Charlotte deserves better than the planned lincoln harris tower at the observer site

Before this, we knew very little about the project outside of “massive mixed use” and “1 million square foot office tower.” Based on the purchase price of the site (about $37.5 million) and the amount of developable land, it was pretty obvious something huge was planned.

As an architecture and urban planning buff, I look at projects a little differently than most. Facebook login history I want to love this building — I really do — but I don’t. Paving expert Here is a rundown of why I don’t like it.

The late 1980s, all of the ’90s and the early 2000s were the heyday of the Charlotte Office Tower. Irrigation association Postmodernism reigned supreme and it earned us some of our most iconic towers. Fantasy football team names funny Postmodernism was a reaction to the boxy, stark and simplistic aesthetic that defined Modernism. Fences by august wilson Architects sought to bring the architecture of the home into the urban fabric of our cities. Little league pitching mound distance It resulted in all kinds of mixing and matching of historic aesthetics with modern ones.

The Hearst Tower is a mixture of Neo-Gothic Revival, Art Deco and Modernism. Uw softball The Bank of America Corporate Center a stunning example of Modernism mixed with Art Deco. Pro landscape companion Postmodernism is something that can be done well, when the proportions are perfect, the materials are solid, and the context is right.

Everything about the proportions is clumsy and stubby. Gardening tips for spring The cornice is too chunky, the step back is almost at the center point of the building, when it should be closer to the 2/3 point and the pyramid is too tall. Irrigation association show Truly, if they stretched out the bottom portion of the building to be 6-10 floors taller, the proportions might be fixed.

The banks also built beautiful edifices adorned with polished granite, lobbies of marble shipped from overseas — in short, they spared no expense on materials. Maryvale baseball park Surely this building will be the same, I thought. Rock garden ideas What I found when I dove deeper into the approved plans was sandblasted precast concrete panels, stone veneer and EIFS (synthetic stucco). How to pitch a baseball I was flabbergasted.

Aesthetically speaking, we have a bland, characterless, stubby, beige neoclassical tower, topped with a pyramid that triggers nostalgia for the old convention center but does nothing to make the building more attractive. Water garden supplies near me (2) Huge lobby

Another thing that defined the Postmodern buildings of Charlotte past were the grandiose lobbies that sat beneath each tower. Evans landscaping They were sprawling, impressive, towering spaces that greeted employees and visitors alike. Fantasy football 2016 draft They were built to show power, and say “Hey, we are so awesome that we can waste our entire building’s foot print on a single use just to impress you.”

This tower pays homage to this, with one of the largest lobbies I’ve seen in recent history — but it comes at a very weird time. Japanese landscape painting If you take a look at other projects uptown, it’s apparent that lobbies are shrinking drastically. How to lay a patio on soil Bank of America Plaza is shedding most of its lobby in favor of retail and 101 N. Youth football leagues near me Tryon is doing the same.

Recent builds like 615 South College and 300 South Tryon have more modest lobbies, and future towers such as Tryon Place are planned with tiny lobbies flanked on all sides by retail. Wild pitch frisco In 2017, its much more important to monetize square footage, over being a “show off.”

As I’m sure everyone has noticed, Uptown is changing. Pitched roof house The days when uptown was a cold and soulless office park are over, and center city is quickly becoming a vibrant core. Facebook mobile site South Tryon and Stonewall are becoming the centers of gravity uptown with activated pedestrian spaces lined with retail, and this building doesn’t seem to jive with that.

One of my biggest problems with this project isn’t with the building itself, but with all the question marks. Spring training arizona map Just a simple master plan, for what is likely the most important developable parcels uptown, would put my mind at ease.

I think that by not releasing a master plan, by not seeking community input and by skipping straight into plan approval, Lincoln Harris has done the city a great disservice.

For instance, I’m imagining the grassy, tree-lined plaza fronting Tryon will be flanked by shops and restaurants, similar to how Hearst Tower interacts with North Tryon. Pitch meaning in music Also, I’m certain the parcel at the corner of Hill and Tryon will be a hotel, and the parcel on Tryon and Stonewall will be residential. Baseball pitcher stats That said, I don’t feel like I should have to guess, I feel like there should be a public master plan. Softball clipart Some things I like

– I’m appreciative of the pedestrian promenade that will link the building directly with Bank of America Stadium, though the 22 foot drop in the grading may be impossible to build around.

– I’m even pleased with the fact the building is placed in such a way that the projects that grow up around it will be forced into more reasonably sized footprints, making the development a bit more organic.