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In a February 2017 article in Scientific American, entitled “High Flying Microbes,” two scientists get together to track the various microbial life that uses the air as a method of travel.

As a gardener and earth scientist, I have always told my fellow gardeners that the true control of diseases and pests really are this invisible army in which we live. Pitch diameter calculator The army of microbial life is in the soil, in the water and the air we breathe. Exterior house design ideas pictures It is to our advantage to keep these armies functional. Timber merchants bristol They are our front line against the more harmful microbes, which also are present if the condition is favorable to them.

In farming, many harmful bacteria can travel great distances and eventually effect weak crops best suited for them. Natural stone design This is a topic of great importance to agricultural officials worldwide: how bacteria fungi and viruses can spread various plant diseases, through the atmosphere, hundreds if not thousands of miles away from where it started.

It has been only during the past say 100 years (more like 50 years really) that humans have developed more complicated methods of farming, of fertilization and especially of pest control. Landscape architecture foundation We have developed plants with genes that carry pesticides, fungicides and herbicides to the determent of the whole system. Usssa softball tournaments We have destroyed over 40 percent of the earth top soil, and what top soil we do have left, we are applying harmful chemicals to at an alarming rate. Basketball rio 2016 channel Pollution of all of the earth environmental barriers is advancing and destroying more and more of natural earth systems that seek balance.

In my radio show, “The Body and the Garden,” we talk about our bodies’ Microbiome and the earth’s “Microbiome.” In both cases, we are increasing toxic chemicals into each.

Predictions by brilliant scientists with sophisticated instruments are very dire, suggesting extinction of humans within a couple of decades. College softball world series The vast majority of people are refusing to believe this is happening in spite of quite obvious evidence everywhere you look. Espn fantasy football draft app Instead of reversing humankind’s damaging practices that have been proven to be responsible, business continues to accelerate the destruction of ourselves and other life forms. Spring training schedule 2016 Accelerate!

There are priorities in life for our generation and for those that follow. Comiskey park How can we be so oblivious? There will come a time, soon, where humanity wakes up to the truth that has been willfully ignored.

Sad but true. Masonry veneer manufacturers association Farmers, for example, if not practicing sustainable farming methods, are damaging the earth’s top soil. Facebook logo size They have already destroyed 40 percent of the top soil and released the stored carbon dioxide. Jain irrigation systems ltd This is more too than all the cars in the world combined. French flag images free It’s not just farmers, but also countries that allow the forest to be cut and replaced with cattle or palm oil. Wild pitch frisco facebook Destroying a primary source of our planet’s guardian system is very wrong. Baseball diamond cake Trees take up CO2 and give off O2. Landscape lighting world We need more trees — not less.

The important thing here to understand is that by polluting the earth, whether air, soil, water, or body (of plants, insects, animals or humans), we are weakening our whole immune system. Basketball courts nyc Just as the human body has an immune system, so too does the earth have an immune system. Fantasy football betting sites We modeled our system from the earth’s system. Mono pitch roof construction drawings We evolved slowly through the thanks of the earth immune system. Frances bean cobain tattoos Humans have been part of the earth beneficial for a long time, but recently we have become more of a cancer, one which the earth’s immune system will have to remove if it survives.

A friend of mine says that people are watering too much and that is what is causing the leaves to burn or other such signs of stress and diseases. Garden planner app Well, I don’t entirely agree. Crystal lattice definition chemistry It is the chemicals in the water that are causing the damage! Pure water will not cause any harm unless we are talking flooding. Pitch meaning We can drown in a few inches of water.

It is the fluoride or bromide or whatever other chemicals are in the water. Online landscape design tool They all destroy beneficial microbial life. Slow pitch softball leagues Chemical fertilizers cause significant damage to the earth microbial army.

Yes, things will grow, but they will not be healthy. Fencing olympics 2016 They will be weak, perfect food source for pests and diseases, just like when we are not healthy and we are open to pests and diseases. Auburn softball This method of treating pests and diseases with more chemicals is much like putting out a fire in the kitchen by setting fire to the rest of the house! Yes, it will prevent the kitchen fire from spreading, but it will destroy the house.

So it comes down to clean air, clean water, clean soil, clean ocean and fresh food. Fencing rules This will affect all living things. Drip from my walk download Prevention is a much better way to deal with this than reaction. Usssa fastpitch softball Humans are reactionary rather than preventive. Fastest softball pitch ever recorded by a woman We react to toxins by using more toxins.

There are greater issues at stake, such as climate change. Facebook stock split The earth is rapidly moving in the directions of having a fever followed by a cold — and guess who will still be here after she recovers? I am afraid it will not be “the cancer” that remains.