Asiedu nketiah, ndc goons should be made to taste their own medicine _ feature article 2017-02-10

Folks, that was NDC in 2009 so it is hypocritical of them to be howling like wild dogs on the airwaves and the print media about how illegitimate what NPP is doing even to the extent of condemning the set up of a taskforce by his Excellency President Nana Akuffo Addo to retrieve stolen government properties like houses, land and cars, something the same people who are foaming on the mouth and hyperventilating like people about to get cardiac arrest because of this harmless exercise unlike what these people did in 2009.

I am just lost for words the way these NDC people are behaving running from one radio station to the other threatening how they are going to form their own paramilitary force to counter those seizing government stolen assets.

It seems to me NDC folks are still in denial and have not come to realize that they don’t have the control of the Security Forces in the country anymore and it will be in their own best interest to peacefully surrender all government stolen properties in their possession instead of the empty threat they are issuing because if they start to misbehave, we will use the Police and if need be, the Army to crush any insurrection from these goons and numbskulls.

President Nana Addo have been pampering these people who have plundered the treasury of Ghana anfd it is about time these people realize their “PATAPAA DAYS” are over.

Ghanaians voted for President Nana Akuffo Addo based on the promises he made to the electorate including the retrieval of stolen government properties by the Mahama government and the Ndc party and we will fulfill these promises so Ndc folks better behave peacefully. Ncaa basketball tournament scores They should not have anything to worry about if they have not stolen any government property.

Maybe what Abronye DC did was not in the right direction but he should be hailed for starting this exercise. Team usa baseball How can Kofi Adams have twelve cars in his house the first time Abronye and his gallant men visited his house when he was there and the next day seven of those cars have vanished and he immediately went to Dubai where he is still at watching out how this matter plays out.

If Victor Smith rode on this same exercise to covet a High Commissioners position in Britain, maybe Abronye DC deserve an Ambassadorial position to one of our sister African countries, that will not be too much to ask.

The car-snatching spree embarked upon by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration has been shifted to another gear, as goons of the ruling party have pounced on Nana Akufo-Addo’s car. Basketball wives season 5 After seizing the private cars of bank managers and other former ministers, the government seemed to have directed the nozzle of its firepower to the political opponents of President John Evans Atta Mills in the last presidential election.

A four-man security team directed from the Osu Castle yesterday seized the car of President Mills’ main political opponent, Nana Akufo-Addo of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) in a manner that observers simply described as shameful and uncivilized. Home design ideas 2016 The car, a black Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Series with registration number GE 4416 Z was snatched in the central business district of Accra around 3.30 pm while the driver, Joseph Addo, was on a shopping errand to the Opera Square.

Nana Addo was not in the car when the goons pounced on his driver. Beach landscape drawing The NPP flagbearer, Daily Guide learnt, travelled out of the country last Sunday. Facebook desktop icon The car was the main campaign vehicle the NPP presidential candidate used in the last election, and even though Nana Addo had returned every government vehicle in his possession, indications were that the new administration seemed to have other ideas. Yankee stadium seating According to the driver who spoke to Daily Guide, he parked the car at a spot near the Opera Square to buy a few items and returned to the vehicle a few minutes later only to see a hefty man in black coat by the car.

He said the man told him the car looked like a government vehicle and asked him to drive to the Castle. What is irrigation system He added that when he declined to go to the Castle, the man telephoned three other men, one of them in police uniform, who assisted him in taking the vehicle to the Castle. Fantasy baseball sleepers 2016 Joseph said at the Castle, which has become a den of an illegal car-seizing syndicate, a transport officer whose name he was not told, asked him to go home for the original documents of the car.

“When I went home for them, they said the Army Colonel in charge of the operation was not available so I should leave the premises,” he told Daily Guide. Backyard baseball 2001 The paper gathered that Nana Addo was not in the country when the car was taken away, but a number of NPP gurus who spoke to this paper expressed dismay at the development. Francesca battistelli tour Boakye Agyarko, a founding member of the NPP, said the incident smacked of Soviet-Communist style of rulership, stressing that even those who believed in communism had changed their perception and approach to private property ownership.

“What kind of nonsense is this? This is ridiculous. High pitch mike It is certainly unacceptable and embarrassing, and it shows their sense of failure. Cultural landscape foundation They will soon go on confiscating bank accounts and even cedi notes as they did some years ago,” he said.

For his part, Hon. High pitched voice man Joe Baidoe-Ansah, MP for Effia Kwesimintsim, described the incident as the height of impunity, and promised to raise the matter on the floor of Parliament. Elevator pitch “Nana is not in the country, but even if he were in the country, I don’t think he would descend into the gutter with those people. Baseball drills at home This must be raised in the Legislature because it is getting too much,” he said.

The car-snatching spree started when Victor Smith, former aide to Jerry John Rawlings, led a gang of commandos to impound cars at the Castle, and later that of the former First Lady, Mrs. Football scores Theresa Kufuor.

Ever since then, the exercise has not stopped, with those in charge of the operation targeting a number of political opponents. Facebook login In the midst of all these, neither the NDC nor the government had issued any statement indicating whether or not the car-snatching syndicate enjoys Castle and presidential support.