Emanuel prescribes rx for fellow democrats_ ‘take a chill pill’ _ chicago sun-times

Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Monday advised his fellow Democrats to “take a chill pill:” The party he loves didn’t get to its current political low point overnight, and it’ll take Democrats a long time to climb out of it.

But, none were as brutally honest and, therefore, pessimistic as the assessment he gave at Monday’s View from the Top event at Stanford University’s School of Business.

“Democrats are at the lowest level since 1928 in the House of Representatives and the lowest level since 1925 in the state houses. Landscape ecology … It is hard to imagine it getting lower,” the mayor said.

“It took us a long time to get this low. Facebook search friends by city It ain’t gonna happen in 2018. Small front yard landscaping ideas pictures Take a chill pill, man. Where to buy fabric You’ve got to be in this for the long haul. Garden centre And if you think it’s gonna be a quick turnaround like that, it’s not. Patchwork definition You have to be part of this for the long haul. Fantasy football yahoo mock draft … You’re gonna have a success here and a success here, and then you’ll build a critical mass. Fantasy baseball trade analyzer But it’s worth fighting for. Little league baseball age chart And I think this country is worth fighting for.”

Emanuel then talked about what’s wrong with the Democratic Party by harkening back to his days as a North Side congressman who put himself on a path to be speaker by helping engineer the 2006 Democratic takeover of the U.S. Irrigation direct House.

“I got a lot of crap for recruiting Iraqi war vets, football players, sheriffs, business people. Frances conroy I said, ‘Well, they’re running in Republican districts.’ I wanted to take cultural issues off the table and I wanted to present economic issues,” the mayor said.

“We, as Democrats like to walk around [talking about ideals]. Garden ideas for small front yards No. Front yard landscaping florida You’ve got to be ruthless enough. Drip drop taemin lyrics We recruited people who matched the districts. Fantasy football league websites If you’re running in a Republican district, you’ve got to get somebody who can win in a Republican district.”

“Winning is everything. Spring training 2017 If you don’t win, you can’t make the public policy. High pitch I say that because it’s hard for people in our party to accept that principle. Asphalt 8 apk Sometimes, you just gotta win,” he said.

“Our party likes to be right, even if they lose. Alabama softball roster I don’t go to moral victory speeches. Flagstone patio design ideas I can’t stand them. Baseball games today I’ve never lost an election. Basketball games to play It’s about winning because if you win, you then have the power to go do what you need to get done. Garden stores near me If you lose, you can write the book about what happened. Top mlb players 2016 Great. Big boy softball That’s really exciting.”

• “Get on top of re-districting: I want it all handled by courts and commissions. Minecraft fence Get the state legislatures out of it because we haven’t done it the other way and they have. Minor league baseball teams Got to change that.”

• Stop the blame game. Masonry supply “Democrats love doing a firing squad in the circle. Rock landscaping ideas Stop it: ‘They’re too moderate.’ Forget about it. Us basketball olympic team 2016 This guy [Trump] and these people are about to do something on the tax code, the regulatory environment and things that are more threatening than what a fellow Democrat might slightly disagree with you on,” Emanuel said.

• Pick your battles. Justbats “Not every pitch has to be swung at. High school softball field dimensions … We don’t have the power to swing at everything, so you have to pick what is essential,” the mayor said.

• Drive a wedge every chance you get. American football online games “Whenever there’s a disagreement among Republicans, I’m for one of those disagreements. Hitting drills volleyball I’m all for it,” the mayor said. Football games today on tv “The President wants Russia? I’m with John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Ncaa basketball tournament tv schedule I’m for NATO. Cornerstone natural resources Why? Wedge. Francesca battistelli concert Schisms have to be wedges. Fantasy football sleepers and busts Wedges have to be divides and divisions. High pitch sound app …We’ve got to lower the President? Why? Because they are strong enough to get him than us. Georgia softball camp We’re not strong enough.”

Throughout the campaign, then-Republican nominee Donald Trump used Chicago and its skyrocketing murder rate as a political punching bag — so much so that the City Council voted to punish Trump by taking down the honorary sign outside the riverfront hotel and condominium that bears his name.

The political pummeling has only intensified since Trump took office, with the President tweeting threats to “send in the FEDS” if Emanuel can’t stop the bloodshed.

Emanuel has also promised that Chicago is and always will be a sanctuary city, despite Trump’s threat to cut off funding to Chicago and other cities where immigrants can access city services and live without fear of police harassment.