Fruit picking for backpackers in australia_ ‘this is not a job for cry babies’

THE owner of a NSW fruitpicking farm that has been slammed after a former worker posted a bizarre set of rules on social media claims the list is nearly 20 years old.

The note, which was posted to a popular Sydney backpacker Facebook group but has since been deleted, warns workers must “walk fast at all times” and that “cry babies” and people who “suffer with depression” are not welcome.

According to the note, workers must be “energetic, a fast mover (walk fast at all times) look efficient even if you are not”, “honest and reliable”, “prepared to work from August through to end of January, with no time off other than public holidays” and “able to wear laytex [sic] gloves which we supply, we don’t supply cotton gloves!”.

They must also be “ready to start work at start time, this changes due to light conditions”, with 6am starts in summer and 7:30am starts in winter for four eight-hour days and one six-hour day to make a 38-hour week.

“All staff must carry in their bags at all times a clean shirt, hat, Panadol, the snips you have been supplied with DO NOT leave these at home, females must carry their own sanitary needs at all times,” the note said.

One person said the “only thing that’s missing is ‘must be a robot’”, while another said the rules “just make ya laugh that someone actually though all that up”.

Speaking to, the owner of the farm said it was “something written some years back because we had such a lot of problems with people starting here and they just whinged and complained”.

“That’s not current,” she said.

Basketball rio 2016 channel “It goes back to when we first started out 17 years ago. College softball world series The rules have changed a lot [since then]. Espn fantasy football draft app When I first started out I was very green, I’d never employed anybody.

“Somebody’s obviously had it all this time and only put it up now. Spring training schedule 2016 I don’t give anything to like that to people, they just get their tax declaration and the Fair Work Australia sheet.”

The owner said she had never had any issues with Fair Work. Comiskey park She added that it was the Australians, not the backpackers, whose griping caused her to make the rules in the first place.

“We have 60 people at this time of year but now you just can’t get Australians to work here,” she said. Masonry veneer manufacturers association “It’s very difficult to get people to work in horticulture here. Facebook logo size There’s just nobody around, I’ve come to the conclusion that the young people [in the area] just won’t work.”

The owner of the farm, which has not named, said she feared the Facebook post could ruin her business if the supermarket she supplied “got wind” of it. Jain irrigation systems ltd “There will be hell to pay,” she said.

Fruit picking is popular among backpackers on working holiday visas, who are required to complete three months’ work in regional areas to apply for a second year.

Backpackers on working holiday visas account for the highest level of pay disputes raised with the Fair Work Ombudsman, with the majority of requests for assistance coming from fruit and vegetable pickers and packers working in Queensland and NSW.

The Greens delivered a victory to the Federal Government on December 1, concluding an end to the contentious backpacker tax after striking a deal to reduce the tax rate on foreign workers to 15 per cent. French flag images free The final sitting week of parliament has been a victory for Prime Minister Turnbull, who managed to secure his ABCC bill and backpacker legislation. Wild pitch frisco facebook The backpacker tax at the centre of the December 1 debate refers to the rate which the government taxes foreign citizens under the age of 30 on a working holiday visa-. Baseball diamond cake In 2015, then-Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey changed the tax these citizens paid, which was virtually zero since no tax was paid for the first $18,200 they earned, to 32.5 per cent from the first dollar. Landscape lighting world The change, which was passed with no consultation and no modelling on the impact, was criticised as disastrous, as it made Australia unappealing to foreign workers. Basketball courts nyc It led to an increase of cash-in-hand work, reduced tax revenue, and undercutting of wages for domestic workers, and also created more opportunities for exploitation, an already common problem according to a 2014-2015 report from the Fair Work Ombudsman. Fantasy football betting sites After a standstill in parliament and much shuffling of votes among independent senators in the Senate, the Greens struck a deal in the final hour with the Coalition to change the tax rate at 15 per cent, in exchange for amendments to the backpackers? superannuation. Mono pitch roof construction drawings Credit: Australian Parliament House via Storyful

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