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n “The Southwest Virginia Governor’s School will get 20 computers for at least six months from IBM Corp. Little league pitch count chart in Roanoke. Drip from my walk lyrics These computers and 18 the regional magnet school has would lower the ratio to about two students for each computer.”

n “Bryant Stith scored nine points in the second overtime, including a pair of 3-pointers, as Virginia defeated Virginia Tech 61-57 at the Roanoke Civic Center.

Dripping springs high school football It was the first two-overtime game in the 106-game history of the basketball series, and it provided the Cavaliers with their 15th victory in the past 18 games of the series.”

n “Cave Spring’s bus broke down on the way, but the Knights buckled under to Pulaski County’s defense once the game began Friday night. Home design ideas pictures The Cougars, who are finding out how sweet it is to be at home, won their eighth straight by thrashing the Knights 68-46 in a Roanoke Valley District boys’ basketball game.”

n “Good ol’ county dumps – municipal sanitary landfills, in bureaucratese – are becoming passe. Baseball online free They’re too expensive and nobody wants them even near their back yard. Basketball games In solid-waste management circles, high-tech incinerators are one of the hot new items on the block. Fantasy basketball draft simulator And the Radford Army Ammunition Plant wants to be the first to have one that burns household and hazardous garbage.”

n “Responding to an outpouring of opposition, the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors voted down scenic river designation for the Little River on Monday night.”

n “Two freshmen studying engineering at Virginia Tech will be watching TV intently this weekend when the two-man U.S. How to lay block paving path Olympic bobsled they helped design whooshes down the track in France.”

n “Sweeping revisions in many Pulaski governmental policies started here Tuesday, when town council took preliminary stops to establishing a plan for community improvement.”

n “Fifty college juniors including students at the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech, will participate this summer in an urban careers project aimed at attacking what federal officials call the ‘municipal manpower crisis.’”

n “Funds for a Giles County Vocational School have been approved by the State Office of Economic Opportunity in Richmond … and the matter is awaiting the signature of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) officials in Washington.”

n “Busy as a bee Virginia Tech played its fourth game in seven nights, the Gobblers swarming all over Ohio University not unlike a swarm of warring bees for an impressive 87-47 victory.”

n “Pulaski county schools will not adopt war time until the second week in March, Frank Critzer, county superintendent, announced today. Free landscape design software The delay is occasioned by the problems of pupils who would have to leave home before daylight.”

n “Virginia Tech’s varsity and freshman basket ball teams scored a nerve-tingling double triumph over V.M.I. Orchard fencing fives on the Tech floor tonight in typically torrid clashes paced with action.”

n “The students of the State Teachers College at Radford have dedicated themselves to a complete mobilization of their efforts and resources in the pursuit of war emergency activities directed toward the accomplishment of victory in the war and in the peace.”

n “The Giles county board of supervisors contemplates the purchase of several pump and hose line trailers to be used for fire fighting purposes in the county, it an actual test of such equipment proves it to be satisfactory.”

n “A wood research laboratory has been established at Virginia Tech through the cooperation and assistance of a Virginia defense industry and a government agency in the latest expansion of the activities of the engineering experiment station here.”

n “Confusion over President Roosevelt’s war time was almost as great here [Blacksburg] today as it was last summer over the then so-called daylight saving time.”

n “Dr. Facebook stock quote Harry Oldys, national representative of the Audubon Society of America, gave his third series of addresses at the [Radford] Normal School Saturday and Sunday. Softball quotes Dr. Micro drip Oldys is one of the most distinguished students of bird life and bird economy in this country.”

n “In a poorly contested and slow game V.P.I. Usa olympic basketball team 2016 roster rolled up a 59 to 2 score against the Virginia Christian College. Football season start date The visitors did not at any time display any form and the Techs did not show up particularly well.”

n “This section [White Gate] has just experienced the coldest weather it has had for years. Watch nba finals online free no download On Sunday evening a blinding snowstorm, with high wind which prevailed all night brought the mercury as low as ten degrees below zero at seven o’clock Monday morning. Dot pitch Farmers have lost a great many lambs during the cold wave.”

n “Two things that are badly needed in this section of Giles county [Newport] are a bond issue to build some good roads, and better long-distance telephone connection. Urban landscape We are financially able to have both, if the citizens will only get together and push them through.”

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