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Philadelphia’s Joel Embiid was a candidate for the All-Star Game, despite playing limited minutes and sitting out the second games of back-to-backs. Garden city kansas After staying in Europe for two seasons following his draft, Embiid’s teammate Dario Saric has come over and is fourth in minutes played among first-year players. Frances bean cobain instagram Domantas Sabonis has started in all of Oklahoma City’s 53 games.

In the meantime, there are certain rookies from Europe who aren’t as ballyhooed as their peers, who play lesser roles and are going through their growing pains, yet have been positives overall for their respective teams.

What’s commendable about Satoransky’s rookie campaign is that the Czech Republic product hasn’t even played in his usual point guard position, however, has still produced.

Sato — who was a pick-and-roll wiz with Barcelona in Spain — has clocked 65 percent of his minutes with one of John Wall and Trey Burke on the court. Softball tournaments in nj Both Wall and Burke have at least a 13 percent higher frequency of finishing possessions as the pick-and-roll ball handler than Satoransky does.

When the Czech started for the resting John Wall, Bradley Beal was the one to take up a larger share of offense-running duties. Softball field diagram You’ll even see Satoransky play the three in certain lineups.

Thus it’s only understandable that there would be some discomfort for the European import who has seen both DNP-CDs and changes in the pecking order in regards to him and Burke.

One can imagine that just spacing the court from the corner can be difficult for someone who had a role important enough to be in the Euroleague’s top-10 in assists last season.

It also isn’t conducive to Satoransky’s strengths. Football scores for tonight Not even a frequent 3-point shooter in Europe, the 25-year-old has made six threes total in 513 minutes played. Garden design online Only Shaun Livingston — forever relying on his mid-range jumpers — has played one of the guard spots and connected on less shots from downtown this season (Livingston’s at a comical 0 for 1).

The rookie hasn’t been especially assertive in this role and has registered a paltry usage rate of 12.2 percent. Garden of words trailer When he does indeed attack, he frequently passes up possible 3-point shots for tougher field goals attempts in the lane. Fencing More than a half of his looks have come within 10 feet of the basket, per Basketball-Reference.

Those journeys to the rim can be sensible. High pitch eric blue bloods Though they can turn into difficult floaters and all kinds of double-pump wonders, the 6-7 guard has the body and athleticism to finish around the basket at this level.

Despite having to get adjusted to an unusual role, Sato has the highest net rating among Wizards bench players. French flag history Moreover, his two most frequent teammates on the court have been fellow reserves Kelly Oubre Jr. Propeller pitch and Jason Smith. Garden centre dubai It goes to show you that Satoransky’s high basketball IQ and skillset can make up for the aforementioned factors when he’s played against other second units.

The Czech guard is a great passer and can keep the ball moving. Baseball league leaders Such pocket passes right off the dribble isn’t something you can expect out of the usual low-usage bench player:

His tweener-like body is a huge plus on defense as he can match up with most perimeter players. Fencing chicago Sato’s generally a good off-the-ball defender who remains active on his feet, finely comprehends weak-side defense and can make more than one defensive effort on a given play. Best baseball stadiums You get reminded of how big he actually is when a smaller point guard tries to go at him one-on-one:

Even if this data is rather inconclusive due to the sample size, it’s likely that his versatilty on defense is the factor that allows him to rank 15th in ESPN’s Defensive Real Plus-Minus among shooting guards.

It would be worthwhile for his own development if Washington slowly started to rely on him more. Basketball teams nba Given the fact that Trey Burke is a better shooter — currently making a career best 42.6 percent from behind the 3-point line — one has to wonder how would Washington’s bench work with Satoransky at the point and Burke more as a two-guard.

However, there are two sides to the coin. Pitch meaning in business Put the ball in Sato’s hands and he’ll see a lot of defenders going under ball screens. Baseball diamondbacks So far he hasn’t shown the willingness or the precision of punishing defences with his shooting.

There’s a nice creator in Tomas Satoransky, though, and you would expect those skills to be unveiled in the future, whether by Sato improving as a shooter himself or by Washington giving him more responsibility.

The 2016-17 San Antonio Spurs are the first Gregg Popovich coached team to start a season with four rookies on its roster (Nicolas Laprovittola has since been waived reducing the total to three). College softball world series scores For a franchise famous for its continuity and system, losing Tim Duncan and acquiring so much new blood (additions of Pau Gasol, David Lee and Dewayne Dedmon in the front-court) seemed to present San Antonio with its biggest challenge since 1997 when they drafted The Big Fundamental.

The Latvian forward initially played almost exclusively within the Spurs motion offense and rarely strayed away from it. Usssa softball world series Despite being a veteran of European leagues, he didn’t improvize and you could predict that his touch would end with him keeping the ball moving, even if he did put it on the floor:

That has changed with more experience under his belt, though there still rarely is wasted motion on his part. Bertans’s average amount of dribbles per touch has doubled since the New Year in comparison to the first 15 games of the season, per data.

The 6-10 forward has started to show off his playmaking chops while remaining an immensely quick decision maker. College softball world series winners The 24-year-old will give you a head fake from behind the 3-point line and blow by for a drive in no time:

A long range from three is his main attribute. Funny fantasy football team names 2015 The rookie has converted on 39.4 percent of his long ball looks and has the second highest frequency in the league of catch-and-shoot 3-pointers at 67.4 percent. Garden of eden key west He only has taken 12 pull up shots the whole season.

It has opened up the court for the Spurs so much that Bertans’s offensive rating with the Spurs main core is through the roof. Landscape and urban planning Two-man units of Bertans and Patty Mills (117.0 OFFRtg), Manu Ginobili (115.7) and Kawhi Leonard (118.9) trump even Golden State’s league-leading mark and are among the five most-used duos which include Bertans (that number is “only” at 109.4 with Simmons and 111.6 with Dedmon).

There isn’t much fall-off on defense, either. Fantasy football yahoo rankings Even though there will be times where Bertans is beat off the dribble, his mobility cancels out most of such shortcomings. Fantasy baseball keeper rankings 2016 The rookie forward has played positions three through five and is relied upon for switching on most actions he faces.

The question moving forward is how far can his skillset take him as the Spurs continue bringing him along. Fantasy baseball team name generator Currently Bertans is thriving in his 3-point-heavy role and is on the border of the top-20 in Effective Field Goal Percentage at 59.5 percent.

However, there is a reason why the Spurs have him space the court so often rather than involving him in the screen-and-roll. Minor league baseball schedule The power forward has only one post up to his name for the season and isn’t someone who beats opponents one-on-one yet, at least without that shade of daylight after a catch. Espn fantasy football api Have Bertans setting a pick for the ball handler and it’s likely that it will be switched without consequences:

Even if he doesn’t become a constant shot creator, that catch-fake-and-drive game is a nice attribute to have in 2016-17 and you can expect Coach Pop to test it to the fullest.

The Croatian Sensation Dragan Bender is in the opposite situation when compared to Bertans as his Phoenix Suns rank last in the league in Assist Percentage at 47.1 percent.

That is mostly so due to the Suns being a top-3 team in frequency of possessions finished (either shooting it or committing a turnover) by the pick-and-roll ball handler. Fancesa It can result in quite the low usage (Bender is at 13.6) for the other players and floor spacers on the court.

For that reason Bender hasn’t really had the chance to test the ball handling and passing capabilities which he has demonstrated before joining the Suns. Pool and patio When he does attempt to do so, the results have been predictably uneven. Fantasy football rankings ppr The 19-year-old needs a lot of reps to refine his off-the-dribble game. Justbats reviews Some of his moves have a nice idea behind it but look a tad awkward:

Overall, Bender has mostly been limited to catching and shooting 3-pointers and has posted a 3-Point Attempt Rate of 65.3 percent. Landscaping ideas front yard Moreover, only two of the 81 threes the rookie has taken have come with a defender closer than four feet, per Minor league baseball teams near me That points to a careful diet of Bender throwing them up only when he’s open.

To put his one-dimensional offensive role into context, Bender ranks sixth in the league in frequency of shots that come after no dribbles among players who do take 3-pointers.

Though, his 32.1 percent from downtown might seem low, it is an encouraging mark for a 19-year-old still developing his shot and having to stroke it from the NBA 3-point line. Facebook app for windows 10 The Croatian’s quick and high release promises to be a nice weapon in pick-and-pop situations.

On the other hand, the Suns have been very comfortable with exploring Bender’s abilities on the defensive end. Masonry ios Forget the fact that he has played three through five. Online football manager games with real players Coach Earl Watson has even tried Bender on point guards:

Defense is where his lack of a true position is his main strength as you can pretty much throw him out against any unit. Edible landscaping With Bender on the court Phoenix has the advantage of toggling defensive matchups to their liking and can have the young forward specifically switching in pick-and-rolls.

That’s not to say that this process has gone all smooth. Free baseball games Bender has given up at least 1.00 point per possession both when defending isolations and post ups. El patio simi valley The latter can be a difficult task for the youngster as he obviously hasn’t filled out in his body yet. Little league baseball near me More burly bigs can push him around without much resistance:

However, defensive aspects like staying in front of point guards is something that he can learn with more experience. Easton baseball The track record is good enough, just like his physical tools are. Baseball players with long hair What’s more important is that Bender has an uncanny feel and willingness for a 19-year-old rookie to play team defense. Usa softball team As the great Kevin Calabro points out here, the Croatian can even be heard loudly communicating as an anchor on that side of the court:

With Bender showcasing those abilities on defense and spreading the court as an outside big man on offense in a relatively small role, the rookie has the best net rating on the Suns out of the team’s rotation players. Fantasy football top 300 printable Tyler Ulis — who arguably can’t be called a full-on rotation player — is the only other Sun to have a positive plus/minus.

Though it would be unreasonable to give him too much minutes at center, bench lineups with Bender as the supposed five have beat opponents by 8.0 points (117.7 – 109.7) per 100 posessions, per Garden city idaho Such units have also grabbed 79.0 percent of the available defensive rebounds — which is the equivalent of the third best team in the league — and thus haven’t suffered from Bender’s slight frame in this important aspect of the game.

Bender gets saved from playing the center position to the full extent. Softball quotes for pitchers Yet that will be the position where his versatility of shooting and defending could prove to be quite unique.