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After she won Britain’s equivalent of the Oscar (for most promising newcomer) for “A Way of Life,” her 2004 debut feature as a writer-director, the offers poured in. Lattice semiconductor news But the London-born actress-turned-filmmaker wanted to tackle something completely different from that gritty, contemporary kitchen-sink drama, which is set in Wales. Softball bat reviews 2016 Finally, in 2013, came “Belle,” a fact-based period romance about the relationship between a mixed-race woman (played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and a white Englishman (Sam Reid), set against the backdrop of the 18th-century slave trade.

Asante’s latest film, “A United Kingdom,” plies a similar theme.

France flag coloring page It’s the true story of Seretse Khama (played by David Oyelowo) – the first prime minister of Botswana and a man of royal birth – and his controversial 1948 marriage to a white English commoner, Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike). Backyard landscaping ideas Asante’s next project, due out in 2018, is “Where Hands Touch,” a World War II-era love story about a mixed-race German teenager (Amandla Stenberg) and the boy she loves, a member of the Hitler Youth (George McKay).

Until a few years ago, the 47-year-old director lived in The Hague with her Danish-born husband. Mlb scores red sox But she has been so busy lately, jumping from locations in London to Botswana to Belgium, that she has, as she jokingly put it during a recent visit to Washington, D.C., “no fixed abode.” Asante sat down long enough to talk about her work’s central themes – identity, love and globalism – and the legacy of her immigrant parents.

A: Movies are like children. Fantasy football 2016 cheat sheet It’s like asking a parent, “Who’s your favorite child?” What I can say about “Where Hands Touch” is that I’ve been desperate to tell this story, for many reasons. Cbs sports fantasy football mock draft It explores things that concern me about today, in a way that allows an audience to feel safe, because it distances them from today. Ewing irrigation products They’re seeing a world they recognize, but through a gaze they haven’t quite seen it through before. Jain irrigation systems ltd contact details This is what I’d like to do with all my movies: to make a huge comment on today.

A: I think we should add “for white people,” as well. French flag icon When I made “A Way of Life,” I was in my early 30s. Fantasy football 2016 rankings ppr People said, “This movie appears to be about race, but it’s about a bunch of racist white kids in Wales.” It had no people of color in it, except for the Turkish neighbor, who looks like them, but with a slight tan. Fantasy basketball That movie was about a type of person who, in a community where employment was nonexistent, felt that their frustrations were not being heard. Landscape supply stores near me When you disallow elements of the community to not have a voice, they will take it out on the person who has the slightest difference from them, let alone the person who has the most extreme difference, as I do, with certain white people.

A: Well, we have Brexit. Landscape materials As someone born and raised in England, my whole experience has been one of a country that was strengthening its position and identity within Europe. Garden design software free That became a part of my identity. Football schedule 2016 With every move toward strengthening that, my life got tangibly better. Isa softball But what feels like progress for me – and I understand that not everybody saw that as progress – has kind of been un-picked, and it feels like we’re going backwards. Irrigation direct canada Someone once told me that what we think as a steady, uphill sense of progress is actually more like a coil: You have to go down before you can come up. Landscape plan Perhaps that’s where we are. Jain irrigation systems limited Who knows where it will lead? I’m an eternal optimist.

A: The question I always ask is, “Who defines you?” Depending on who you allow to define your identity, that person has the power of your happiness, of your personal sense of success, in their hands. Little league pitching rules 2016 If you’ve constantly been told you are not worthy – whether you’re black, white, female, gay, straight, whatever your religion – if you’re constantly being told you are not relevant, for some of us it’s very difficult to find the strength to get on our feet and contribute positively. Types of irrigation By holding others back, we only damage ourselves.

A: Right. Little league pitch count sheet When you talk about diversity in filmmaking, it has never been about reducing the number of films made by white straight men of a certain age. Landscaping tips It’s not a race to the bottom.

Q: You’ve known David Oyelowo since he was cast in “Brothers and Sisters,” the 1998 British TV series you wrote. Garden flowers images As a producer on “Kingdom,” did he ask you to direct it?

A: Yes. Backyard baseball field There I was, in The Hague, and the phone was ringing incessantly. Nelson irrigation “Whoever you are,” I thought, “Give me a day off.” It was David, calling from Africa, where he was making “Queen of Katwe.” “I want to talk to you about a book I’ve read, by Susan Williams, called “Colour Bar,” about Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams,” he said. Hanover pavers “Do you know them?” I was like, “No, David, I haven’t heard of them. Bluestone natural resources Who are these people?” He had done “Selma,” I had finished “Belle,” and Rosamund Pike had done “Gone Girl.”

A: To some extent, yeah, and all Brits. Fantasy basketball rankings 2015 16 What embarrassed me about not knowing anything about Khama is that I am the child of immigrants who moved from Ghana, the first African country to gain independence. Landscape images My dad stood in Independence Square (in Accra) and waved that first flag of Ghana. Timber merchants london He listened to [the first Ghanian prime minister and president] Kwame Nkrumah’s speeches. Softball pitching distance I was raised reciting those speeches. Trellis spa My father was no longer alive for me to set him down and say, “Dad, how did I miss this one?” (Screenwriter) Guy Hibbert had done an amazing job on the screenplay, but we continued to work on it to bring certain things out.

A: I wanted to hear from the African women, to learn their politics with a small P. Small house interior design ideas philippines I wanted Seretse to have an inner arc that was about democracy. Definition of pitcher I wanted to bring in an international context so that we understand that America is in the midst of its Jim Crow laws as this is happening. Jain irrigation I am the child of Kwane Asante. Florida softball camp He would be turning in his grave if I didn’t.

A: When you are the child of immigrants, particularly the first generation, your world is politicized so early. Facebook stock symbol I understood very early, as a small child, how race and class intersected. Rattan creek park Some of the negative things we experienced probably had as much to do with the fact that my parents had ambition as it did with the color of their skin. Small house interior design philippines They didn’t really see a ceiling for themselves.

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