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One summer, when Brit Marling was a kid at camp in Wisconsin, she told ghost stories late at night to the girls in her cabin. Spring training schedule 2016 At first, everybody loved this. Comiskey park But after a few nights, something changed. Masonry veneer manufacturers association “I think things were just percolating in everybody’s imaginations,” says Marling. Facebook logo size The camp called her parents and said they had to pick her up; her ghost stories were freaking people out. Jain irrigation systems ltd Clearly the form of her stories (bunk-bed broadcast) didn’t match up with the content (Marling’s uncanny conjurings).

Until recently, a variation of this problem marked Marling’s career. French flag images free As a screenwriter and actor, she’s created several widely praised but little-seen indie films, such as 2011’s Another Earthand 2013’s The East. Wild pitch frisco facebook Then, with almost zero fanfare just before Christmas, Netflix released The OA, an eight-part series starring Marling that she co-wrote with director and creative partner Zal Batmanglij. Baseball diamond cake This zigzagging tale of a traumatized survivor of a near-death experience and a mysterious abduction quickly became the latest riddle-me-this series to cause an online frenzy. Landscape lighting world An unreliable narrator and episodes of varying length add up to something that’s not quite episodic TV and not quite film; Marling equates it to a novel, considering it a new form for a new kind of TV. Basketball courts nyc “ The OA couldn’t have existed three years ago,” she says.

This isn’t just because streaming services like Netflix allow creators to slip the formal limitations of feature films and network series. Fantasy football betting sites Today’s mature “peak TV” audience, the Breaking Bad– Game of Thrones– Westworldgeneration, is eager for material that doesn’t just push boundaries — it shoves. Mono pitch roof construction drawings “I would have thought [ The OA] would be more of an outlier. Frances bean cobain tattoos It’s pretty far-out in its form,” says Marling. Garden planner app “But the audience seems very ready for that. Crystal lattice definition chemistry They want to be surprised, and they want to feel new emotions that they can’t find names for.” Related Stories Netflix’s The OA Is an Extraordinary, Binge-Worthy December Surprise Brit Marling on The OA, Netflix’s Surprise Show About Dying

The OA follows Marling as Prairie Johnson, a formerly blind young woman who returns to her suburban home after seven lost years, her sight mysteriously restored, her story shaky. Pitch meaning Every night, she sits fireside (metaphorically, next to votive candles) in an abandoned half-built house and unpacks what happened for an audience of four high-school boys and one solitary algebra teacher. Online landscape design tool In episodes that range from 30 minutes to over an hour, her whereabouts are explained as the story meanders through a maze with stops at Russian oligarchs, Room-like captivity, and — this is probably not happening on CBS — the transformative power of modern dance. Slow pitch softball leagues At the end of the eight chapters, the viewer has to decide whether this has all been just the world-building of a psychotic mind — an exercise in PTSD healing — or a sincere plea for openness to a new metaphysical reality.

In The OA, the tribe of misfits that assemble each night — including a high-school bully and a trans boy — crave that kind of connection and love, and Prairie is the conduit. Fencing olympics 2016 To make sense of their teen characters, Marling and Batmanglij spent time in midwestern high schools, sometimes leading filmmaking classes in exchange for interviews where they would record the kids’ gestures and speech patterns for study. Auburn softball The selfie-reared students were extremely comfortable in front of a camera but also confessed to a kind of alienation that Marling read as the darker side of their tech-saturated lives. Fencing rules “How do you come of age in a time where the entire catalogue of porn is at your fingertips? Or beheading videos. Drip from my walk download Stuff that you see that you cannot unsee,” she says. Usssa fastpitch softball “It felt like there was a kind of floundering, like a rage, but also a deep intelligence and a hunger for something more, and wondering where they can get it from.”

Marling’s empathy for teenagers arises naturally: She grew up in Chicago and Orlando and remembers her young self as awkward, short and skinny with braces, her mind a whirlwind of ideas and energy that got her picked on. Fastest softball pitch ever recorded by a woman Still, she was able to enlist the neighborhood kids to appear in backyard plays she wrote, including a mash-up of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Facebook stock split Parents will pay anything to see their kids perform, Marling learned, and so she charged five bucks a head and earned some serious cash.

Her own parents were real-estate developers, and Marling used to play in unfinished houses, not unlike the one in The OA, performing characters and lives. Asphalt 8 cheats In this affluent milieu, the expectations for young people were more limited than Marling’s imagination: lawyer, doctor, investment banker. Facebook logo font Marling went to Georgetown to study economics because she loved math, hanging out in the library until 2 a.m. Landscaping supply companies near me with fellow nerds, solving proofs.

Of course, this is a snide dig at modern dance — that elitist punch line— and Marling gets that the movements are discomfiting for some. How to pitch a softball “We hate the body in this country. Football teams list We’re ashamed about our bodies,” she says. Landscaping ideas “And it is weird. Knuckleball pitchers You’re moving like this” — she does a movement, hands slashing — “you’re hissing. Garden inspirational quotes The first couple of times, of course, everybody laughs. Fantasy The laughter comes from embarrassment, the embarrassment comes from fear, the fear comes from vanity. Brick veneer construction details Then something totally remarkable happens. Baseball fantasy picks The moment you start moving, that shame really does fall away. Fantasy football sleepers rb It happened to all of us. French flag facts The more we did the movements and practiced them, the more they became this other kind of language.”

It’s hard to imagine The OA existing as an elevator pitch, but Marling and Batmanglij successfully persuaded Brad Pitt’s Plan B to come onboard as producers early on, and then went out to the networks, shopping around the first chapter. Football season is upon us While trying to sell it, they would stand up in the room, acting out the arc of the full eight hours, switching parts, hitting the big moments. Usssa softball tournaments texas “I think people felt: ‘I don’t know what this is exactly, but it seems like they’ve spent a lot of time on it,’ ” Marling says, laughing.

There were other offers, but Netflix was most in tune with their innovations; Marling says they got no pushback about the weird episode lengths, and no grief about breaking screenwriting rules by introducing main characters four hours into the story. Basketball positions on the court “They were excited about the frontier of storytelling, like how can the form change now that we’ve been unfettered from marketing? What does internet-streaming storytelling mean?”

Marling and Batmanglij have already mapped out a second season of The OA, though it hasn’t officially been renewed. Softball pitching mechanics Or maybe it has: Production of the first season was shrouded in secrecy. Softball drills There were no cast announcements, and signs to the set, just outside New York, were written in a code based on Braille. Easy landscaping ideas It was Netflix’s decision not to promote The OA in advance, unleashing it for the Christmas binge season with no publicity. Garden centre near me Marling says she was okay with this strategy — which seems to have paid off — fiercely protecting the mystery she’d created from being prematurely unraveled.

Now that this strange series is in the world, she’s good with the digital scrutiny, watching happily as solving the mystery (which may be unsolvable) has become a kind of collective experience. Sales pitch meaning The OA, on- and off-screen, seems to be connecting people, which is what Marling has always wanted from her art. Arizona softball roster “I think you kind of just have to put it out in the world, learn what you can learn, then shut down and go back in the cave and try to get better at telling a story again.”

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