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In October of 2015, The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Police Department for their use of civil gang injunctions. Asphalt 8 mod apk These injunctions are court issued restrictions on the actions of those associated with gangs living within the perimeters of protected areas known as Safe Zones. Funny softball pics Purposefully broad and flexibly vague, prohibited behaviors include associating with other gang members, fighting, drawing graffiti, making hand signals associated with gangs, intimidating, or annoying.

Although intended to improve the quality of life for those who live within Safe Zones, gang injunctions not only fail to accomplish this goal but also go so far as to make life virtually impossible for people living in these Safe Zones. Diy outdoor furniture Gang injunctions disrupt free movement, quotidian routines, and important social ties in ways that are detrimental not just to individuals but also to entire neighborhoods and all the communities which exist therein. Little league baseball ages Moreover, motivations for issuing these injunctions are predicated upon the ambiguous criteria and subjective assessments used by the state to determine who is and who is not a gang member. Garden centre london ontario Save for personal admissions of gang memberships, all other determinations are nothing more than educated guesses taking into consideration a person’s attire, appearance, hang-out spots, but perhaps most importantly, their known associations with other gang members. Basketball wives la season 5 episode 4 This criterion in particular is especially important to law enforcement officials making these determinations.

However, racial and ethnic minorities are disproportionally classified as gang members while white people are vastly under reported in statistics on gang membership. Sales pitch synonym In 2000, The Department of Justice released a National Youth Gang Survey positing that 47% of all gang members were Hispanic, 31% were black, and 13% were white. Baseball teams in chicago A 2003 report from the California Attorney General described white gangs as “ the smallest percentage of all gangs.” In Los Angeles, half of all black men between the ages of 16 and 24 are in gang databases.

I am the daughter of two Mexican immigrants. Landscape products bath pa My entire extended family on both sides now lives in the United States. Softball canada rules By law enforcement officials, they would all be easily classified as Hispanic, as would their friends and co-workers, as would the members of the Spanish-speaking churches they attend, as would I. Baseball teams in ohio My social network at home consists almost entirely of Hispanic and Latino people, who, as the statistics above show, have a disproportionality high chance of being classified as gang members, which is not difficult, particularly for those of us who live in areas with high rates of gang activity. Tropical garden design ideas Even without proof of any involvement in criminal activity, law enforcement officials, through entirely subjective opinion, might still classify someone as a gang member based solely on superficial physical characteristics or established social ties.

The simple fact of the matter is that a person of color raised in a neighborhood with gang activity is far more likely to be classified as a gang member than they should be, and that alone should necessitate a review of the effects of civil gang injunctions on people of color and their communities. Professional landscape architect Injunctions carry egregious implications for entire communities whose members can be ensnared together and unfairly denied their legal rights under gang injunctions, which are served to those who cops have subjectively classified as gang members due to their aesthetics and associations. Lattice energy definition By prohibiting public associations with known gang members, that is to say known to law enforcement by the subjective appraisals of individual state actors, whether these members be friends or family, the state disrupts and damages vitally important social ties known to increase emotional wellbeing and quality of life, weakening the informal social support systems that often buoy economically disadvantaged and politically disenfranchised communities.

Rules against known gang members being seen together in public quite literally restrict free movement through space, through the very places where one lives, where one should be allowed to work, to worship, and traverse freely without fear of legal repercussion. Baseball games near me Fathers and sons who have been served gang injunctions are prohibited from spending time together in their own front yard because that would constitute public assembly, prohibited under injunctions. Obama first pitch Something as simple as walking to work or going to the grocery store becomes infinitely more difficult when one has to avoid implicated friends and family members like landmines.