Colorado rockies 2017 promotional giveaways, an annotated list – purple row

Every year Major League Baseball teams try to juice attendance at certain games by luring them to games with various prizes and trinkets, and the Colorado Rockies are no exception. Lanscaping On Wednesday they revealed their promotional giveaway schedule and there are some gems to behold/be had. Driveway Most of us can’t make it to every game, so how do we plan which games to attend to obtain the best giveaways?

This is the type of hard hitting analysis that Purple Row was created to give. Fastest softball pitcher in the world This list (in no particular order) doesn’t include Coors Field staples like Weather and Science Day (Thursday, April 27) or Bark at the Park (Wednesday, August 16) because those are days where you bring something to the stadium, rather than receive something. Brick fence designs The Best of the Best Friday, June 16: Jon Gray Hair Hat

Alas, there is no picture of this yet, but that’s probably because it would be redundant—you already know you want one. Little league baseball field dimensions What better way to show your love for the budding Rockies ace than to rock a hat with his faux locks flowing out? This would also be a bonus for the follicly challenged among us, so expect to see Connor trying to snag an extra one. Garden snake baby Saturday, May 27: Nolan Arenado Jersey

Sports jerseys are expensive and, besides that, they tend to date themselves too quickly (/stares forlornly at Felipe Paulino jersey). Little league pitch count rules 2016 But if you can snag a jersey of one of the best players in baseball, a potential future hall of famer, at no cost and see a baseball game at the same time? I’m surprised this game isn’t already sold out! It might be the only way to drown out the Cardinal-red that will surely take over the stadium that day.

I know some people are partial to bonfires at the cabin or long days at the lake for their Independence Day festivities, but I’m not sure anything beats a baseball game with a post-game fireworks show. Home design ideas for small spaces And the Rockies put on one of the best public fireworks displays I’ve ever seen. Outdoor furniture plans free download Really, get your tickets now. Wyevale woodbridge Saturday, July 22: Adam Ottavino STAR WARS Bobblehead

Death, taxes, and Star Wars Night at a baseball stadium. Frances bean cobain art Over the past two years Carlos Gonzalez and Charlie Blackmon have gotten the Star Wars Bobblehead treatment and, despite what you may think, they are pretty good. Rooftop bars near me Friday, September 29: 2018 Colorado Rockies Magnet Schedule & Fan Appreciation Postgame Fireworks

Two promotions for the price of one, folks. Patio town burnsville Can’t beat that. Little league baseball And don’t sleep on the magnet schedule. Pitch in What better way to keep your fanbase excited throughout the winter than to give them a schedule for the upcoming season to put on their fridge! Saturday, July 8: Marvel Super Heroes Day and Bobblehead

Honestly, this would probably be a fun game to bring along a younger relative, and, as we’ve established, everybody loves a bobblehead. Irrigation supply store near me Standard Fare Sunday, April 9: Rockies Hooded Henley

Unlike hot dog boy Connor and hot dog boy Bobby, I’m ambivalent towards hot dogs. El patio des moines Sure, they are the perfect ballpark sandwich, but you only get one for the $1 coupon, and it’s pretty small anyway. Softball pitching videos But in case you miss this one, they also have the giveaway on Thursday, May 11, Wednesday, June 21, Monday, July 17, Wednesday, August 2, and Tuesday August 29. Lattice energy chart Go nuts. Baseball online Friday, July 21: Rockies T-Shirt

The way to anyone’s heart is through free food and free t-shirts. Small garden design pictures Why do you think everyone loves college so much? If you know where to look you can find ‘em anywhere! Sunday, August 6: Faith Day postgame concert by Newsboys

Postgame concerts seem to be coming more and more popular around baseball, so if you’re interested in getting two entertainments for the price of one, all you’ll have to do is endure a game against the Phillies in the August heat. Landscape calculator Sunday, May 7: Rockies Rookies Run the Bases Sunday, September 17: All Kids Run the Bases (Postgame Event)

If you’ve never seen a bunch of toddlers and grade school kids patiently wait their turn to sprint around the bases of a big league diamond you’ve missed out on one of the truest expressions of joy you can witness. Softball drills for 10u And, if you are a parent, it’s a great way to get your children to wear themselves out before heading home. Building a deck step by step Everybody wins! Sunday, August 20: Rockies Baseball Cap

Will it be a good year to have the team poster or another one where it’ll end up bent and crushed before you get home anyway so why bother keeping it? At least your eight-year-old cousin would appreciate it when you forget to get him a birthday present next month. Georgia tech softball Strange and Whimsical Sunday, June 18: Father’s Day BBQ Spatula

Apparently Father’s Day weekend needs some attendance boost because there are giveaways every day of this weekend. Fences august wilson If you ever wanted to imprint your burger with the Rockies logo, this free ballpark giveaway will probably disappoint you but will still look pretty cool hanging off the grill. Pitching drills Sunday, July 9: Military Appreciation Day BBQ Apron

Baseball cards were once the preferred currency of neighborhood kids across the country. Youth baseball Now they just tend to accumulate in random places until you stumble upon them years later and ask yourself, “Why do I still have these Tyler Colvin cards?” Though, if this really is the year the Rockies break through to contention again, it could be a fun collector’s item. How to make curtains in minecraft Saturday, June 17: MLB Play Ball Weekend: Plastic Bat and Ball Set

Passing on the love of baseball to the next generation is literally why the game is still around. Francesca battistelli That’s why putting this promo on Father’s Day Weekend is actually pretty brilliant and makes me want to get out to this game to procure one for my own little player to be named later. Fantasy football 2016 draft strategy Friday, April 21: Earth Day T-Shirt

When I was in grade school I always brought my lunch in a paper bag because I was notorious for losing things everywhere I went; one time I came home from school without shoes, for some reason. How to make curtains without sewing Needless to say, I could never be trusted with something like a cool lunch box. Watch mlb playoffs online free But if we had gotten some at a game for free, I’d like to think my parents would risk it. College softball scores 2016 Sunday, May 14: Mother’s Day Tote Bag (presented by Chick-fil-a)

Unless that bag has a sandwich in it or you forgot to get your mom a gift (which, you’re probably bringing her to this baseball game), why bother? Tuesday, June 6: LED Light Bulb (exit giveaway)

If this game wasn’t against the defending American League champion, it would probably be last. Garden design app free It also gets a bump because I am fascinated by the idea of how an “exit giveaway” would work. Wyevale northampton Can you imagine the dad-jokes if they lose?

Which giveaways are your favorites? Which do you find moderately perplexing? What games are you already planning on going to purely because of the giveaway? Let us know in the comments.