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What’s the best way to mentally stimulate your baby? It doesn’t take a genius, just a loving, involved parent. Sprinkler world utah Here are 20 ideas for fun and simple things you can do to boost your baby’s IQ.

Your child is never too young to be read to, says Linda Clinard, a literacy consultant and author of Family Time Reading Fun. Softball nation Cuddle up with your baby and look at a book together. Small backyard ideas Even before babies can understand what you are reading, “They will associate reading with cuddling and love,” Clinard says. Outdoor voices founder Infants are especially drawn to books with real pictures, she adds.

Human brains are wired to seek safety, and if a baby’s brain doesn’t feel safe, it can’t learn. Define pitch The love and cuddling you give your baby can help establish her sense of security. Frances bean cobain twitter “From the time a child is born, that soft and loving voice, and soft touch speaks to children so much,” Clinard says.

Gaze into your newborn’s eyes. Outdoor restaurants nyc Within a week, infants can recognize their parents’ faces, and every time he stares at you he is building his memory and learning how to recognize facial expressions.

Talk to your baby — a lot. Irrigation definition medical Research has shown that the greater number of words children hear from their parents and caregivers before age 3, the higher their IQ. Pitch in definition Tell them what you are doing, what you are thinking and what they are seeing.

That baby-friendly, higher-pitched tone that many parents instinctively use has a purpose. Facebook mobile messages It helps baby’s brain learn language by making the vowel sounds more distinct, and the higher pitch is easier for a baby to imitate.

When you wash your baby’s hands and feet in the tub, count his fingers and toes aloud. Dripping springs tx hotels Count his toys with him, or, when he is older, the Cheerios he is learning to self-feed. Cultural landscape example Soon enough, he will join in.

and Families Commission of Orange County in Santa Ana, Calif. Uk basketball live score The commission created the app to give parents ideas for simple but effective activities that can help their child’s development starting at birth. Timber merchants kent The app is available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese, and allows parents to track their child’s progress. Hard landscaping materials Kid Builders includes “Mind Builder” games for every stage up to age 5.

Research has found a small but clear link between breast-feeding and cognitive development. Lattice multiplication So if you can, breast-feed exclusively through age 6 months and continue at least partial breast-feeding until age 1.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says children should not be exposed to any screen time before the age of 18 months, says Dr. 2016 olympics usa basketball roster Rosette Yson-Zaragoza, a pediatrician with Southern Orange County Pediatric Associates in California. Driveway paving ct “Those kind of noninteractive viewing situations can be harmful to a baby’s language development,” she says. Front yard landscaping ideas with rocks “Stick to real people until 18 months, and after age 18 months, if they are going to watch anything online, watch and view it with them, and talk about what you are seeing.”

When a baby cries, he is communicating a need for something like comfort, food or a diaper change. Outdoor voices apc When you respond to his cries, he is learning that you can be depended on. Natural stone It’s not spoiling a baby to answer his cries.

Watch your baby for signs of overstimulation. Japanese baseball teams If he is looking away, don’t force it. 2016 olympics team usa basketball roster Give him downtime on the floor without music or bright lights so he can amuse himself, play quietly or crawl.

This idea comes straight out of the Orange County Children and Families Commission Kid Builders app. How to build a floating deck When your baby is at least 6 months old, sit him in a high chair with soft toys or balls on the tray. Online baseball games When he throws them to the ground, talk to him about what he is doing. Anaheim stadium He is learning cause and effect (when he throws, a toy falls) and will soon begin to look for fallen items on the ground.

If a parent or caregiver speaks another language fluently, have them speak it to the baby. Laying paving slabs “It’s actually an advantage for children to be bilingual because it encourages parallel thinking. How to hit a fastpitch softball It’s not associated with language delays” in English either, Yson-Zaragoza says.

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