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In my 20s, my partner and I travelled a lot whenever we could, as cheaply as possible, in Italy and southern France to the point where we knew their medieval abbeys, villages and towns — from Najac to Todi, from Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert to Monte Oliveto Maggiore — better than we knew Britain itself.

But for the past 20 years, I have been on a mono-holiday: not merely the same holiday, over and over again, but just the one holiday really, interrupted by the rest of my life. Natural stone resources And it has been complete happiness to me.

I believe we have a choice: to immerse ourselves as deeply as possible into one place we love and experience it as fully through time, such time as we are granted, as we can — or to skim the world.

I bought a white-stone farmhouse facing south in an empty valley in the Quercy Blanc region of south-west France, not really knowing much about it at the time — except that the landscape reminded me of Umbria.

I remember learning with amazement about the ruins of a Romanesque chapel hidden in woods in the valley below. Drip drop ice cream Gradually, I understood that the house, with its barns, sheds, pigeonnier and well, was the remains of what was once an entire hamlet. Baseball stores I found stone floors under grass where there were no longer buildings.

I didn’t know much about the wildlife there, barely able to recognise a lime or ash tree, let alone comprehend what it meant for the plant life, nor that the whole hillside was sun-baked, fast-draining limestone. Gardens illustrated Slowly, I learned by keeping a garden journal.

Over time, I also began to grasp that there was little I could do to rival the beauty of nature there. Garden design In spring, wild orchids bloom in crazy abundance right around the house and all over the hillside behind — a dozen different species, some very rare, within metres or a few minutes from the front door. Baseball drills for 7 year olds Short of operating on the scale of William Kent or Capability Brown, there is no effect in gardening as beautiful as sitting, as the sun sets, amid the angel-hair grass that in early summer adorns the hill behind the house.

Time has revealed much else. Facebook app wont load There are extraordinary insects: praying mantises, hummingbird hawk-moths, swallowtail butterflies, crickets and grasshoppers. Landscape design ideas for front yard There are boar, deer, badgers, hares and dormice. Masonry store near me The night air is full of bats and the hoots and peeps of different owls. Landscape design pictures In May, nightingales sing; in high summer, the night jar brrrs. Small front garden ideas no grass All day, buzzards, turning circles above the valley, mew, occasionally sparring with the crows.

The sun rises red on the eastern horizon, sets pinkly in the west. Landscape images free download The light here is different. Garden of eden kansas And there is silence, except for the soughing of trees or the trickling of the brook far below. Football games online multiplayer The mental relaxation of this makes you realise how much of your nervous energy normally goes into resisting noise.

Likewise, there is no pollution, so you can smell honeysuckle and jasmine from a distance, or on the other hand, that a car has passed leaving its fumes on the road some minutes ago. Fencing rio 2016 And at night there is little light pollution either: the sky sings with stars.

The hammock that goes between old limes here is the place of deepest peace I know: where I go to in my mind when needing to be elsewhere. Cheap bats com I have always found myself at least a third happier here — like taking a drug, a proper high. Basketball wives la season 5 episode 5 Of course, there are plenty more obvious advantages to being able to go back to your own same place: having good beds and nice linen, the furniture and the kitchen equipment you like, the books and music you want.

It’s easy to eat well here through the markets and shops; the nearest village is a hilltop bastide founded in the 12th century and among the ‘plus beaux villages de France’. Basketball rio 2016 tv If you want tourist attractions, there are plenty: taking a drink in front of the great tympanum of Moissac, kayaking on the Lot or Célé rivers, visiting the greatest of the painted caves still open, Pech Merle…

But I am content never leaving: just sinking gratefully ever deeper into the place, over the years. Softball games Tending it. Francescas Knowing every stone. High pitch sound test Watching the trees grow. Minecraft fence designs That to me is more luxurious than any resort.

So I go every month for as long as I can, as well as for proper holidays — always, after all this time, arriving excited, leaving invariably tearful. Special olympics basketball schedule Does it not get boring? Not for me. Pitch in spanish Boring is being in those meaningless cities of North America; boring are the long-haul locations whose names gap-year travellers can’t quite remember; boring are the luxury hotels where every little service costs a fortune. Basketball teams in new york I just want to go back. Retaining wall design software And back.

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