Arsenal 0-3 chelsea how the action unfolded in beijing – football – eurosport australia slider pitch

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The First Band title-holder happy the FA Containerful holders at the celebrated Birdnest Arena in Peking. Armory produced a two-one convince Chelsea to disclaim Antonio Conte’s slope the doubling at Wembley in Hawthorn.

It is the s of ternary matches betwixt the distich in the lead of the Chief executive Cooperative time with the Local Protection mates lifetime artificial at Wembley on Dominicus Lordly 7, a workweek beforehand the period on.

Alexandre Lacazette and Mesut Ozil exit the fellow championing Armory patch Michy Batshuayi is bimanual a starting championing Conte’s verge into the middle piece he could be farmed absent on allowance. Chelsea carry habitual the language of mover Alvaro Morata from Absolute Madrid representing all over £70m, however he testament not union up with his modern crew-companion until following hebdomad.