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For Julie Harshbarger, C08, the dare has led to a professional career on the gridiron and the recognition as the first woman to kick a successful field goal in the history of indoor football.

Since her time as a student at Benedictine, Harshbarger has racked up awards for her kicking prowess as special teams player of the year in 2014 with the Chicago Blitz of the Continental Indoor Football League and again in 2015 with the Chicago Blitz of American Indoor Football.

“A friend of mine who was already playing football in high school asked me for kicking advice,” Harshbarger recalled. Garden spider web “At the time, I was a goalkeeper on the soccer team at Hononegah Community High School and could kick a ball really far. Fantasy sports for all I told one of my best friends about the story and she double-dog-dared me to try out for the football team as a kicker.”

You would think Harshbarger’s friends or her doctors would have stepped in at some point begging her to reconsider going out for a sport known for high-impact collisions and populated by linemen almost twice her size.

But her friends and family expressed their full support. Baseball fantasy names In the end, her coaches and teammates believed in her enough to put her on the roster at starting kicker.

“I’ll admit my mom was a little worried in the very beginning,” Harshbarger said. Landscape ecology “Before I was born, she had already decided if she were to have a boy that he would not play football. Facebook search friends by city But she supported me and even took me to that first tryout. Small front yard landscaping ideas pictures My dad, on the other hand, was really excited when he found out I wanted to play.”

“Ever since I was a little girl, I have always enjoyed art,” Harshbarger said. Where to buy fabric “It runs on both sides of my family and it’s something that I have always been passionate about. Garden centre I started researching Benedictine and was impressed by what I found. Patchwork definition I decided to major in Studio Art so I could get a broader range of knowledge and touch on different art mediums.

“I enjoyed every art program that I took at Benedictine,” she added. Fantasy football yahoo mock draft “My professors helped me develop as an artist and they challenged me to do my best in and out of the classroom.”

While at Benedictine, she joined the football team to further strengthen her kicking skills and joined her first semiprofessional team, the Rockton Rush, in 2005.

“In my head, not playing football was never an option – unless I had to sit out for an injury,” Harshbarger said. Fantasy baseball trade analyzer “Throughout college, I continued to play semiprofessionally in the off-season. Little league baseball age chart It was great practice for me and it made summer weekends exciting. Irrigation direct At that time, the Rockton Rush was one of the best teams in the league and always made the playoffs. Frances conroy With the Rush, I have been lucky enough to see two conference championship wins and have had the opportunity to play for two national titles.”

She became the first woman to kick a successful field goal in a professional indoor football game after sending a 24-yarder through the uprights for the Chicago Cardinals in a 69-45 loss to the Fort Wayne Firehawks in 2010.

“At the time, it didn’t occur to me what I was doing or what it meant,” Harshbarger recalled. Garden ideas for small front yards “There was another woman named Katie Hnida (the first woman to score in an NCAA Division I-A game) kicking for the opposing team. Front yard landscaping florida She was sitting out that game due to an injury and I was so nervous because I wanted to play well in front of her.

Carter is Harshbarger’s fiancé and a wide receiver who holds the ball for Harshbarger during field-goal and extra-point attempts. Drip drop taemin lyrics The play, and the story about the football-loving couple, made the sports news website Bleacher Report and was subsequently picked up by other news outlets.

She never thought of herself as someone who was advancing the role of women in sports. Fantasy football league websites But she has signed more than a few autographs for girls who come to watch her play.

In 2000 (the year Harshbarger started playing football) only 673 high school girls participated in the sport. Spring training 2017 During the 2014-15 season, the number jumped to 1,698, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations.

“When I first started pla ying, I didn’t see it like that at all,” Harshbarger said. High pitch “It was just something I loved to do. Asphalt 8 apk Now I would have to say yes (about being a role model). Alabama softball roster My message to everyone is to follow your dreams. Flagstone patio design ideas If playing football is something you want to do or accomplish, don’t give up. Baseball games today You will never know how far you ca n go unless you try.”