Del rio was once a multi-sport wunderkind

Del Rio remembers, it, too. Usfa softball texas He said it came off an in-bounds play in the corner with only a few ticks left on the clock. Alabama softball camp “It was one of those 3 … Wyevale bicester 2 … Softball pitching quotes 1 turnaround shots that you might practice all your life. Fantasy football rankings defense That was a big moment for us,” he said.

Kendall knew he’d be a coach when… Asphalt 7 apk free download for android >> “He was a leader on the floor for us. Fenc It was like having another coach.

High pitch sound in ear During pregame warmups — and he was never told to do this! — he’d be out there schmoozing the officials.”

Del Rio on Kendall >> “He set a great example as a quality human being. Baseball field clip art He had a terrific wife and family. Flood irrigation He had us over and really made an impression on us about just being a person of character. How to install a fence … Lanscape And he did a great job with the basketball team, giving us the freedom to do our thing while having discipline.”

Del Rio was a terrific defensive catcher with a power bat. Sprinkler world colorado springs One day Bisenius made a subtle suggestion to Del Rio about using his forearms to generate more bat speed. Lattice energy equation The next day, the catcher hit two home runs, each an estimated 375 feet.

Del Rio split time behind the plate over his high school career with his teammate and best friend, Don Wakamatsu, who really did go on to play in the big leagues (and later became a manager and coach).

Del Rio didn’t mind playing other positions. Dot furniture Once, with injuries to the pitching staff mounting at playoff time, Bisenius approached Del Rio before a game and put a ball in his hand. Francesca battistelli songs list “I’m going to pitch?” Del Rio said, quizzically.

The Blue Jays drafted Del Rio in the 22nd round in 1981, but the catcher was on his way to USC, where his baseball teammates included Randy Johnson and Mark McGwire.

Legendary feat >> While in college, Del Rio faced Los Angeles Dodgers star Fernando Valenzuela in an exhibition game on Feb. Pitch definition 12, 1984. Softball rules and regulations Del Rio delivered an RBI single in the first inning to propel USC to a 4-0 victory at Dodger Stadium.

Bisenius knew he’d be a coach when… How to pitch a reality show >> “I let him make the calls. Chicago cubs spring training 2016 He was the captain at that position. High pitched voice All of his teammates had so much respect for him. Board on board fence And the pitchers were that much better because they knew the receiver was one of the best in business.”

Del Rio on Bisenius >> “He was a coach that really stressed fundamentals. Softball chants And he always had some life lessons he tried to instill in us. Frances bavier images He was a guy that continues to compete to this day — still playing on a baseball team, still playing basketball. Landscaping with rocks He’s an amazing guy.”

“By nasty, I don’t mean Jack goes around hitting old ladies or throwing rocks at dogs. Pro landscape supply He’s just tough and aggressive,” said Clark, who now lives in North Carolina and will be unable to attend. Frances bean cobain “He comes by it naturally: The whole Del Rio family is known around Hayward for its combativeness.”

Rankin, who will be honored Friday, has been dropping in on practices since Del Rio’s days with the Jacksonville Jaguars (2003-11). Baseball field vector With each visit, he notices the coach’s remarkable patience.

“I’ve seen him walk all the way across the field — 150 yards from one drill to another drill — just to say something to a player because of something he happened to see from where he was,” Rankin said. Football games on now “Then he’ll turn right around and go back to where he was.

“He’s able to communicate his message in just a nice, calm, understanding way. Spring training arizona schedule I don’t think I’ve ever heard him holler at a kid, and I’ve watched him at a lot of practices.”

Del Rio didn’t need a whole lot of guidance during his Hayward High days. Softball tryouts near me The 225-pound menace had a preternatural understanding for where to go and what to do when he got there. Facebook search people As a senior, Parade Magazine named Del Rio the best high school linebacker in the United States.

Fabulous feat >> An old Oakland Tribune story about Del Rio’s football stardom opened with: “He has the face of Robert Redford, the body of Paul Bunyan, the athletic ability of John Henry Johnson and the explosiveness of Mt. Softball cheers St. Landscape pictures Helens.”

Rankin knew he’d be a coach when… Dripping springs texas hotels >> “I appointed him as a defensive captain as a sophomore. Little league pitch count chart He had that early on. Drip from my walk lyrics He was just one of those kids that everyone matriculated toward and kind of looked to for leadership. Dripping springs high school football ‘What’s Jack going to do? … Home design ideas pictures OK, I’ll do that, too.’”

Del Rio on Rankin >> “Coach Rankin was a disciplinarian. Baseball online free He was a serious, serious guy. Basketball games He also did a good job of kind of painting the picture of what I could be if I got my ducks in a row — if I took care of my grades and continued to work hard and developed physically. Fantasy basketball draft simulator He wanted me to understand there was a future for me beyond high school sports, going to college and beyond.”

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