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Networking giant Cisco is aiming to bring Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to building environments with a number of innovations included in a new network switch designed specifically for buildings. How to install chain link fence gate Unveiled today, the Catalyst Digital Building Series Switch is the first built specifically for the needs of digital buildings, the company said.

The switch includes several features that Cisco said will make it attractive to enterprises looking to transform their buildings, including IP convergence, digital building network architecture, universal power over Ethernet, smart installation and fanless design.

“We’re excited about the new opportunities we can bring to our customers in the digital building and enterprise IOT space through our converged ecosystem of partners, products and solutions,” the company said in a blog post.

“However, as the number of networks and connections within buildings grows, they are becoming increasingly complex,” the company said. Landscaper definition “Interconnecting and interoperating isolated building systems such as lighting, HVAC, badging systems, security, CCTV, sensors and audio-video equipment, into a single converged system is fundamental to the digital transformation of buildings.”

Cisco’s vision for the digitally converged building is centered on the new network switch that powers and connects building systems onto a single, low-voltage IP network.

The new switch enables IP convergence and interoperability of disparate building systems such as lighting, HVAC, badging systems and surveillance through the use of the Constrained Application Protocol, an IoT protocol that has never been deployed in a digital building environment before, according to Cisco.

Additionally, the switch extends Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture to the digital building environment. Trellis definition That includes automation, security, and analytics features that allow for faster on-boarding, automated, provisioning and monitoring as well as intelligent threat detection and mitigation. Garden of eden maui The feature would allow enterprise clients to limit lighting ports so that they can only be used for lighting and not to access other areas in the network.

The switch also delivers twice the power of Cisco’s current power over Ethernet technology, and allows buildings to bring the power back on within five seconds of an outage. Landscape design online The switch is also the first that is Bluetooth-enabled, and it comes with its own mobile iOS and Android app to make installation and deployment easier. Mono pitched roof construction details Because it features a fanless design, the switch can be installed in such places as office ceilings while maintaining noise-free environments.

“As far as convergence of IoT networks in a building, this product leap-frogs a generation of innovation,” Sachin Gupta, vice president of Enterprise Switching at Cisco, said today in a statement. Front yard landscaping images “It brings new IoT protocol integration, automation and enterprise security by extending the Digital Network Architecture to digital buildings.”

A Texas jury on Wednesday found that Facebook’s virtual reality (VR) unit Oculus directly infringed on the copyright of video game publisher ZeniMax, as well as ZeniMax-owned id Software. Pitching a tent For this and other legal violations, jurors ordered Oculus and two of its executives to pay ZeniMax a total of $500 million.

Facebook has said that it plans to appeal the decision, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Francesca battistelli beautiful beautiful lyrics Oculus also released a statement welcoming the fact that jurors rejected some of ZeniMax’s allegations, which combined could have led to total damages of $2 billion.

Oculus, which released the first commercial version of its Oculus Rift VR system last year, was purchased by Facebook for $2 billion in 2014. Football field size ZeniMax and id Software filed a complaint against Oculus and co-founder Palmer Luckey in May of that year. Landscape photography The lawsuit was later amended to add Facebook, former Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe and John Carmack, a co-founder of id Software — acquired by ZeniMax in 2009 — who left that company to join Oculus, where he serves as CTO.

In its original complaint, ZeniMax said that it had provided Oculus and Luckey with access to intellectual property that it had developed “after years of research and investment. Ncaa basketball tournament live stream This valuable intellectual property included copyrighted computer code, trade secret information, and technical know-how.”

Despite having signed a binding non-disclosure agreement regarding that property, Oculus and Luckey “commercially exploited it for their own gain” and stood to reap “billions in value” from that information, ZeniMax added.

In a 90-page summary of its findings, the jury hearing the case dismissed some of ZeniMax and id Software’s complaints, but decided in their favor on a number of issues, including copyright infringement, breach of contract, trademark infringement and false designation. Landscape architecture magazine The jury ordered Oculus to pay total damages of $300 million and also awarded the plaintiffs $150 million in damages from Iribe and $50 million from Luckey.

“Expect more motions to get filed in the trial court, including ZeniMax seeking millions in attorney fees,” IME Law attorneys Matt Hooper and Brian Sommer wrote yesterday in an analysis of the verdict published in Road to VR. Outdoor research “Although the verdict has been announced, it’s not likely the end of the case, but actually a second beginning. Online football games multiplayer Given the high stakes of this case, expect a number of post-verdict motions and appeals, resulting in the case dragging on indefinitely.”

In addition to serving as a potential warning to technology firms as well as tech executives who frequently change employment to establish new companies or join competitors, the ZeniMax/Oculus case offers a number of other colorful side stories.

“Although ZeniMax isn’t a household name, the Rockville, Maryland, company has some powerful and famous connections. Fantasy baseball rankings 2016 Its board includes President Donald Trump’s younger brother, Robert; CBS Corp. D fence commercial CEO Leslie Moonves; Hall of Fame baseball player Cal Ripken Jr.; and blockbuster movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer,” according to the Mercury News. Football season quotes “In addition, ZeniMax CEO Robert A. Landscape architect salary Altman is married to Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman in the 1970s TV series.”

Meanwhile, Oculus co-founder Luckey faced harsh criticism last fall after news emerged that he had contributed $10,000 to a Nimble America campaign against Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee in the 2016 presidential race.

The plaintiff’s expert, “said Oculus’s implementations of the techniques at issue were ‘non-literally copied’ from the source code I wrote while at Id Software,” Carmack said. Baseball pitch slider “This is just not true.”

Carmack added, “Notably, I wasn’t allowed to read the full expert report, only listen to him in trial, and even his expert testimony in trial is under seal, rather than in the public record. Pitch definition physics This is surely intentional — if the code examples were released publicly, the Internet would have viciously mocked the analysis.”

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