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Donald Trump is a big fan of the phones in the White House. Landscaping ideas around pool “These are the most beautiful phones I’ve ever used in my life,” he told the New York Times in an interview this week. Spring training florida map It’s not their aesthetics he’s drawn to, but the security built into the system that ensures no one is tapping his calls.

Unfortunately the president’s love for security doesn’t seem to extend to his smartphone, revealed in the same interview to be an “old, unsecured Android phone”, which he carries around the White House “to the protests of some of his aides”. How to pitch an idea This contradicts previous reports suggesting Trump traded his handset for a “secure, encrypted device approved by the Secret Service”.

Android Central analyzed images of Trump using his phone and suggested he likely owns a Samsung Galaxy S3 [model pictured above], first released in 2012 — a phone so old that it would no longer receive any new security updates or major software releases.

Perhaps the greatest risk, as highlighted by security expert Bruce Schneier, is possibility that the phone could be hacked and turned into an eavesdropping device, listening in on classified conversations.

In order to turn Trump’s phone into a bug, a malicious hacker could use a phishing attack by sending a link or attachment from a seemingly trusted source — in an email or even a tweet. Cbssports fantasy football If Trump were to click on the link or attachment, his phone could become infected with malware that could record what he types, spy on the network the phone is connected to, track his location and start listening to his conversations via the microphone.

“If I was a nation-state actor I would send an inflammatory message on Twitter that contained a link to a page he might click on, and visiting that page would open some sort of exploit that took over the phone and installed the listening software that allowed me to control it,” said Mike Murray, vice-president of security research at mobile security company Lookout. Tennessee softball “That’s how nation-state actors have worked in the past.

President Obama used a Blackberry when he first came to office, which was later replaced by a smartphone — the make of which he didn’t reveal. Spring training Both devices were completely locked down by the Secret Service, with any apps that could pose a security risk removed.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Obama said that when he was given the device he was told “this is a great phone, state of the art, but it doesn’t take pictures, you can’t text, the phone doesn’t work, you can’t play your music on it.

It’s not just Trump’s device that poses a security risk. Garden planner download Earlier this week, a hacker exposed potential vulnerabilities in the official Twitter accounts used by the president (@POTUS), vice-president (@VP) and first lady (@FLOTUS).

The hacker, known by his online name WauchulaGhost, said on Twitter that these accounts were more vulnerable because they had not enabled a security setting that requires the user to provide a phone number of email address to reset the password.

And until Thursday afternoon, the @POTUS Twitter account, which was turned over to Trump’s team last week, was registered to a private Gmail account. Landscape definition geography The account registration, which appeared to belong to Dan Scavino, Trump’s head of social media, was changed on Thursday after several journalists and online users flagged it online. Softball canada It’s now attached to a White House email.

During the campaign, Trump repeatedly blasted his opponent for using a private email server while serving as secretary of state. Washington baseball team name To rile his supporters during the campaign, Trump would raise the email controversy and the crowd would chant in return: “Lock her up!”

The world never stands still. Irrigation system definition In the technology space, this means that constant innovation and discovery is the key to a solution provider’s survival and growth.

In the cyber-security arena, this creed is even more vital. Landscaping stores near me Many hackers are brilliant people. Nba fantasy mock draft 2016 There’s only one way to get the better of them — be even more brilliant. Spring training locations map And faster and more creative. Rock garden truckee Which is why research and development (RandD) is crucial in the security-technology business.

Cybersecurity solution providers must deliver open, integrated security and networking technologies that enable enterprises to see and react rapidly to changing attack techniques, increase proactivity, and scale and provision their security along with business growth. Landscaping ideas for front of house full sun To cope with this breadth of demand, technology providers need to be able to cross traditional boundaries, allowing them to innovate across the entire ecosystem.

However, the cyber threat landscape is continuing to become more challenging in 2017. Desperate landscapes Here are a few areas that Fortinet has identified for intensive RandD during the coming year:

DIFFERENT types of detection technologies have emerged over the years. Fastest pitch in baseball history It started out with signatures (a technique that compares an unidentified piece of code to known malware) and then heuristics (which attempts to identify malware based on behavioral characteristics in the code). Usssa softball Sandboxing (in which unknown code is run in a virtual environment to observe if it is malicious or not) and machine learning (which uses sophisticated algorithms to classify the behavior of a file as malicious or benign, before letting a human analyst make the final decision) followed.

Now, the latest technology-deep learning-has come onto the market. Elevator pitch format Deep learning is an advanced form of artificial intelligence that uses a process that is close to the way human brains learn to recognize things. Landscape solutions It has the potential to make a big impact on cyber security, especially in detecting zero-day malware, new malware, and very sophisticated advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Once a machine learns what malicious code looks like, it can identify unknown code as malicious or benign with extremely high accuracy, and in near realtime. Modern landscaping A policy can then be automatically applied to delete or quarantine the file, or to perform some other specified action, and that new intelligence can then be automatically shared across the entire security ecosystem.

IT is deeply entrenched in both our businesses and personal lives, leading to an increasing amount of data being generated, collected and stored around the world.

And since the working principle is that the more things a security solution provider sees, the more opportunities there is for it to connect the dots, understand the threats, and hence protect the network, leveraging big data to make sense of exponentially growing event logs will be an important area of research for us in 2017.

We will continue to refine our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities in the new year, and increase our solutions’ ability to harness FortiGuard Labs threat intelligence data for even deeper insight into cyber attacks.

RUNNING applications in containers, instead of virtual machines (VMs), is gaining momentum. Softball hitting drills At the heart of this ecosystem lie solutions like Docker, an open-source project and platform that allows users to pack, distribute and manage Linux applications within containers.

There are several benefits to Docker technology, including simplicity, faster configurations and more rapid deployment, but there are also some security downsides. Landscape design These include:

Kernel exploits. Football teams Unlike in a VM, the kernel is shared among all containers and the host. Trellis restaurant This amplifies any vulnerability present in the kernel. Landscape management Should a container cause a kernel panic, it will take down the whole host, along with all associated applications.

Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. Cbs sports fantasy football rankings All containers share kernel resources. Facebook live video If one container can monopolize access to certain resources, it can cause DoS to other containers on the host.

Container breakouts. Cobblestone An attacker who gains access to a container should not be able to gain access to other containers or the host. Gardenia jasminoides In Docker, users by default are not name-spaced, so any process that breaks out of the container will have the same privileges on the host as it did in the container. Small garden ideas pinterest This could potentially enable privilege escalation (e.g. Arizona spring training 2016 root user) attacks.

Poisoned images. Basketball olympics 2016 It’s difficult to ascertain the sanctity of the images you are using. Washington softball roster If an attacker tricks you into running his image, both the host and your data are at risk.

Compromising secrets. Orbit irrigation products inc For a container to access a database or service, it will likely require an API key or some username and password. Wadding definition An attacker who can get access to these keys will also have access to the service.

This is especially a problem in a micro-service architecture in which containers are constantly stopping and starting, vis-à-vis an architecture with small numbers of long-lived VMs.

Today business requirements are changing quickly, and firms need the flexibility to adapt their branch offices to those changing requirements in a fast and secure manner. Fire sprinkler system design software free download They need to be able to turn on new services on-demand from a single platform, without the cost and complexity of deploying and managing additional devices.

The vCPE is a way for managed service providers (MSPs) to deliver network services to enterprises, such as firewall security and VPN connectivity, by using software rather than dedicated hardware devices. Funny slow pitch softball team names By virtualizing CPE, providers can simplify and speed up service delivery, remotely configure and manage devices, and let customers order new services or adjust existing ones on-demand.

Leveraging Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Fortinet has made substantial progress in consolidating advanced networking and security services on a single device (FortiHypervisor), eliminating the need for multiple CPE while enabling on-demand service delivery. Small garden design pictures gallery We will continue our development to broaden coverage, increase performance and improve customer experience in 2017.

A growing number of enterprises are demanding more flexible, open, and cloud-based WAN technologies, rather than accept the installation of proprietary or specialized WAN technology that often involves fixed circuits or costly proprietary hardware.

This heralds the rise of Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WANs), which eliminates expensive routing hardware by provisioning connectivity and services via the cloud. Softball world series 2015 SD-WAN technology also allows connectivity to be flexibly controlled through cloud software.

The growth in cloud traffic has made direct Internet access from the branch a reality, and an SD-WAN can be used not just to provide the connectivity but to also secure the connection.

Thanks to our technology vision and development of the Fortinet Security Fabric, we have the capability to tackle many of the security issues raised above in order to support the digital transformation organizations are going through. Garden projects We will continue to expand the coverage of our Fabric, with our RandD focus moving from visibility and awareness to measurement and benchmarking, and finally to understanding how close an enterprise is to the prevailing best practices within its industry.