College basketball today — melo trimble needs more pub

It is hard to say how good the Maryland Terrapins actually are, as a mix of constant injuries and crazy youth prevent us from completely jumping on board in full, but good god is Melo Trimble awesome at basketball.

Not only is he a very good player who has been with the program for three seasons, but he’s likely going to leave it as a historically important talent. Ncaa basketball tournament 2015 Maybe he won’t be the kind who will be as fondly remembered as Juan Dixon or anything. Facebook mobile login But that’s only because he’s played alongside significantly less talent and has been asked to — and has managed to — change his game to whatever the team needs on any given night.

It’s relatively weird to write all of that while acknowledging that he’s essentially lost most of his NBA allure. Landscaping near me Once a potential-laden freshman with legitimate first-round aspirations, most now view him as a fringe pro prospect. Duke basketball score today That doesn’t mean he can’t or won’t be a good pro, because perception is often the opposite of reality, it’s just a weird observation.

Anyway, here is to hoping the many who have taken him for granted up until this point stop doing so. Landscape photoshop tutorials He’s great. Fabric material names Maybe not an all-timer who will carry the Terps to the Final Four, but he embodies the transition of eras at Maryland as well as anyone — and that’s an underrated portion of his time with the university considering things once appeared bleak.

We discussed this yesterday, but Aaron Torres of Fox Sports explains something that seems obvious now: The Duke Blue Devils are probably not a great team this season. Facebook desktop messenger It might feel like a hot-take, but the sample-size says it is not.

Caleb Swanigan has, as do many college basketball players, an interesting origin story, the sort that Disney movies are made of. El patio woodland ca Unaware of it? Luckily for you, Myron Medcalf has a feature on the homeless kid turned college superstar ready for consumption.

We are doubling-down on the Caleb Swanigan stuff today. How to lay flagstone path Ricky O’Donnell, who is one of the best basketball writers going, has his own story on the Purdue big man. La baseball teams Like the one mentioned above, this story deserves your time.

This is far more news bit than it is essential reading, but Selection Sunday is about to become a bit more of a tease. Frances conroy eye For the first time in Division I history, the first four seeds of the projected bracket will be available to consume as early as February. Garden of the gods camping Is it an obvious money-grab? Well, yeah, man.

Let’s rank stuff! Not us, really. Netafim But someone else. Toro irrigation Daniel Wilco’s rankings of the best national championship games (since 1985) will suffice. Pitching mechanics video Now, quickly, go to the mean streets of Twitter to argue about a completely meaningless and arbitrary ranking column. Tropical garden design From The Boosters

Want an actual must-read? How about Kyle Kensing writing some of the most glorious words about the Arizona Wildcats that your eyeballs will ever witness firsthand? Is that hyperbole or overselling a colleague’s work? Only one way to find out… click here!

Nathan Giese believes Matt Farrell is the nation’s most improved player. How to lay pavers on sand While that’s obviously arguable, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have to be thrilled that the guard has essentially tripled his production from last season.

Central Michigan isn’t exactly on everyone’s radar. Gardening tips However, the team’s bucket-making marvel, Marcus Keene, should be. Pervious concrete cost Wendell Barnhouse profiles the nation’s leading scorer. Pictures of landscapes What’s On Tap?

The good news for tonight is that a couple games start as early as 6:00 PM Eastern. Virtual garden Pretty early tips on a random Wednesday. Football scores nfl Not that we should be complaining, as the alternative is having to wait a full extra hour for games to begin. Driveway sealing scams SMU Mustangs vs. Baseball games today near me UCF Knights ESPNews (7 Eastern)

SMU is doing a better than a bang-up job in a post-Larry Brown world. Olympic qualifying basketball 2016 The Mustangs are 17-4, are in second place in the American, and appear destined to earn a pair of dancing slippers come March. Irrigation store near me All good things.

As for UCF, the Knights have slipped a bit lately. Phoenix bats I totally blame myself, especially after declaring them as the favorites to win the AAC (oops), so the hate mail is welcomed — though, will be ignored.

No matter. Backyard baseball pablo UCF is still a fun team to consume. Batting tips Not only do they have a roster that’s built to make the NCAA Tournament next season (provided no one leaves for the pros), it features Tacko Fall — who is not just 7-6, but a very good basketball player at the collegiate level with very real NBA aspirations. Arizona softball Butler Bulldogs vs. Garden centre toronto Seton Hall Pirates Fox Sports 1 (8:30 Eastern)

This game is of the utmost importance for Seton Hall. How to make a good deck in hearthstone The Pirates are still attempting to navigate a difficult Big East schedule while having NCAA Tournament dreams trotting about their craniums.

A good, and easy, way for Seton Hall to more firmly implant themselves on the Selection Committee’s radar would be to win a game against a known good team such as Butler.

With the Pirates hosting the Bulldogs, this is one of the few chances Seton Hall has at earning a signature win during conference-play. Softball australia Expecting them to beat league powers on the road feels like a stretch. Small balcony garden ideas pictures Law & Order: SVU NBC (9 Eastern)

The original Law & Order was awesome and gritty (especially the first few seasons) and different. Landscaping ideas around trees Law & Order: Criminal Intent jumped the shark pretty quickly, but had a great character in Robert Goren (played by the awesome Vincent D’Onofrio).

Then there’s Special Victims Unit. Basketball olympics usa A show that was also legitimately awesome during its first few seasons, but has now become a weird vehicle about only one character who manages to find her own life issues in the crimes that she is investigating.

Basically, Olivia Benson, who has not only gone through enough poop to make her the legit most depressed person on the planet, but should have been fired 40-times over for violating laws, is the primary focal point of the show.

Her character is meant to represent a lot of positive things. Backyard baseball download I don’t want to take away from that. Little league baseball age chart 2016 Still, this is meant to be an entertaining TV show. El patio mcallen Not a picture-box program that’s devolved into one of the most linear designed shows on network television.

With the rare exception of the show having to do with another character, SVU usually starts with Liv doing something with her adopted baby (that turned out to be the rape baby of a man she arrested), then the crime happening next somehow being a too blunt analogy for whatever is happening in her home life.

Most recently, she appears to be breaking up with another cop who wants to retire to smell the roses (all the cliches, honestly), but she wants no part of that because her life is her job — despite the season before this one (or before that, I can’t recall) Benson adopting a baby because she wanted her life to be more than just her job.

Regardless, for some reason, I continue to watch this show each week. How to build a fence in minecraft Why? I’m not 100 percent sure. Knuckleball pitch Maybe I’m invested. Sprinkler system diagram Maybe (I am) I’am an idiot. How to pitch faster But if SVU wants to get this puppy jumping again, bring back Elliott Stabler and let the show morph back into the Stabler-Benson then side-characters program it once was.

Joseph Nardone is a college basketball columnist for FanRag Sports. Hotels in dripping springs texas He also co-hosts the Relatively Speaking Podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @JosephNardone.