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Many times when a player is drafted early in the draft, there are many questions. Back garden ideas What can he do? What will he need to improve? Will he sign? How long until he potentially gets to the big leagues?

When the Twins drafted RHP Griffin Jax in the third round last June, the big question was when would he be able to pitch? Being selected out of the Air Force Academy, Jax will need to work with the military body to see what options he may have to allow him to pursue his baseball career. Auburn softball roster That is one of the many topics that we covered in today’s Q&A.Jax had a tremendous junior season at the Air Force. Basketball games today on abc From the 2017 Twins Prospect Handbook: “However, as a junior, he went 9-2 with a 2.05 ERA and a 1.08 WHIP. Fantasypros The Twins made him the player drafted highest out of the Air Force. Australian native landscapes He pitched for three weeks in E-Town during his summer break.”

Griffin Jax (GJ): Well I really grew up in Arizona. Francesca battistelli songs I moved to Colorado when I was 13, so naturally my favorite team was the Diamondbacks. Ireland landscape But my favorite player growing up was Luis Gonzales. Hillsborough fencing The earliest memory I have is when the DBacks won the 2001 World series against New York, and Luis hit the game-winning hit to win the whole thing.

GJ: Winning the state championship my junior year of HS was definitely one of the best, but I also played in the Colorado High School Futures game my senior year in Coors Field, which was a great experience. Basketball court diagram with labels But my all-time favorite memory is winning the Gatorade Player of the Year award in 2013. Buy fabric near me I also played rec basketball with my friends in mess-around leagues to just have fun.SS: What was the recruitment process like for you out of high school, and what was it about going to the Air Force Academy that made you want to go there and pitch?

GJ: I really did not get recruited hard out of high school. Ncaa basketball tournament scores Up until about my senior year, I had been told “No” by many D1 teams. Team usa baseball My best offer at the time I committed was Air Force, as they gave me a full ride to come to school. Basketball wives season 5 And the education along with playing D1 baseball was a no-brainer. Home design ideas 2016 But as I got into my senior year, I developed a lot and received a lot more attention from colleges. Beach landscape drawing They wanted me to de-commit since Air Force was a non-binding deal. Facebook desktop icon And after I got drafted in 2013, I had more offers than ever. Yankee stadium seating But I really never planned on signing out of high school, or breaking my commitment with Air Force. What is irrigation system It was just nice, and also funny, to see how much schools wanted me after the draft.

GJ: Like i mentioned above, I really never planned on signing out of high school. Fantasy baseball sleepers 2016 my mom was always huge into school and getting a degree first. Backyard baseball 2001 I had good grades in high school, and when I wasn’t getting a lot of attention growing up, it hit me that baseball may never last forever, so a college education was important to me too.

SS: What has the Air Force Academy experience been for you on and off the field? What were some of your highlights and favorite moments in your three years there?

GJ: It has been a tough and long experience. Francesca battistelli tour but with that, an amazing experience. High pitch mike The things I have learned and experienced at school are unmatched by any other school/program. Cultural landscape foundation The mental maturity that comes with going to a military academy can’t be found at any state school. High pitched voice man I think the Academy has pushed and matured me better than any other school could have. Elevator pitch The best memories I have include graduating basic training before my freshman year, and playing college baseball for three years. Baseball drills at home I had a rough first two years in college ball, and it took me a little time to really get used to the style of play. Football scores But my favorite memory from the Academy is the day I threw a 2 hit/ 13 K game against UC Davis. Facebook login There were a ton of scouts in the stands, and it was probably the best game I have ever pitched.

SS: With your commitment to the Air Force, do you know when your 2017 season will begin? Has any further decision been made on if you’ll be able to start playing full time in the near future? (if you’re even able to discuss this, of course)

GJ: At the time, it is still unknown. Vtd softball I have applied to be let into the reserves, which means I will be able to play my entire baseball season, and then in the off-season, report to an Air Force base to do my Air Force job. Espn fantasy football app not working So it is really the best of both worlds. Pixel pitch calculator I get to wear the two best uniforms in the nation: the Air Force and the Twins. Francesca eastwood instagram But as for the 2017 season, I will report as early as late may, after I graduate. Ancestry coupon As we get closer to then, I will have a better understanding for the plans the US Air Force has for me.

SS: Did you have the chance to speak with many scouts before the draft this year? Where did you think that you might be drafted? What was your interaction with Twins scouts before the draft?

GJ: There were scouts at all my practices from the beginning of my junior year. Softball rules 2016 I remember thinking, it’s just a practice, why are they here? But I loved the attention, it made me want to do better and ultimately work harder. Fantasy football team names antonio brown Most teams told me they wanted to take me in the early rounds, usually heard 2-4. Florida softball roster There were a of couple teams however that told me if I got my service deferred from the Air Force, I would be their first-round pick, and that was very exciting. Garden of the gods resort And my area scout, Ted Williams, was always there. Usssa softball tournament schedule He was a more quiet scout, just usually saying hi or texting me after a game, so it was really surprising when the Twins drafted me!

GJ: I was in my parents house watching the draft on my computer. Plants and flowers My agent asked me before it started if I was ok going to the Twins for slot money, and I said 100%! I didn’t get too excited though because I knew it wasn’t a guarantee until it happened. Football field length but when it did happen, I remember jumping around my room shouting because I was so happy. Mls softball chino It was the best day of my life, so far. Sprinkler world My family, Mom and Dad, and both brothers were there with me, and made it the best experience possible.SS: What has the adjustment like for you, from the amateur/college game to the professional game, both on and off the field?

GJ: Everyone hears about the big jump from high school to college then to pro ball. Fantasy football But it was bigger than i had imagined. Rock garden fort collins Obviously I was excited and ready for the challenge, but everyone in pro ball is the best, otherwise they wouldn’t be there. Serious softball Off the field, it is all about taking care of your body. U of a softball scores You play like 70 games with 2 total off days. Fantasy football cheat sheet ppr Which means you are going to have to have a great work ethic; stretching, keeping in shape, and eating right all make a huge difference. Indoor plant stores near me I think the Academy helped me in my work ethic because I am used to the total grind of life.SS: You got to pitch for a couple of weeks in early July in Elizabethton. How to lay flagstone walkway What was the experience like in Tennessee, even just for that short time?

GJ: I tried to make as big an impact as possible. Spring training 2016 tickets I knew that I would only be able to pitch for about 4 weeks, but I wanted to set a tone for later in my career. Sprinkler world orem I showed up early every day and did everything extra possible to make sure I was at the top of my game. Football games online unblocked The atmosphere was incredible. Pinch hitter unblocked The town was awesome and the friends and teammates were great. Football scores 2016 I had the best possible four weeks there that I could, and am looking forward to next season.

GJ: I throw three pitches, my two-seam fastball, my changeup and my slider. Arizona softball schedule My change up is my best out pitch. How to pitch an idea to a company Coupled with my hard fastball, it allows me to get in the hitters head. Passing drills for volleyball I can throw it at all times in the at-bat, and puts extra doubt in the hitter’s’ mind.SS: At this very early stage in your career, what would you say are your biggest strengths?

GJ: So far, my biggest strengths are my overall strength, my work ethic and my passion.SS: What are the areas of your game that you would like to spend time working to improve in the offseason and going forward?

GJ: My father definitely. Basketball olympics 2012 Coming from the professional world of sports, he instilled in me early the importance of working hard and “want”. Landscaping ideas around patio Everyday growing up, he would always ask me if I wanted it, and if I seemed like I didn’t, he would stop me and challenge me. Bwp bats At the time, I hated it, but now, I really appreciate it. Ameristar fence Growing up I was never the best, or most talented. Diy patio furniture So him making sure I always worked hard really gave me an edge over guys who had more talent than me.

SS: Your father spent 10 years in the NFL. Design garden Since you were one during his final season, I’d guess you don’t remember much about it. Front yard landscaping plans Since then, has he given you any advice about being a professional athlete?

GJ: I don’t remember anything specific about him playing, but I remember going to his practices after he retired and when he helped out with the team. Drip coffee vs espresso I always remember he was big on attitude and passion. Indoor batting cages Those will always carry over when talent is not there, or not working. Landscape design software free online He understood that there would be some athletes who did not care, or try as hard, but he made sure I was doing everything I could to make myself better.SS: Favorite baseball movie?