this (app) is basically a tool that allows them to facilitate that recovery and take a little control back in their recovery by putting in their own words what works for them.”

Working with a colleague and a team of freelancers, Hibbard says the app has been available for almost a year and it is becoming popular in the business sector. Landscape architecture firms Having won an Elevator Pitch competition for the business model behind the app at the Junior Chamber International World Congress in Quebec last November, she says they are expanding the app for businesses and organizations that deal with mental health sufferers.

“We can help them provide the app to their users (clients/patients) with their own branding and with their own resources,” she said. Mlb playoffs streaming free “For example, there is a mental wellness centre here (in Penticton) and they have taken our app and put in their resources, reminders, and information about their services. Rock garden cafe We’ve put their logo on the app.” The app is provided to their users at no cost (to their users).

“It’s just a value-added service,” said Hibbard who is thrilled to have a new group in Kelowna, B.C. Pitch invader come on board. Ncaa softball field dimensions This group deals with high risk individuals who are trying to exit addictions and abusive relationships.

Hibbard says she created the Android version first and then created the iPhone version after receiving a grant from the Penticton wellness centre and the B.C. What is pitching woo Schizophrenia Society.

“We have spent the last six months polishing the corporate side of things so that we can get this white-labelling application out there to people,” she said. Fastpitch softball tryouts “The application is available out there right now for individuals anytime at the play store or app store and it’s relatively inexpensive for an app at $1.39.”