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As a wife and a mom, Debra Bond Cancro realized just how much the way she said things had everything to do with how effective she was in communicating with her kids and husband. Lattice semiconductor stock She was really interested in tracking her own metrics on how condescending she sounded or when she sounded encouraging versus negative.

“The way you say things has everything to do with whether people actually hear you and listen, or decide to tune you out,” says Cancro. Miami baseball team “I thought it would be really cool if there was something like Fitbit, but that tracked how I sounded – how I came across during the day.”

Cancro, an engineer by training who spent most of her career in product marketing for tech start-ups, pursued the technology to track vocal metrics. Peach aviation review She also landed National Science Foundation funding for research looking into what she calls the “vibes” of how your vocal delivery makes people feel. Timber merchants liverpool She and her team created algorithms to predict how humans would perceive the way you sound – boring, energetic, timid or captivating – to incorporate into the design of their product, VoiceVibes.

“VoiceVibes is a practice and assessment software tool for public speaking. Softball fans It enables students or practicing professionals that need to give a speech the ability to practice on their own, audio record their delivery and receive automated feedback and tips for improvement. Baseball pitch cutter VoiceVibes gives users dashboard metrics that tell them specifics at-a-glance, such as if their pacing was off in certain sections, if they paused too much, or used too many ‘ums’ and ‘uhs.’

“Public speaking is our first market so we can get some traction with a very tangible application that people already do — practice for speeches and presentations. Counterfort retaining wall design example Individuals can purchase a subscription to use the service through our web site, but we are predominately working with college and university clients to make it available to their students on a semester basis.

“We first piloted our software at Wor-Wic Community College in Salisbury, Md. Baseball field clipart in 2015. Batting cages las vegas Now, VoiceVibes is included in communications and business courses at colleges and universities across the country including Ohio State, the University of Miami and Stanford Graduate School of Business.

“Our distribution plan is to sell directly to college and universities, and also distribute through additional partners, including publishing companies and other companies that already have online training curriculums or web video platforms that could easily incorporate our technology. Fantasy sports espn As we look to distribute our technology through these other channels, I’ve read pros and cons about white-labeling for those companies to include our technology in their product. Flag football leagues near me Some people say start-ups should never white label their products. Timber suppliers glasgow I’m hoping we can negotiate for partners to include our brand when they include our technology – kind of like ‘Intel Inside’ – but if push came to shove and a potential partner didn’t want to include our logo, how costly is that?”

“It’s great that you’ve been able to get validation on your technology from college and university clients. Fantasy basketball draft However, colleges and universities traditionally have a very long sales process and are often very difficult as first verticals for start-ups. What is irrigation Pursue other ways to grow the business through publishing and software companies, like you mentioned, or other private-sector opportunities. Auburn softball coach Don’t worry so much about white-labeling VoiceVibes. Gardening You don’t really need a consumer brand right now.

“Think about what your real value proposition is and the key target customers who might be using your technology. Basketball court size Most professionals doing public speaking will be doing so on behalf of their company or organization. What is the fastest pitch in baseball This includes CEOs and C-Suite executives who present at their own company’s major events, industry conferences, or investors relations calls. Facebook login history Big organizations need their top executives to be able to present well. Paving expert Other potential sales channels for you could be companies with large sales teams who need polished sales pitches. Irrigation association Or consider business incubators or organizations that support start-ups with entrepreneurs constantly doing pitches.

“If large companies want to use your software and white label it, there isn’t much of a downside for you. Fantasy football team names funny Companies might really like to have their ‘own’ platform to have their executives and sales teams use to practice their presentation skills.”

“We just got back from a huge trade show where we developed new relationships with dozens of potential partners and resellers to help us enter some of the corporate verticals you mentioned. Fences by august wilson Thanks for confirming that there isn’t a downside to white labeling; this is reassuring to hear as we continue discussions.”

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