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I see it all at the time: shopping at the mall or, once upon a time, at Macy’s Downtown; ushering at the theater or attending a graduation; boarding a plane or dining at my favorite restaurant. Landscape and urban planning No matter where I go or what I do, I cannot escape the culture of jeans.

Regardless of age, socioeconomic status or background, most us have become devotees of denim. Fantasy football yahoo rankings By dressing down, we have lost the joy of dressing up. Fantasy baseball keeper rankings 2016 We risk reducing life to its lowest common denominator.

I remember a time in the mid-1950s when my mother decided to take a last-minute trip to Downtown. Fantasy baseball team name generator We would shop at Kaufmann’s before meeting Dad for a bite to eat and a dessert of chocolate fudge cake at B&G. Minor league baseball schedule Although I agreed to go, I did not feel like changing out of my blouse and blue jeans into an outfit more appropriate for our destination. Espn fantasy football api When Ma reluctantly let me stay in my play clothes, I learned the meaning of the word “pariah” years before I ever met Hester Prynne in “The Scarlet Letter.”

Older women in suits with matching hats, handbags and shoes looked at me through eyes narrowed with disdain. Fancesa Other little girls, wearing the clothes I also should have been wearing, pointed at me and giggled until their mothers hushed them. Pool and patio Sales clerks, taught to treat each customer with respect, had a hard time being polite to me — the rebel without a cause who, due to laziness, had not dressed appropriately for the occasion. Fantasy football rankings ppr My casual attire tainted the shopping excursion for me; even the chocolate cake lacked its usual sweetness.

Younger readers may not understand why I felt this way. Justbats reviews They do not realize how much the world has changed. Landscaping ideas front yard If they saw my old yearbooks, they would laugh at us girls in our skirts, sweater sets and faux pearls. Minor league baseball teams near me They would roll their eyes if they knew that my mother lengthened the hem in my kilt because she feared it might otherwise be a bit too short for school. Facebook app for windows 10 My brother, neighbors and I dressed up for school because we saw school as a place of books and paper, of dialogue and ideas — as a cathedral of learning in which people should dress in a dignified style. Masonry ios It was that simple.

By the time I retired from the middle-school classroom in 2003, I left behind an environment of T-shirts worn by the boys, barely-there blouses worn by the girls, untied tennis shoes and, of course, jeans (some with deliberately ripped “designer” holes). Online football manager games with real players I am not suggesting that young adults raised to believe that such uniforms represent the appropriate way to dress cannot learn, but I do fear that by dressing in such a way, these students have lost the sense that schools are special and that learning is special unto itself, not just a means to a potentially lucrative end.

I worry that our choice in clothing is destroying the magic of the world in some ways. Edible landscaping As an usher at many theaters, I often have escorted jean-clad adults to their main-floor seats on a Saturday night. Free baseball games Perhaps these audience members confused the Benedum or Heinz Hall with PNC Park or Heinz Field. El patio simi valley I hope they did; otherwise, I would have to resign myself to their ignorance that the theater, with its palace-like chandeliers, royal plush seats and on-stage pageantry, deserves better outfits than the ones they chose.

I grew up with a profound admiration for the Cathedral of Learning and its Nationality Rooms. Little league baseball near me The Cathedral felt like my castle, and the Nationality Rooms were the kingdoms I traveled to on Aladdin’s magic carpet. Easton baseball However, when I recently revisited the Nationality Rooms, I was shocked to find a half-empty Starbucks cup on the floor — no doubt tossed away by someone in jeans.

Every spring, I become especially concerned about our culture of jean ubiquity. Baseball players with long hair Thanks to my grandmother, I grew up knowing that April showers will always bring the beauty of May flowers — and a trip to the Phipps. Usa softball team Nothing was more special than spending time with Grandma in a Garden of Eden, so we all dressed up for the occasion. Fantasy football top 300 printable Grandma, wearing a violet-colored suit and hat with a daffodil yellow blouse, looked like royalty. Garden city idaho When she put on her white gloves, she seemed to be carrying bouquets of Queen Anne’s lace. Softball quotes for pitchers Wearing blue suits, my brother and I looked like a prince and princess — perfect companions for Queen Grandma.

Maybe we can still fill our closets with jeans while also making room for the special clothes that remind us that one style does not fit all settings and occasions.