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Nra-ila _ clinton supporter attacks trump, blames nra for chicago mother’s murder donald trump what does he do

The self-proclaimed “Dean of Comedy,” radio talk show host Dean Obeidallah, has blamed a Chicago African-American mother’s murder, allegedly by repeat offenders, on NRA’s opposition to gun control, and he’s attacked GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump for attributing inner city

Trump says ‘bomb went off in new york’ _ politics – wbal home trump hotel casino las vegas

Trump made the statement before local officials had publicly confirmed details of the incident or what caused the explosion. Trump statistics Typically, national political figures use caution when describing unfolding situations and law enforcement actions. “Just before I got off

Fiorina_ ‘as a feminist, i’m not voting for clinton’ trump hotel las vegas

Fiorina: ‘As a feminist, I’m not voting for Clinton’ Former presidential candidate joins other GOP female leaders to discuss the challenges facing women in politics Check out this story on Novi — It is harder to run for

Here’s what you need to know about the issues in the hillary clinton, donald trump debate _ npr what nationality is donald trump

Embed Much of that deficit is with one country — China. Trump streaming live In 2015, the U.S. Torre trump punta del este had a trade deficit with China of $367 billion. Torre trump chicago In the first seven months

Obama_ americans will reject trump’s ‘wacky’ ideas – roanoke times_ wire headlines how to trump

U.S. Donald trump chicago President Barack Obama pauses as he speaks during a news conference at the Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel in Vientiane, Laos, Thursday, Sept. To trump 8, 2016, after attending the ASEAN Summit. What does trump mean (AP

Why do americans distrust the media_ – the atlantic trump international las vegas

Trust is a slippery measuring stick. Trump email Do I “trust” technology? Well, I trust strangers on Uber to be on time, but don’t trust my cable company to arrive within a four-hour window; I trust my iPhone to not

Kaine taunts trump to reveal more about his health, money – politico trump comic

Donald Trump owes the American public “some basic facts” about his financial and health history, Democratic vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine said Tuesday, and the fact that the Republican nominee has thus far kept that information from voters is evidence that

How trump gets away with spouting half-truths _ the national how to play trump cards

Most politicians massage the truth when it suits them, no matter their political allegiance. Trump international hotel las vegas las vegas This truism is particularly salient in the US presidential election. Hotel trump international Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has struggled

Trump, doubling down on anger and outrage, shows no signs of shifting after widely panned first debate – la times donald trump golfplatz

If Donald Trump was concerned or contrite after his widely panned debate performance, there was no sign of it Tuesday as he resumed his attack on a former Miss Universe and blamed the moderator and a faulty microphone for repeatedly

Hot fashion trends are having a strange effect of how we are decorating our homes – mirror online the trump hotel las vegas

What the stars are wearing and what is in vogue on the catwalks around the world is fueling demand for rug designs such as tribal and animal print have gone through the roof over the last six months because of

Voices_ on the border, hostility to trump’s wall donald trump business insider

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — The three acres of shady land just off of Highway 281 have been in Eloisa Tamez’s family’s possession for more than two centuries. Tamez traces her roots on that small patch of land to 1767, when an ancestor won

Siu researcher studying whether temperature affects aging – news – chillicothe times-bulletin – chillicothe, il – chillicothe, il donld trump

SPRINGFIELD — The question of whether temperature can have an impact on life span and overall health is at the center of a National Institute of Aging grant awarded to a preeminent researcher from Springfield. Professor Andrzej Bartke of the

Blog_ who says there’s no detail behind trumponomics_ donald trump las vegas hotel

Under WTO rules, any foreign company that manufactures domestically and exports goods to America (or elsewhere) receives a rebate on the VAT it has paid. Is donald trump republican This turns the VAT into an implicit export subsidy. Is donald

Super-pac works to elect hillary clinton one community at a time _ mother jones donal trump wife

Residents of Butler County, Ohio, turned on their televisions on Wednesday to find an ad featuring one of their neighbors. Donald trump jobs created “I think a lot of people are really struggling with” who to vote for, Joan Powell

Trump scales back his tax proposal – the washington post trump plaza in las vegas

NEW YORK — Donald Trump unveiled a scaled back tax plan on Thursday, which is projected to add less to the federal debt but also to deliver fewer benefits to taxpayers than his original proposal. The plan dramatically reduces the

Treasury cracks down on foreign credits – politico donald trump newsletter

Keep in mind, Treasury hasn’t explicitly said that the new money that Europe is wringing out of corporations — like the $14.5 billion from Apple that U.S. Trump video today officials dubbed a cash grab — would be eligible for

Abbreviated pundit round-up_ donald trump lies starting to catch up with him donald trump latest

There’s a long list of lies and lying that doesn’t even include the Pulitzer worthy work of David Fahrenthold. Donald trump hotel in vegas But be aware that the Trump Foundation story is very much a part of the conversation. The neutral guys,

Explosion of gig economy means there’s an app for juggling jobs trump usa chant

The 57-year-old cook was tired of using a library computer to look for work and watching friends get a jump on leads via alerts on their phones. Donald trump real estate After picking up his first phone about two years

Politics as satire_ what have donald trump, john howard, tony abbott and malcolm turnbull got in common_ – new matilda what is donald trump jr net worth

That question sounds like the start of a bad joke. Trump international hotel and tower las vegas And if you look too closely, you’ll realise your society might just be the punchline. The trump group Sean Hosking picks at the