Establish a national irrigation commisssion

Uganda’s crop production is still very low due to a number of reasons, which mostly include inadequate and unevenly distributed rainfall resulting into marginal use of the potential for irrigation. Front yard ideas without grass Agriculture has remained unpredictable and of low productivity, this being due to the utter dependence on rainfall which is erratic, unreliable and non uniformly distributed.

This dependence on rain-fed agriculture has left the country tremendously vulnerable to the vagaries of weather.

Timber merchants leeds It is for this reason that irrigation is considered necessary for providing protection against drought, a means of stabilising crop production and assurance of household food security.

I commend President Museveni for encouraging Ugandans to use jerrycan and bottle irrigation technique which involves farmers hanging a perforated water bottle on top of each plant in promoting Operation Wealth Creation which enhances household participation in commercial agricultural production through community mobilization, equitable and timely distribution of agricultural inputs, and facilitation of agricultural production chains.

This is an important step that would culminate into establishing everlasting solutions to the unpredictable and of low productivity of agricultural products. Landscape photography settings Uganda has a potential of becoming Africa’s food basket if irrigation is promoted and managed well country wide. Landscape photoshop We therefore have to use all means of managing agricultural production in order to move our household’s incomes to another level. Fencing classes near me Let’s have a body specifically to manage irrigation in the country.

Uganda has a number of water bodies such as lakes, rivers, dams, streams, ponds, and even the waters that individuals harvest when rains come which should be managed well with the help of a well organised body the ‘commission’ specifically for irrigation related activities. Facebook app for mac There is enough water that whether there is drought or not, our crops should not dry up that because there is no water. Fences by august wilson summary There is no reason whatsoever that our crops should whether or dry when there is proper management of abundant, untreated water bodies that can be put to use basically for irrigation.

Irrigation practice is one of the effective means in increasing and stabilising food and cash crop production and productivity for curbing food shortages and increasing export of cash crop and its products. Masonry The social and economic circumstances prevailing today have increased the competition in water demands by all users and thus creating a threat in its sustainability.

Irrigation development is critically important in ensuring that the nation attains a reliable and sustainable crop production and productivity as a move towards food security and poverty reduction. Stardock fences crack This entails the government to integrate planning, development and management in support of food security and poverty reduction, as well as environmental safeguards amongst others.

A concise plan of management and implementation for the development of irrigation infrastructure is pertinent. Slow pitch softball field dimensions In this regard therefore, The government should encourage the establishment of a commission with its main objective is to ensure sustainable availability of irrigation water and its efficient use for enhanced crop production, productivity and profitability that will contribute to food security and poverty reduction.

The chief role of the Irrigation Commission should be to provide irrigation services to the agricultural sector. Watering plants In addition to irrigation, water is made available to some industrial and commercial operations through some of its systems and to manage, operate, maintain and expand existing and future irrigation schemes and systems;

The intervention in irrigation development has verified worldwide that it boosts crop production 3-4 times than that of rainfed agriculture. Slanted roof house plans In this context, a policy should be put in place at a very opportune time when the whole world is being shocked with the increase in food insecurity and prices.

The overall crop production has been greatly affected by low effectiveness of management, operation and maintenance of irrigation schemes. Deck plans for anthem of the seas Development of irrigation schemes through an Irrigation Commission is one of the initiatives that will enable the agricultural sector to contribute more in the socio-economic development and the attainment of food security that;

· Ensure reliable water for irrigation so as to facilitate optimisation, intensification and diversification of irrigated crop production to supplement rain-fed crop production effectively;

In addition to that there has been unclear ownership and inability of usage of irrigation water sources which have lead to low irrigation efficiencies. Softball clipart free Looking into all these occurrences, it is clearly observed that there is need for an irrigation policy to direct development in the irrigation sector. Landscaping ideas with rocks Addressing irrigation interventions have a vital input in crop production and productivity in ensuring food security and increased income.

The Commission should be in position to prepare an Irrigation Master Plan, which strongly should emphasise the need of having the Irrigation Policy and a Legal and Regulatory Framework to oversee sustainable irrigation development. How to lay block paving The Irrigation Policy should be formulated in a participatory way by involving stakeholder’s representatives, which include Farmers; Local Government Authorities; Government Ministries; Government Institutions; Non Governmental Organizations; and the Private Sector through stakeholders’ consultative meetings and workshops. Stone suppliers near me The Irrigation Policy should cover all relevant areas of irrigation interventions. Meaning of pitch in music These include: the Introduction, which covers the background of irrigation development, challenges facing irrigation development, opportunities available for development of irrigated agriculture and rationale for having Irrigation Policy.

(v) Reliable and sustainable crop production which will have more contribution to food security, poverty reduction and the overall economic growth of the Nation and;

It is my sincere hope that a Commission be formed who will spear head the formulation of an Irrigation Policy with the subsequent Strategy, Legal and Regulatory Frameworks, the irrigation sector will be under a conducive environment to accelerate the development of irrigation sector for the benefit of the Nation and its people. Football leagues near me It’s still worthwhile noting that by creating a commission will create a lot of employment opportunities directly and indirectly.

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