Despite floods, california extends drought regulations — water deeply

As many Californians pile sandbags around their properties and keep canoes and kayaks ready for the next flood, the mountains continue to accumulate snow and reservoirs are filling quickly. College softball scores 2016 Certainly California has not been so wet in years. Garden design app free Late in January, in fact, the state declared widespread flood emergencies.

But only two weeks later, the State Water Resources Control Board officially decided at a meeting in Sacramento to extend existing conservation regulations.

Wyevale northampton Water agencies are irritated by the decision, which was approved by the board through a vote on Wednesday afternoon. Cobblestone apartments The ruling doesn’t impose any limits on how much water these agencies may sell. City landscape In fact, it doesn’t do much, other than continue to prohibit egregious wastes of water, such as irrigating a lawn immediately after rain. Fences lyrics phoenix It also requires that water agencies submit monthly reports of their customers’ water consumption ­– a rule that has been in place since May 2015.

However, water agencies are concerned that extending the emergency drought regulations could deliver a mixed message that will confuse the public. Elevator pitch tips This, many agency directors warn, could undermine Californians’ confidence in how the government assesses and manages water supplies and, they argue, could also stifle efforts to instill water-efficient habits in the state’s populace.

“For the state to continually call this a long-term drought is like crying wolf when there is no wolf,” Andy Fecko, director of resource management at the Placer County Water Agency, told Water Deeply in an interview several days before Wednesday’s vote. Stardock fences free “It erodes confidence in the government.”

New Bullards Bar Reservoir in Yuba County releases water into the Yuba River during the atmospheric river event across Northern California Jan. Landscape photography techniques 9, 2017. Garden ideas pinterest Despite a wet winter, California’s water board voted Feb. Elevator pitch video 8, 2017, to extend conservation regulations. Hardscaping definition (Kelly M. College softball field dimensions Grow/California Department of Water Resources)

Two years ago, when the state mandated that Californians reduce consumption by 25 percent, customers listened. Fantasy football team names for girls That’s because it was so apparent to the general public that the state, fresh out of the driest winter in California’s recorded history, was experiencing a real and extreme drought.

Like Fecko, Woodling hopes to see Californians adopt a long-term habit of using less water. Garden centre vouchers He is concerned that Wednesday’s decision endangers the credibility of state officials and local agencies. Facebook search by phone number In turn, he warns, it could negatively affect how the general public reacts to future water conservation advisories.

He says the Sacramento region has very carefully managed its water supply, even increasing its groundwater reserves, through the drought. How to install a fence gate Other communities around the state, by contrast, sit above severely depleted groundwater basins. Just bats com Still, Woodling insists, this doesn’t mean California is necessarily battling a drought.

“Groundwater overdraft is a long-term supply issue and not evidence of a drought,” he said. Fastpitch softball “The state needs to identify these problem areas and individually try and help them.”

But abrupt gushes of rainfall like we’re seeing now – even if they persist for an entire winter – don’t necessarily mean an end to a drought. Ncaa basketball final scores history Nancy Vogel, the deputy secretary for communications with the California Natural Resources Agency, points out that eight of the past 10 years have been dry in California. Fantasy football week 5 One year was “average,” she says, and the one that qualified as “wet” – 2011 ­– immediately preceded the driest dry spell in the state’s history.

“I understand the danger of calling this a permanent drought when people’s yards are flooded and there’s 20ft [6m] of snow,” says Peter Gleick, chief scientist at the Pacific Institute.

That, he says, is because the term “drought” doesn’t do justice to the complexity of California’s water woes. Fantasy sports trade association It’s too simple a concept to be brushed over California’s very complex hydrologic circumstances. Retaining wall design example “Drought” tends to be applied as a binary classification that is either on or off. Garden design pictures for small gardens However, the word fails to convey important nuances about California’s water supplies – such as longstanding groundwater deficits and the key distinction between precipitation that falls as rain and that which accumulates as snowpack.

“Asking if the drought is over or not – that’s the wrong question to ask,” Gleick says. Softball fans forum “When someone asks that, what is it they really want to know? It might be a farmer wondering if they will get water this year. Frances bavier husband It could be a salmon fisherman wondering if there is going to be a fishing season. Fantasy baseball team names It could also be a homeowner wanting to know if they can water their lawn again and wash their car.”

Gleick notes that “it will never be okay again to water your lawn in a way that water runs down the sidewalk.” Indeed, just about everyone who studies water in the West agrees that efficiency of use must become rooted in the Californian lifestyle. Yankee stadium An analysis several years ago by the University of California, Davis, revealed how state and federal water agencies have allocated to various user groups five times as much water as the state actually has available – part of the circumstances creating what many frustrated users have termed the state’s permanent “regulatory drought.”

Fecko hopes Californians will become conditioned to conserving water during truly dry times and in wetter periods using water efficiently but without reducing economic productivity. Bradstone He believes water managers at the state level must try and clarify this distinction between wise use and reduced use. Off the pitch Now, he says, is the time to lift the drought declaration while continuing to encourage smart use of water.

After all, even if California enters a wet period of several years, its water supply will remain precarious. Usa softball pitcher Gleick disagrees with the general way in which the D-word is so often used, but he recognizes its value as a communication tool.

“Water managers are trying to be cautious because they don’t want people to go back to doing things the old, wasteful way,” he says. Usssa baseball teams “Even in a wet year in California, there isn’t enough water available for everyone to do everything they want.” About the Author

Lots of rain and snow have pulled most of California out of drought conditions, but a small area near Santa Barbara is still experiencing severe drought and communities are adopting different strategies to tackle water security.

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