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THE GREAT OUTDOORS — You may not know Tom Oye by name, but you may be one of the millions of people who have watched a hair-raising video (warning: there is strong language) that he captured earlier this month while snowboarding in Whistler, British Columbia.

The video begins peaceful enough — clear skies, undisturbed snow and beautiful winter landscape: a dream scenario for many skiers and snowboarders. Baseball fields near me But moments after beginning his run, cracks began to form in the snow all around him. Fantasy baseball mock draft 2016 Within moments, the snow beneath Oye became a raging white torrent, carrying him at dangerous speeds down the mountainside.

Amidst the chaos just before the video gets obscured by snow, Oye managed to deploy his backpack airbag, an avalanche safety device of growing popularity that he’d received as a gift only the week before his trip to Whistler. Fantasy basketball draft guide As you watch the video, you can hear the airbag inflating while Oye is helplessly swept down the mountain by a force of nature that on average claims the lives of close to 30 individuals every year in the United States, according to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.

The power of an avalanche demands respect. Football games today On Jan. Mlb scores from yesterday 18, an earthquake triggered an avalanche in Italy that buried a hotel. Football schedule today While recovery efforts are still underway, it’s believed dozens of lives were lost.

With Utah enjoying near record snowfall this season, there is a great deal to excite those of us who live in the nation’s second driest state, including a healthy snowpack and plenty of fresh powder on the slopes. Cbs sports fantasy football podcast But the series of storm systems that have layered much of Utah with fresh snow have also created hazardous avalanche conditions throughout the state, closing roadways and canyons like Little Cottonwood where a Utah Department of Transportation traffic camera captured video of a large avalanche that occurred Tuesday.

With storm after storm layering fresh snow across the state it can be tempting to throw caution to the wind, giving in to the temptation to get out and enjoy some of Utah’s world-class winter backcountry. Opening day baseball But not taking the time to properly prepare is not only irresponsible, but it can cost you your life.

According to the Utah Avalanche Center, nine out of every 10 fatal avalanches are caused by the victim or someone in their party. Garden ideas That means that with the proper education and precautions, the vast majority of avalanche deaths can be prevented.

Make sure that no matter the conditions, you and the members of your party are carrying the proper safety gear including transceivers, probes, shovels and possibly an airbag backpack.

If you spend anytime in avalanche country, whether snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, hiking or sledding, there are training programs available to make sure you are able to read the terrain and avalanche danger. Usa basketball olympics roster 2016 The programs also teach you how to rescue yourself or someone else who has been buried. Dripping springs isd jobs Having the proper education and practicing rescue procedures in advance can mean the difference between life or death.

You should never enter the backcountry during the winter without checking the avalanche advisory. Prices paving There are teams of professionals who work hard to assess conditions and provide the best information on snow layers, weather and locations. Indoor basketball courts open to the public For current advisories and avalanche conditions, go to or

Pay attention. Planning a garden layout Even if you’ve checked the advisory and the forecast, make sure you are always aware of your surroundings. Landscape design online free Avalanche forecasters can give you a general advisory, but they can’t forecast danger on every slope. Justbats coupon Use your education and your senses to recognize when you may be in a dangerous situation.

Avoid dangerous or suspect slopes and conditions in the first place. Timber merchants leicester Be mindful of possible avalanche paths and don’t gather in potentially dangerous locations. Asphalt and rubber According to Staples, avalanches occur almost exclusively on 30-degree slopes or steeper. Football season is here When you take an avalanche safety course, you’ll learn how to read the terrain and be aware of dangerous slopes or areas beneath steep or dangerous slopes.

You should never head into the backcountry alone, but only one person should make a run at a time just in case one of you is caught in an avalanche. Drip coffee In case of an avalanche, make sure all other party members are out of harm’s way and able to assist in rescue efforts.

A person buried in an avalanche has effectively no chance of freeing themselves. Masonry supply stores near me Snow settles like concrete in an instant, making it impossible for the person buried to move at all. Watch baseball online free live stream In this state, an avalanche victim has roughly 15 minutes before they die of asphyxiation, Staples said.

Avalanches can travel at speeds of 60–80 miles per hour, even on short slopes. Pitch dark Even with safety gear, 1 of every 4 people caught in an avalanche will die of trauma caused by collisions with trees, rocks or other debris. Leaders furniture Those fortunate enough to survive the torrent of snow can increase their chance of survival by following the safety tips listed above.

Their biggest limitation is that they don’t successfully deploy about 20 percent of the time and they sometimes don’t have time to work, “But there is no reason to not carry one,” Staples said. Free landscape design software online Anything you can do to stay clear of an avalanche or increase your chances of survival if caught in one will be time and effort well spent.

Utah winters have much to offer and snowfall is something we all benefit from, but as always, don’t take Utah’s rugged beauty for granted. Wicker man Be responsible, stay safe and have fun.

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