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Three of four options proposed for grizzly bear recovery in the North Cascades call for bringing in bears from elsewhere in order to boost the local population to 200.

Under two of the proposals, it would take the better part of a century to reach that mark. Cobblestone One would have it done in about 25 years. Gardenia jasminoides The fourth option would not bring new bears and instead would focus on improving conditions for any still around.

There have been four confirmed reports of grizzlies in the North Cascades over the past decade, and it may have been the same two bears.

Small garden ideas pinterest There is not enough evidence to say there is a population. Arizona spring training 2016 That would require at least two adult females with cubs or one with multiple litters.

For decades, grizzly bear restoration has been planned in parts of North America. Basketball olympics 2016 That includes the North Cascades ecosystem, which spans 9,800 square miles in Washington and 3,800 in British Columbia. Washington softball roster The U.S. Orbit irrigation products inc side is mostly public land and covers much of the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

The National Park and U.S. Wadding definition Fish and Wildlife services released a draft of the North Cascades Ecosystem Grizzly Bear Restoration Plan and Environmental Impact Statement on Jan. Fire sprinkler system design software free download 12. Funny slow pitch softball team names Written comments are accepted until March 14. Small garden design pictures gallery Eight public meetings are planned, including one at 6 p.m. Softball world series 2015 Feb. Garden projects 22 at the Darrington Community Center and another at 6 p.m. How to make curtains longer Feb. Reliable fence 23 at Sultan High School.

Grizzly bears once roamed much of North America and were an important part of the ecosystem until they were hunted nearly to extinction in the 1800s, said Denise Shultz, chief of interpretation and education for the North Cascades National Park Service Complex. Wyevale ontario The grizzly was listed as a threatened species in 1975 and Washington listed it as endangered in 1980. Espn fantasy football app draft By then, researchers estimated grizzlies had disappeared from 98 percent of their former territory. How to build a deck step by step A national recovery plan was adopted in 1982 and a North Cascades chapter added in 1997.

One of the alternatives, or some combination, from the recently released draft plan is expected to become the road map for long-term grizzly recovery in the area, Shultz said.

One option focuses on current efforts to reduce human waste or garbage in the backcountry, crack down on poaching, limit motorized access to remote areas, and research and teach people about grizzlies. Softball pitching drills However, no bears would be brought in from out of state.

The first suggests bringing up to 10 grizzlies from Montana or British Columbia and releasing them in a remote location over the course of two summers. River rock landscaping ideas They would be monitored for two years before officials decide whether to bring in more bears.

The final possibility calls for releasing five to seven bears each year, at different locations, until the goal of 200 is reached through releases and births. College softball games It would take an estimated 25 years and may require relocating up to 168 bears during that time.

Capturing and releasing them could result in the deaths of some bears. Basketball teams near me The relocation of grizzlies also would affect other wildlife because of helicopter traffic during the relocation and predation or competition for resources.

People are divided on whether grizzlies should be reintroduced. Garden design pictures Proponents see an opportunity to save an important species from local extinction. Garden of eden song Opponents note that bears could be a threat to people, livestock and other animals.

Darrington bumps up against the area where grizzlies would be reintroduced, and the resource advocates say it could bring restrictions that would hamper efforts to enhance the economy.

“I wouldn’t want to meet one on a trail, but I’m not afraid of the bears,” Ashe said. Football field width “I’m afraid of the baggage that comes with the reintroduction of an endangered species.”

Officials are trying to resurrect a logging industry that floundered due to tightened timber regulations. Fantasy baseball mock draft If a grizzly wanders into a logging area, he fears it would delay or cancel that harvest.

Bears would be released in areas where logging typically isn’t done, Shultz said. Fastpitch softball tournaments There’s a chance that adding grizzlies would help the outdoor recreation industry as people come to see the bears, she said. Sprinkler irrigation For those who already spend time in the backcountry, precautions for grizzlies are similar to those for black bears.

Dortch isn’t convinced the draft plan makes a compelling case for bringing in bears. Basketball wives season 5 episode 7 Most of the North Cascades grizzly population historically appears to have been to the north and east of areas where officials are looking to reintroduce them in Washington, he said. Drippers vs tanks He thinks federal agencies should direct resources toward viable populations elsewhere in the country rather than bringing grizzlies to the U.S. Pinch hitter 2 side of the North Cascades.

Ashe and Dortch worry about the impact the bears could have on other wildlife, particularly salmon. Fantasy basketball yahoo Ashe also is concerned that bears could roam close to humans. Garden of eden There are schools in Montana where fences have been put up to protect students from wandering grizzlies.

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife also could not help relocate bears. Sales pitch email Washington law prohibits state agencies from bringing in out-of-state bears, though federal agencies can do so on federal land.

Both types of bear are omnivores, meaning they eat plants and meat, and can be aggressive if they or their cubs are threatened. Basketball rio 2016 The bears live 15 to 20 years in the wild and females are smaller and roam less than males.

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