Atlantic police joins southwest iowa officers with body cameras as rules for use differ _ local news _ nonpareilonline. com

Erickson said the newly issued body cameras are synced with the in-car cameras in the department’s patrol vehicles. Mls softball chino Any time the cruiser’s top lights are activated, the body camera is automatically turned on. Sprinkler world If an officer responds to a call for which the emergency lights are not activated, officers are required to manually turn the camera on any time they interact with the public.

Erickson said his department received assistance from police departments in Knoxville and Altoona in developing guidelines for officers’ use of the body cameras.

He said while his department’s regulations call for officers to have the cameras on any time they interact with the public, there are exceptions. Fantasy football Erickson said officers are instructed to turn their cameras off any time there is an “expectation of privacy.”

Erickson said the cameras purchased for Atlantic’s officers have a battery life of 12 hours, more than enough to cover the officers’ eight-hour shifts. Rock garden fort collins At the end of each shift, officers return to the station and place their camera in a docking station where the images are downloaded and the camera’s battery is recharged.

Officers are encouraged to note the date and time of any incident recorded on the body camera that might be of training value for other officers. Serious softball That information is passed along to one of the department’s supervisors for review.

Erickson said the images downloaded to the department’s computer system are not overridden for 120 days. U of a softball scores The images can be downloaded to a DVD to save, but individual officers are not allowed to download images from their cameras.

He said the images recorded by the body cameras remain the sole property of the Atlantic Police Department while cases are under investigation. Fantasy football cheat sheet ppr Any release of images to the public at any time will be at the discretion of the Cass County Attorney.

Knoxville Police Chief Daniel Losada said his department spent about six months developing regulations governing how officers use the department’s body cameras. Indoor plant stores near me He said officers’ reaction to the cameras, which have been in use since March 2015, have been positive, “and the county attorney loves ‘em.”

Unlike Atlantic, where the department budgeted for purchase of the body cameras, Knoxville’s 14 sworn officers share five cameras, four of which were donated by the public.

“We had one body camera that we had purchased for testing. How to lay flagstone walkway A retired officer’s son asked if we thought body cameras were a good deal,” Losada said. Spring training 2016 tickets “When we told him we thought they were, he wrote us a check to buy three. Sprinkler world orem When the media heard about it and reported the story, another community resident gave us a check for a fifth camera.”

Altoona, located east of Des Moines in Polk County, currently has two body cameras that are being evaluated, Interim Chief Jason Ferguson said. Football games online unblocked But the department’s budget for the coming fiscal year includes funding for the purchase of 32 cameras for the department’s 26 sworn officers as well as reserve officers.

He said images from the cameras worn by Altoona officers will be retained from 60 days to 360 days, depending on the classification assigned to the call recorded by the camera.

Closer to home, Pottawattamie County Sheriff Jeff Danker said his department is currently replacing in-car cameras in 31 of the department’s vehicles. Pinch hitter unblocked Completion of the upgrade of in-car video cameras will pave the way for the purchase of 63 body cameras for deputies that will be synced to the in-car cameras.

The Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office has developed a policy for use of the body cameras that is based on a model policy developed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police in 2014.

• Whenever possible, officers should inform individuals that they are being recorded. Football scores 2016 In locations where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as a residence, they may decline to be recorded unless the recording is being made pursuant to an arrest or search of the residence or the individual.

• If an officer fails to activate the camera, fails to record the entire contact or interrupts the recording, the officer shall document why a recording was not made, was interrupted or was terminated.

While legislation to develop statewide regulations for body cameras has been introduced in the past, Iowa does not currently have state regulations regarding retention of or access to body camera data.