Football fans have long thought beckham was a bit of a fraud; this week it felt like everyone else caught up

But it’s not just about the amount of money that we raise, it’s meeting these children, it’s knowing that we’re changing children’s lives, we’re protecting children from HIV and AIDS…that for me gives me the most pleasure.”

To celebrate a big birthday last month, one beloved British institution chose the company of another. Desert Island Discs has been making castaways of the great and the good for a long time now, so for Beckham to get the nod for such a significant anniversary was something of an honour.

Nonetheless, the tone of the interview implied a knight of the realm in all but name.

Peach aviation review This had been a great British life, with success in the sporting sphere giving way to high esteem in ambassadorial and charitable circles, the attendant celebrity demands carried off with grace and good humour throughout.

Like Diana, he’d found fulfillment in working with the poor and unfortunate. Timber merchants liverpool Sadly, when hacked emails emerged less than a week later expressing his disgust at being passed over for a knighthood, it was soon a case of Goodbye England’s Rose.

“It’s pissed me off those old unappreciative cunts,” wrote Beckham about the honours committee who denied him the top gong back in 2013, the suggestion being that he’d only done all that tiresome charity stuff to get the nod from Her Maj.

‘Grovelling Goldenballs’ was pilloried for his ‘craven’ pursuit of the elusive title. Softball fans Historic Instagram posts praising the Queen were dug up and scoffed at; support for the campaign to keep Scotland in the UK was suspect too; Jonathan Ross had to deny that he’d been prodded to ask Becks about the knighthood on his chat show.

‘Friends’ told the Daily Telegraph that Beckham had “given up hope of a knighthood in the near future”, clearly expecting that he’ll be back in the running when those “old cunts” die off, or his troublesome tax affairs are sorted out, whichever comes first.

We remember him as a wonderfully gifted right-sided midfielder in one of the greatest club sides of the modern era, though we could never understand the sheer scale of the crossover stardom that ensued.

The crumbling decadence at the heart of Real Madrid’s Galacticos project, of which he was a part; the preposterous self-regard of his ‘missionary work’ in the MLS; the whole ‘quarterback’ thing, a role designed to get him into teams of which he no longer deserved to be a part; the cringey mascot role with England at the 2010 World Cup, as if the nation couldn’t survive a major tournament without his pouting inspiration.

And he’s been just as successful at it as in his treble-winning days at Old Trafford. Baseball pitch cutter He has demonstrated the same drive to succeed in his life outside football that Ferguson once described as a “relentless application that the vast majority of less gifted players wouldn’t contemplate.”

It’s wrong to suggest that the huge volume of charity work, both public and private, and his support for England World Cup and London Olympic bids were not genuine; that they had all been for the purpose of getting an invite to Buckingham Palace.

It’s also naive to think weren’t carefully choreographed to play their part in the building of his brand. Counterfort retaining wall design example This is the man whose affairs are managed by Simon Fuller, the pop Svengali who created the Spice Girls.

And just as a Champions League medal and the England armband were the just rewards for his obsessive cultivation of that right foot, so too does he feel he has earned the ultimate prize for the same ‘relentless application’ to a public life well lived.

He is after all, as he reportedly told friends, just “a normal person extremely disappointed not to get a knighthood”. Baseball field clipart Wenger still reeling over ‘scandalous’ Chelsea goal ‘They got Tom Brady though’ – Even at 21-0 up, one Atlanta player was still nervous

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