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BLACK FUR DOG WITH GRAY MUZZLE! It doesn’t matter that you live in the country; stay home and poop in your own yard. Arizona softball schedule Stepping in and mowing your poop is no picnic! Tell your owners that you have to obey the by-laws just as much as the dogs in town.

I HAVE NEVER BEEN a very political minded person but after watching the fiasco that passed for an election in the States recently and the psychopath that emerged as the winner I’ve changed my attitude a bit. How to pitch an idea to a company So when a commercial for a Conservative nominee jumped out of my T.V. Passing drills for volleyball at me the other night I took notice. Basketball olympics 2012 The first effect it had on me was to leave a very bad taste in my mouth. Landscaping ideas around patio He calls himself Kevin O’Leary but is plainly another Trump wanna-be hoping the most desperate and gullible Canadians will buy into his act and vote for him. Bwp bats I just want people to take the opportunity, when it comes, to let him know that Canadians want nothing to do with anything that even reminds us of Trump, let alone is riding his slimy political coat tales.

A FIELD of sprouting crocuses to Kathryn and Ken of Smiling Penguin Services! During the long stretch of snow they came, like angels, and shovelled out my side walk and deck, allowing me to get my wheelchair and myself out of the house. Ameristar fence They left without tea nor payment, as they had ‘others to shovel out’. Diy patio furniture They did this twice. Design garden Wow. Front yard landscaping plans Their kindness humbles me.

GRATITUDE to the best masonry contractor! Randy demonstrated a bang-up job! Having been a victim of the record breaking heavy rain during the months of October and November 2016, I was desperate to find a professional masonry contractor to stop rainwater leaks seeping through the masonries under the huge window. Drip coffee vs espresso Randy, who owns and operates the Faust D R Finishing & Stoneworks, assessed the damages. Indoor batting cages When he explained his restoration plans, I was convinced that Randy is committed to demonstrating his professionalism. Landscape design software free online When he removed the defective masonries, the plywood sheeting behind them was completely rotten, and the pink insulation was soaked with rainwater and full of black mold. Facebook logo vector I would like to describe how he restored the damages, because so many homeowners in many communities need to know to avoid rainwater damages in the future. Football games download for android His restoration started with replacing the pink insulation with Roxul insulation, which is water, moisture, and fire resistant. Backyard baseball 2003 He installed new plywood sheeting and covered Tyvek weather shield to help prevent water intrusion and accumulation in the wall. Garden flowers names All around the exterior window, he applied blue skin, which is a self-adhering composite membrane providing a high-performance waterproofing barrier. Landscape forms bike racks He even replaced rotten wood sill of the exterior window with concrete sill. Natural fabrics list He installed not only strip flash where masonries meet Vinyl siding but also Rainscreen which is vital to provide necessary venting and drying potential while controlling rainwater. Stardock fences serial number Finally, he installed cultured masonries, completing the restorations. Landscape photographers Most of all, the cost was not so high but affordable. Baseball teams near me Randy! you set an example of the best masonry contractor. Tee ball Therefore, you deserve to be highly recognized.

A HAPPY BOUQUET of fresh flowers goes to our school bus driving boss. Frances bean cobain singing Thank you for being such a great boss, Dorothy. Garden state parkway exits From, your Courtenay First Student Drivers.

BEEF TO POSTAL SYSTEM. Pitch diameter formula I live in a small seniors’ patio home complex. Fantasy basketball sleepers 2015 Some postal deliveries are too large for our mail boxes. How to build a deck frame Previously we had to pick them up at London Drugs. Slow pitch softball This took 4 or 5 minutes, one traffic light on light traffic. Baseball scores standings Now the pick-up point is Home Hardware, a cross-city drive through 3 traffic lights and two controlled cross-walks, quite often 15-plus minutes. Georgia softball pitcher How much logical thought was needed for this decision?

A HUGE BOUQUET to the lady deli manager from Comox Quality Foods who went above and beyond to make our order right. Facebook app id We ordered from the Courtenay store and tried to pick up the order in Comox. Facebook login welcome This wonderful lady sent us to the coffee shop for a complimentary coffee and muffin while she dashed into the Courtenay store to pick up our order. Fances Thank you for your excellent service.

A GRATEFUL BOUQUET to the good hearted and wise person who left a note on my windshield while I was parked on 6th Street, tipping me off to the fact that my car licence and insurance had expired last month! I carefully drove the couple of blocks to Waypoint and the helpful folks there got my renewal sorted immediately! Thanks for looking out for a fellow community member.

GRATEFUL THANKS to the wonderful staff of the special care ward at Comox Valley Seniors Village. University of arizona softball roster On Christmas Eve of their own accord they planned a small Christmas Eve event in their ward for patients and their close families. Football We enjoyed treats and carols and friendship and acceptance. Watch college baseball online free One of the patients sang “Danny Boy” in a clear voice from his raised cot, unforgettable. Baseball team names We went home with a card signed by our spouse/partner. Cultural landscape It meant so much to all of us!

A GIANT BOUQUET of roses to all of the Echo customers who gave me a gift this Christmas and New Years! Lots of people on Maquinna, Salish and Somenos Streets were so nice and gave gift cards and tips! I want to say thank you so much and have an amazing 2017, I hope to see you a lot throughout it.

COMMENTS MADE in last week’s column about the person at the top of 6th St. Retaining wall design guide East who feeds the crows, pigeons and seagulls daily by throwing dog kibble on her driveway and the sidewalk. Orbit sprinkler timer troubleshooting I now have to walk down the centre of the road instead of the sidewalk because of a disgusting incident where I was hit by bird droppings down my neck and shoulder. Landscaping tools names I’m trying to train my dogs to leave whatever tidbits they find on walks alone. Fantasy baseball mock draft espn It is certainly a challenge when walking by your house. Yankee stadium capacity It’s also dangerous for me to be walking down the centre of the street, dogs in hand, with dozens of birds flocking distracting them and cars, driving where they should be, only to meet me and others in the middle to the street dodging the bird droppings. Spring training locations Calls to the City don’t result in anything, so I ask you, please, stop feeding the birds. Sprinkler supply company Birds are not meant to eat dog kibble. Hit by pitch You are preventing them from learning how to fend for themselves. Pitched roof types I ask you to do a little research and maybe you’ll come to the conclusion that you’re doing more harm to the birds than good, as well as pissing off your neighbours who now also have rats to deal with.

ANOTHER BOIL WATER order from Perseverance Creek clay washed into Comox Lake. Softball nz Where are the torches and pitchforks for the folks in head office who have done nothing since the problem was identified? Do we really need “transmission lines” and $106 million to address such a fundamental issue? Thankfully it is raining/melting and the BC Hydro winter drought is over in Comox lake watershed. Garden spider pictures Boiling water is a minor inconvenience compared to the $106 million bill for doing nothing.This too will land on lower income folks

A BIG BOUQUET to whoever it was who came over with his big white Bob Cat tractor and front end snow blade about 9:30 Sunday night (January 8th) and cleared out our driveway and parking area. Yankee stadium tours It’s a lot of ground to clear by shovel, so this was very much appreciated. Rules of softball Apologies for the delay in the bouquet; I sent this in two weeks ago but somehow it never got published.

TO THE COMMENTERS that assume the dog owner has a sense of entitlement I wish to give further information. Garden of the gods hiking Contrary to belief I am very aware of where I should take my dog and where I should not. Basketball wives season 5 episode 4 If a store sells food obviously I would not take my dog in. Cbs sports fantasy football today If a store has a no dogs allowed sign I would not take my dog in. Diy backyard landscaping ideas If I enter a store that does not fall into those 2 categories and their policy is to not allow dogs tell me when I enter the store. Little league baseball rules Do not allow me to peruse your goods and then yell at me when I am paying for my purchases. Backyard landscaping How is someone to know a store’s policies if they do not state them? Communication is extremely important and poor communication skills were displayed when the fellow decided to yell instead of speaking respectfully to me. Lattice degeneration treatment And to the third commentator who addressed their comment “to the lady” – what makes you think this was written by a female. Garden of words review Were you there? A little sexist don’t you think.

ISN’T POLITICS WONDERFUL. Bat ball games We’ve got a provincial government that all of the sudden on election year has an overflow of money to help out organizations. Football games this weekend Come on BC clue in. Facebook stock That just shows how bad they’ve been giving it to us for the last 5 years. How to design a garden layout Then you have everyone complaining about Trump. Realtime landscaping plus Hey the Americans voted him in, let them deal with it. Football games online play We’ve got a kid in as prime minister who doesn’t have a clue about politics or how to run a country. Facebook logo [Too busy thinking he’s a rockstar]. Yard design We have the most resource rich country in the world and it’s being given away.What’s being done for the natives, nurses, health care, the loggers, fishermen,miners, elderly, disabled and so on. Landscape garden design ideas Nothing…guess the only thing worse could be Kim Jong-Un.

A BEEF and a request to whoever is feeding unshelled peanuts to the birds in the Lancaster Heights area. Fastest pitch It is very nice of you to think of the birds in winter, but please refrain from putting out those peanuts. Stone fence minecraft Twice this week I have had to climb up a ladder at no little effort to unplug the downspouts of my gutters because of the shells blocking the opening. Garden design planner Also, my patio and that of my neighbour are littered with the shells. House design pictures exterior The crows pick up your generous offerings but don’t eat them in your yard. Garden spider size They fly to the nearby rooftops and eat the inside, leaving the shells to roll down into the gutters or off the roof to the patios. Rawlings outlet Not to mention that rats love peanuts too!! A little consideration would be appreciated.

THE STUDENTS and parents of Royston Elementary would like to extend our appreciation to the following local businesses and entrepreneurs who generously donated to our silent auction fundraiser: Healing Bliss, Van Isle Vet, Hornby Island Soap, Deanna Papineau Aromatherapy, Royston Roasting Co, Edible Island, Bryan Hill Yoga, Oh Spa, Horne Lake Caves, Callula Jewels , Cumberland Brewery, Quality Foods, Midland Tools, Tree Island Yogurt, Roys Towne Pub, Cumberland Fly Shop, Rusty Rooster, Cumberland Recreation Institute, Hands By The Sea Massage, Crown Isle, Boston Pizza, Kal Tire, Pam Jackson (hand painted signs), Kim Thomas (dream catchers) and Carol Baker (hand made blanket)

BEEF to the businesses who leave their logo-ed vehicles on the regional district roadways for weeks or months (which is legal) for advertising purposes…did you consider our road crews working around our vehicles or your sense of respecting this beautiful community in which we live instead of creating eye-sores with your abandoned vehicles? Just because you can, does not mean you should.