Bloody box clues in officer to stop a theft in 1992

New facilities in the way of fire fighting on the Deschutes National Forest are to be provided, in the shape of saddle bags, each pair containing approximately 21 gallons of water, to be brought by pack horses to the scene of small fires. Softball pitching The first of these containers arrived this morning.

Supervisor W. Espn ncaa baseball scores G. Basketball wives la cast Hastings plans to have a pair of these bags for each of the main caches on the forest. Basketball positions and what they do Each will be equipped with a hose and will find their chief fire fighting use when attached to a force pump, in putting out small pitch fires high up on the trunks of the trees. Pitch dark chocolate At other times they will be used in carrying drinking water to the rangers.

Among the greatest improvements on the forest for the coming year will be the construction of two lookout stations of the most modern type, according to Mr. Landscape products Hasting’s present plans.

Together with their ability in passing and receiving, Bend’s was distinctly superior to that of Prineville. Garden of the gods Bend won the game in the first half, when a score of 16 to 3 was chalked up, for in the second frame the teams broke even, with 13 each.

Reed was the heavy point-getter for Bend, with four goals and seven fouls; Clifford contributed four goals, and Foster and Nelson each annexed one. Paintball fields near me Horton played chiefly on the defensive.

Yancey, center for Prineville, shot with deadly accuracy in the second half, making four goals and three fouls. Land scaping Ellis at guard found the basket once, and Estes, at forward although one of the cleanest, fastest players on the Crook County quintet, had poor luck and only made one.

The game was hard fought throughout, and an unusually large number of personal fouls were called as a result of lack of knowledge on the part of a number of the players, of the provisions of the new rules.

That Robert E. Asphalt 8 mod apk Strahorn is anxious that negotiations for the securing of terminal sites and right-of-way for his proposed railroads centering in Bend be made as quickly as possible, was the information given out this morning by H.J. Funny softball pics Overturf, manager of the Commercial Club, following his return to Bend from Salem, where he was a member of the lobby urging the passage of the bill creating Deschutes County. Diy outdoor furniture Mr Overturf conferred with Mr. Little league baseball ages Strahorn yesterday in Portland. Garden centre london ontario Mr. Basketball wives la season 5 episode 4 Strahorn explained in detail the manner in which he wished the matter of conveyances of property to be handled.

Federal authorities tightened restrictions on enemy aliens today by curtailing their movements in California and barring them from defense areas in Oregon and Washington.

Establishment of “curfew zones” along two thirds of California’s coastline and at some inland points threatened aliens in night jobs with unemployment and struck at the pocketbooks of theater, tavern and restaurant operators and other amusement industries in alien districts of coastal cities.

A justice department order issued last night will bar aliens from 31 vital areas in Washington and Oregon including Grand Coulee Dam and Bonneville Dam and other hydroelectric plants.

Military authorities issued today orders for the evacuation of areas of Honolulu by all women and by all boys and girls under 15 years of age in event of a Japanese attempt to land forces on the island.

Evacuees are to provide themselves with an evacuation kit containing a supply of food, blankets, a raincoat, warm clothing, a gas mask, toilet articles and a flashlight.

Businessmen of Honolulu urged today that every effort be made to guard against discrimination that would penalize loyal aliens and advised against talk circulated to disrupt internal unity.

“Our policy is to continue employment of loyal workers without discrimination as to race or citizenship so long as they continue to merit our trust and confidence” a statement by the council said.

There are probably fewer foreign born people in Bend who can be classified as enemy aliens than in any other city of more than 10,000 people in the Pacific states, it was indicated here today when a check up revealed that federal authorities do not expect to receive more than 10 or 11 applications for certificates of identification from Bend.

Under a new ruling, all subjects of any foreign nation at war with the United States who have not acquired U.S. Sales pitch synonym citizenship are required to apply for certificates of identification with a photo and carry it at all times.

In the Bend community there are a considerable number of men and women born in Germany or Italy, but the majority of them have taken out citizenship papers and in many instances their sons are now serving with American forces.

In other states the greatest rush for certificates is reported from California cities, where Japanese and Italians are forming long lines in front of post office windows.

When Captain Charles LaFollette and his 40 volunteer infantrymen crossed the Cascades in the fall of 1865 to establish Camp Polk on Squaw Creek, he found a group of men building a section of a trans-mountain highway at Fish Lake. Baseball teams in chicago Primarily interested in the fine fishing in Fish Lake, the volunteers stopped for a week to work on the road.

The route under construction was part of the Willamette Valley and Cascade Mountain Road. Landscape products bath pa It was the first road built over the Cascades. Softball canada rules It closely followed the trail blazed by Andrew Wiley in 1859, when, at the summit, he climbed a tree to glimpse the open range lands of Central Oregon. Baseball teams in ohio The trail and the pioneer road were to become U.S. Tropical garden design ideas Highway 20, the Santiam Highway.

But the location of the modern highway is not that of the pioneer road, over which many early-day Central Oregonians moved their families and household goods in wagons to the new range frontier on Crooked River.

Recently it became known that the Timber Service Company was planning to log along the route of the early day road in the Fish Lake area. Professional landscape architect Several school children wrote protesting letters.

Now comes the good work that the timber firm is to leave a protected strip. Lattice energy definition The Forest Service will be asked to designate that it be considered a protective strip.

The U.S. Baseball games near me Forest Service has plans to build a historical complex at Fish Lake, once a site of an inn for immigrants, and a stopping place for all who crossed the Cascades.

The protected section will preserve for Oregon one of ts most historical routes of pioneers. Obama first pitch It was a mountain link that opened the Central Oregon frontier. Pitching grips It blazed the way for the Santiam and Clear Lake routes of the resent. Little league football near me It cut in half a mountain barrier.

That traveler was Dwight E. Facebook app not working Huss, who prodded his Oldsmobile, “Old Scout,” westward over the pioneer road on his way to the 1905 Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition in Portland.

Almost everyone believes automobile seat belts are a “good thing.” About 60 percent of the autos checked by The Bulletin this week have seat belts. Sprinkler warehouse coupon code But only a fourth of those who have them “buckle up” as a matter of course every time they get in the car. Garden snakes eat That means on the basis of the local inquiry that at any given time, about 15 percent of the drivers on the highway will be strapped into safety belts.

Other groups sold on seat belts are Insurance Underwriters and automobile dealers. Baseball pitcher quotes But acceptance by the public is going to take a good deal of education, they say.

A Bureau of Land Management official says his agency will demand public access using condemnation of necessary through property owned by an exclusive fishing club on the Lower Deschutes River.

The director of the BLM said Thursday that the Deschutes Club should be forced to allow the public past the club’s locked gate near Maupin onto the land through its property and into now inaccessible public lands.

They responded if access was the issue, authorities should look to force the Deschutes Club to allow people to drive beyond its locked gate and fish or launch drift boats from public lands.

Ehrman’s father was a charter member of the flyfishing club which was founded in 1933 by a group of Portland police and fire officials who bought a section of an abandoned Union Pacific Railroad line and other property, including about 12 miles of riverfront land.

When he looked inside, Porter discovered the box had been used to cover a small safe that had just been pushed out a second-floor window of the Rice Building, The unopened safe contained items worth several thousand dollars, police said.