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The Tuesday, Jan. Mountain landscape 24, varsity and JV boys contests between the two squads included every player and coach (along with New Buffalo cheerleaders) playing in honor or in memory of one or more people who’s lives were touched by different forms of the disease. Francesca battistelli write your story Rivals Stampeding Against Cancer is sponsored by the Three Oaks-based Betty’s Buddies organization to raise awareness about the different types of cancer and recognize local people affected by them.

Some players, coaches and cheerleaders were accompanied onto the Slater Gym floor by survivors and those still battling cancer between the junior varsity and varsity games.

New Buffalo High School senior Emma Roberts, who is fighting Childhood Pre B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, first was introduced with her cousin, River Valley player Justin Jirtle, and later accompanied by New Buffalo players Julian Hymes and Garrett Mullen.

• (River Valley Basketball) — Varsity: Karl Smith II (in honor of Aunt Debbie and cousin Nicole Harvey); Sid Jewell (in honor of everyone); Jarod Volstorf (in honor of David Hicks); Andrew Bellaire (in memory of Daryl Cummings and Ronny Schroeder); Zach Sieler (in honor of Grandma Sieler); Coleman Schroeder (in memory of Grandma Jo); Justin Jirtle (in honor of Emma Roberts); Kevin Borkowski (in honor of Katie Schmidt); Joey Schmidt (in honor of MOM); Josh Clark (in memory of Grandpa Denny); Devin Alexander (in honor of Grandma Swain); Matthew Hauch (in memory of Bud Hartley); Jarod Brown (in honor of Grandpa Leo); Sage Tyler (in honor of Grandma Haggie); Junior Varsity: Wes Sobolewski (in honor of all survivors); Carson Taylor (in honor of everyone battling); Levi Strauss (in honor of Nana); Tylar Montgomery (in honor of all survivors); Matthew Schmidt (in honor of MOM); Jason Lull (in honor of Grandma); Davyd Bronson (in honor of Alice Bronson); Will Korbel (in honor of David Hicks); Kenny Gibson (in memory of DAD, in honor of uncle Brian Sokolowski); Elijah Witter (in honor of all survivors); Jacob Barbour (in memory of Grandma Elaine); Coach Jason Heckathorn (in memory of Larry Bubb); Coach Bill Korbel (in memory of Elina Bihlmire).

• (New Buffalo Basketball) — Varsity: Sotiri Margaritis (in honor of grandfather Don Dockerty); Julian Hymes (in honor of Emma Roberts); Tim Myer (in honor of aunt Megan Mulchanay); Garrett Mullen (in honor of Emma Roberts); Gaige Rice (in honor of grandmother Sue Rogers); Creo Brewster (in memory of Steve Palen, in honor of Maria Churchill Kruger); Pat Griffin (in honor of Emma Roberts); Seth Margaritis (in honor of grandfather Don Dockerty); Andrew Coffeen (in memory of grandfather Roy Mattues); Nigel Durham (in memory of uncle Patrick Miles); Ryan Butler (in memory of grrat-grandfather Wilber Lawson and Kathy Zumba); Junior Varsity: Jacob Prince (in honor of Emma Roberts); Robby Thorn (in memory of Sal Fortunato); Aiden Hansen (in honoro of father William Hansen); Andrew Hofstetter (in honor of gramdmother Ann Hart); Tucker Morse (in memory of everyone who has passed away from cancer); Kameron O’Hara (in memory of uncle Johnny Williams); Colin Bendiner (in memory of uncle David Wolfe); Jacob Fidler (in memory of uncle Dick Kruger); Ben O’Donnell (in memory of grandmother Linda O’Donnell); Michael Flick (in memory of aunt Shirley Bortz); Blake Newton (in memory of grandmother Muriel Dering and aunt Cindy Fossum); Coach Randy Mast (in memory of sister Roberta Freeling, in honor of niece Susan Maxwell and brother-in-law Jim Dunkel); coach Jason Haskins (in memory of grandfather Robert Boatright); coach Nick Talbott (in memory of grandparents Jean and Robert Burns).

• (New Buffalo Cheer) — Ava Mendoza (in memory of Sally Layman and Don Zelli), Daisy Fox (in memory of great-grandmother Gabrych), Riley Cain (in honor of grandmother Carol Shubert), Bailey Ferrell (in memory of William Geswain), Kyah Nielson (in memory of Harold Nielson), Alaina Maniscalco and Emily Baughman (in honor of everyone currently fighting cancer).

Betty’s Buddies President Jodie Haughey said the non-profit organization was founded about 12 years ago when her mom (Betty Grosse) was diagnosed with cancer and a group of family member and friends got together to help her in the fight.

She credited Betty’s Buddies member Elizabeth Tavernier and her daughter, New Buffalo High School sophomore Marissa Tavernier, with bringing the boys Rivals game to the new site.