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As the night heats up, restaurant staff buzz around him as he churns out pan-seared halibut over mushroom risotto and herb-crusted lamb with bright yellow squash and potatoes.

But creating mouthwatering entrees, managing his own consulting company, and running a kitchen in Chandler, Ariz., were never on the Greenwich native’s menu until recently.

His brown hair neatly styled and parted; beard and mustache well-groomed, LeRose is still breaking in the creased, black double-breasted chef’s coat that serves as a reminder that he’s become something. Peach aviation It was only November when he first felt his name embroidered on the freshly starched uniform, under the title “Executive Chef” at a Holiday Inn just outside Phoenix.

Two years after graduating from San Diego Culinary Institute at the top of his class, he is a completely different person from the troubled kid struggling to make sense of himself and his world growing up in Greenwich.

Baseball was LeRose’s dream. Close out bats Long before the chef’s coat, his uniform was a red New York Mets fitted hat, oversized t-shirt and diamond earrings. Free indoor basketball courts near me In those years, a foul mouth and penchant for rebellion, partially fueled by attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and mood fluctuations, often got the best of him.

“Ben comes from a very blue-blooded Greenwich family,” Super said. Softball drills for 8u “On his mother’s side, his family has been with the Greenwich Country Club for three or four generations, and Ben’s dad is a hedge fund guy. Football positions So for him to misbehave the way he was doing was very taboo based on the roots he came from. Lattice definition But he didn’t fit that mold.”

Searching for a solution, LeRose’s parents sent him to the St. Softball nsw Thomas More School, a boarding prep school in eastern Connecticut. Uga softball schedule There, he thrived in the structured environment and became captain of its baseball team. Cobblestone bread After graduating in 2008, LeRose went to Curry College in Milton, Mass., where he continued to play ball. Pitch music But he fell into old habits and returned home after one semester.

The car wove through traffic on southbound Interstate 95 with LeRose in the backseat. Mizzou softball schedule 2016 The green sign for Exit 2, Delavan Avenue, approached, the last exit before entering New York.

“He got his friends out of the car,” she said. Fastpitch softball pitching drills “It went over the guardrail and rolled over, top to bottom, and hit a tree. Spring training arizona 2016 If it had rolled over one more time he would have fallen 60 feet down to Arnold’s Bakery.

“The thing about Ben is that he has absolutely zero filter,” Super said. Jacksons fencing “He was never going to work a 9 to 5 cookie cutter job. Where to buy fabric near me And cooking, it was perfect for him, he was able to thrive in that environment.”

“The business can be one that stresses you out and wears you down,” said his former teacher, Chef Chris Brill, from the San Diego Culinary Institute. Sprinkler irrigation system layout “But Ben, he can take the stress and still have a smile on his face or make a joke.

LeRose also befriended a classmate, John Molnar. Landscape forms bench Before long, they were roommates in an apartment building where they cooked for their neighbors on the weekends.

“One thing Ben’s very good at,” Molnar said, “is being able to grab flavors and know how they are going to react to create something new and different, while still feeling like home.

“There was a steak marinade he came up with on the fly,” Molnar remembered from one barbecue, “with a lot of different ingredients we had in our apartment. Stardock fences alternative It came out very fine-dining quality.”

“A lot of people are very turned off by seafood,” he said. What does pitch mean in music “But I’ve had some people try my salmon, and I’ve changed their minds. Baseball teams by state I’ll do cedar plank with maple, or beurre blanc — a white wine butter sauce. Baseball games in a season … Timber merchants glasgow People see it as one thing only. Pinch hitter 2 passwords And when you open their eyes to the artistic ability and the taste profiles you can create from seafood, it’s never ending.”

“The light flakiness of the sea bass,” Molnar explained, “provides a platform for the rich flavors of the crab. Garden city utah The risotto adds a touch of ‘surf and turf’ from the earthiness of the mushrooms.”

After graduation from culinary school, he worked for various restaurants and catering companies in California, but knew that traveling would bring more opportunity.

By June of 2016, LeRose became a regional culinary consultant in Phoenix and traveled to large cities on the west coast regularly before opening his own consulting company.

“It was 105 [degrees] the day I moved here,” he said. Cobblestone callouts “But the rent is cheaper, and opportunities can present themselves when people go somewhere new. Baseball fields near me It’s an ever-growing city, Phoenix.”

In addition to his executive chef position at the hotel, LeRose was hired as a contractor for an outfit called Ensemble Catering. Fantasy baseball mock draft 2016 With its executive chef, Mike Beltran, LeRose donated his time and skills to feeding homeless people on Thanksgiving. Fantasy basketball draft guide With 30 meals, they drove around downtown Phoenix, stopping for anyone they came across who needed something to eat.

“There were so many people we saw that were extremely grateful,” Beltran said. Football games today “I think it’s cool, too, because I have a daughter and a couple of the other guys have daughters, and they were a part of it as well. Mlb scores from yesterday It wouldn’t have been possible without Ben’s idea to do it.”

With specialties varying from juicy bacon cheeseburgers with fresh housemade apple slaw and jalapeño jam, to fresh lump crab cakes over yellow pepper coulis — topped with dollops of tartar sauce, micro greens, and crispy white Parmesan chips — he has experimented with different flavor profiles to discover his own style.

“One thing I love about this industry,” he said, “is that it’s not just food; it’s like art. Football schedule today I want to show what I am capable of. Cbs sports fantasy football podcast I kind of found my path because this industry draws people. Opening day baseball It just hits you one day, like, ‘Damn, I love doing this.’”