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Vail’s Sandy Treat was there Saturday. Rattan creek park He’s 94 years old today and trained and fought with the 10th Mountain Division during World War II. Small house interior design philippines He still gives weekly lectures at the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum, usually at 3 p.m. Fantasy basketball rankings 2016 Fridays. Garden centre glasgow A while back, a German guy showed up who fought against the 10th. Fantasy football mock draft 12 team He and Sandy did not enjoy detente.

The Army turned Ski Cooper over to the Forest Service but kept Camp Hale until 1963 for reasons that can now be told. How to make curtains from sheets For example, the CIA was there from 1958 to 1963, training Tibetan guerillas to fight the Chinese. Garden of eden found Follow a road about 3 miles past the rifle range and you’ll spot ruins of cars and trucks where Tibetans learned to ambush Chinese convoys.

The 10th Mountain Division shipped out for Italy in May 1944, and they didn’t even take their skis with them, Treat said. Fantasy football rankings half ppr After they arrived in Italy, one patrol went out on skis, but it was spring in the Italian mountains.

At the other end of the war, about 3,000 10th Mountain Division soldiers landed in the Aleutian Islands to drive out the Japanese. Basketball olympics By the time they got there, the Japanese had gone, but the Americans didn’t know that.

• A soldier named Ralph was an archer and brought his gear with him to Camp Hale. Baseball diamond He’d hunt small game around the area and took his archery gear with him into combat in Italy.

• That nifty hood tucked inside the collar of your ski parka? It started in Camp Hale as a backpack built into their coats. Fantasy basketball mock draft Same with the extra pockets on your coat and cargo pants.

• Skinning up a mountain required skins made from seal skin. Nicolock pavers Treat said before long, the Army ran short of seal skins, which come from the Pacific, which was controlled by the Japanese in 1943. Jain irrigation stock So they had to think of something else. Small garden designs ideas pictures They did.

Before World War II, fewer than 10,000 Americans were recreational skiers. Cbssports com fantasy football It cost $30 to outfit one person with ski gear, and the average American’s monthly salary was $28.

When the war ended, the Army had more than 100,000 pairs of skis to dispose of. How to install pavers over dirt They did it for $1.50 for a pair of skis, a couple bucks for a pair of boots and a quarter for ski poles. Pitched roof definition At the same time, America’s post-war incomes were rising.

The average World War II GI stood 5-feet, 7-inches and weighed 128 pounds. Team usa softball Their packs carried 94 pounds of gear — weapons, sleeping bag, tent, stove, three days of rations, 80 rounds of ammunition — a long and heavy list.

During filming of “Climb to Glory” about the 10th, one of their skiing actors fell and buried himself in the snow. Fences movie All anyone could see was two skis sticking up out of the snow. Softball pictures It took four people to pull him out.

In today’s 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, New York, gear is aluminum and magnesium metals, plastic and other lightweight materials. Facebook search history It has not lightened the load, Little said.

“Imagine you’re a soldier from flatlands California, it’s the first time you’ve seen snow, you’re given 100 pounds of gear, you’re at 10,000 feet altitude and now you have to walk 2 miles to your barracks. Small garden ideas no grass That’s kind of an interesting introduction to the Army,” Little said.

Food came through that railroad depot, materials, supplies … everything, up to and including the occasional trainload of girls for division dances. Football season opener Leadville was officially off limits, but the siren song of bars, restaurants and potential female companionship was too much for some soldiers to resist.

In 1945, the Army decided Camp Hale was just too expensive, so it started to come down. Pervious concrete pavement They brought in 4,000 POWs and 1,000 soldiers from the Corps of Engineers. Espn fantasy football rankings ppr Between March and October of that year they leveled it. Outdoor lighting perspectives Everything was gone.

Soldiers came and went. Cobblestone generator The most left because of the Pando hack. College football teams list Everything was heated with coal, and a cloud of coal smoke hung in the air. Football games Soldiers developed a hacking cough, and if their lungs couldn’t function at 10,000 feet altitude, they were gone, Little said.

Frustration also drove soldiers away. Front porch ideas for small houses Soldiers spent two years in Camp Hale, 1942 until May 1944. Softball city From the time the average GI hit basic training, he was listed as combat ready in six weeks, Little said.

“They’d say, ‘I came to this beautiful valley to learn to fight the Nazis, fight the Japs,’” Little said. Little league pitch count rules “Their frustration level was pretty high. Curtain factory outlet Guys left to join the Air Corps so they could get in the fight. Baseball fantasy camp Guys took a regular infantry position so they could get in the fight.”

Between combat replacements in Italy, about 4,000 guys, and guys leaving for medical or morale reasons, the 10th Mountain Division cycled through 32,000 soldiers, Little said.