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The neighborly friendship comes easy. Pitch diameter chart There are no big political, cultural, or language differences, and, like the girl next door who will never be the “hot” girl you ask to the big dance, the Canadians have always seemed “cool” with the fact that most Americans have always chosen to vacation across the pond rather than across their border for fun.

Yet, in 2017, I must tell you, there seems to be a new dynamic at work! Perhaps the mindset is that too much has changed or happened in Europe, and some of the old neighborhoods are changing, but, at Monroe Travel Service, we have definitely seen the shift. Facebook search Vacation packages to Canada are definitely stealing the travel spotlight.

Maybe this surge in interest for travel to Canada has something to do with the festivities and events around their big 150th birthday celebration, the offer of free admission to all their national parks, the strength of the US dollar, the perceived safety angle, or the simple convenience of air travel, but who cares? She sits in America’s front yard, and her beauty is boundless, so I would suggest it’s time we talk about next door neighbors.

To get into this beautiful country that is so well endowed with mountains, glaciers, hidden lakes and forests, as well as beautiful, clean, and safe cosmopolitan cities, you need only a passport and no felony on your record. Ancestry reviews Even a DUI misdemeanor can prevent entry into Canada, and exceptions have been granted, but you must know the rules to make that happen! Once you clear customs, there is no limit where your journey can take you because this is a land that literally has something for everyone to love. Garden inspiration Canada doesn’t disappoint!

Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver ae probably it’s best known cities, but there are many others that highlight the different aspects of the country’s geography and culture. Youth basketball teams near me Quebec City is a perfect example. Facebook live shooting This stunning city, settled by the French in the 1600’s, has an amazing Old Europe vibe to it. El patio miami Although Canada is officially bilingual, you will almost most certainly enjoy hearing French spoken here. Wild pitch This stunning city, with its primo location on the St. Garden layout app Lawrence River, is the perfect gateway to other fun destinations like Montreal, Toronto, and even Niagara Falls, which are only a short train ride away.

Yet, if you are looking for a friendly, down-to-earth style of vacation, which is more affordable than the sophisticated cities above, then, maybe head east from Quebec City to the beauty and charm of the Maritimes. Irrigation supply store Start in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and just go exploring charming little coastal fishing villages, each complete with their own personality.

This is A nne of Green Gables country so expect pastoral beauty, sandy beaches, rocky coves, remote lighthouses, and loads of history! I would imagine Prince Edward Island, considered the birthplace of their confederation, will be hosting some very special 150th birthday celebrations. Landscape photography tips Get on board one of our escorted tours and enjoy a taste of history and the fine seafood in Canada’s Maritime.

Honestly, very few countries have the number and wide range of natural wonders that our neighbors to the north have! Not only does Canada enjoy more coastline than any other country, they are also home to the spectacular Canadian Rockies. Facebook mobile login page p Calgary, Alberta, is the gateway to all that beauty that includes such stunning destination stops as Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper. Garden of words manga You just have to see it to believe it, so I won’t even waste my words here, except to say the expression “great outdoors” definitely applies here!

Calgary, like Toronto and Vancouver, has been voted one of the top 10 best cities in the world to live, but its claim to fame is the Stampede. Mountain landscape This internationally acclaimed rodeo is much more than just about cowboy skills, it is one of the best entertainment shows ever, and it happens every July. Francesca battistelli write your story Why not think about combing a rodeo date with a stay in the Canadian Rockies for a wild ride to remember?

Canada may be the second largest country in the world, but its population is relatively small. How to pitch a slider Would you believe the U.S. Daily fantasy baseball has about nine times the number of people that Canada does, so, folks, when I talk about the great outdoors and there’s a lot of it you need to realize much of it is uninhabited. Even heavily visited tourist destinations like Banff and Lake Louise are relatively small and lack an abundance of choice facilities, which is why you need to call Monroe Travel Service and let us set up your visit soon while availability is good.

Like me, I bet every traveler has an all-time memory where they run to in their head when they want a quick mental escape. Beach landscape My moment shows me our daughter Robyn grinning from ear to ear as she stands amidst a field of golden tulips at Butchart Gardens in Victoria. Facebook desktop site She was just a toddler, but we had such a good day there that I always smile when I remember it. Softball logos As a travel agent, I always encourage my clients to consider at least a day trip to Victoria Island, especially if they are leaving from Vancouver on an Alaskan cruise. Garden bed ideas for front of house It is amazing!

In addition to a Victoria Island day-trip from Vancouver, Rob and I would also recommend the SEA to SKY rail journey from Vancouver to the really cool ski village of Whistler. Fencing classes This train trip was much more than getting from point A to B. Pinch hitter 3 unblocked Rather, it gave us the chance to relax, sit back, and enjoy some of Canada’s most breathtaking scenery, and, since we were traveling at about 30 mph, it was easy to do. Pictures of decks If you would enjoy a cool mountain escape this summer, Whistler is a great place to dine, play, and relax.

Of course, Vancouver is always considered Canada’s Top Destination city so a vacation to western Canada must include several days here to enjoy all that this beautiful city by the ocean has to offer. What does pitch mean in science With its excellent access to outdoor adventures whether in the mountains or by sea and all the trappings of a laid-back world class city, it is easy to understand why Vancouver was chosen as the best place to live in North America and #5 in the world.

It would be a shame to miss out on everything this fun city has to offer. Arizona spring training Vancouver is one of the very few places in the world where it is possible to ski in the morning, sail in the afternoon, sip wine from a local vineyard, and indulge on the ocean’s best for dinner!

And, there’s much more! In Canada, you can go to Yellowknife and see the Northern Lights from mid-August to April, in the spring, you can see the world’s longest grey whale migration off Vancouver Island, you can paddle around icebergs in Newfoundland, you can sleep in an ice hotel in Quebec, you can see what the tide leaves behind after 100 billion tons of seawater flows in and out of the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia, Jurassic Park lovers can visit a dinosaur park in Saskatchewan, you can walk on a glacier near Banff, or you can go snorkel with the beluga whale in Manitoba.

With so much to offer, now do you see why Canada is stealing the travel spotlight this year? Our neighbors to the north have rolled out the red carpet for their birthday celebration and offering early booking specials to make sure you get to the party. Ultimate college softball For example, the world famous Rocky Mountaineer Train is giving up to $600 in travel credits for hotel, dining, and sightseeing tours to get you on board their great train adventure.

Trust me, Canada is a cool place. Small house design ideas interior Deciding where you wish to play and stay is the hard part, but, lucky for you, that’s why you have a travel agent. Outdoor research military We’ve been there, done that, and we’d love to send you away. Michigan softball roster Call soon, because it would be a real shame to miss your neighbor’s birthday party!

Dianne Newcomer is a travel agent at Monroe Travel Service, 1908 Glenmar in Monroe. Baseball diamond layout Please contact her for all your travel needs at 318 323 3465 or email info@monroetravel.com for a free brochure on cruises, train trips, and tours in Canada.

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