Full text of sandoval’s last state of the state address

Editor’s note: Gov. Fencing rules olympics Brian Sandoval delivered his final State of the State address in Carson City on Tuesday. Fantasy sports fest The following is the complete written speech Sandoval prepared for his address:

Mr. Softball world series Speaker, Mr. Garden centre jobs President, Distinguished Members of the Legislature, Honorable Justices of the Supreme Court, Constitutional Officers, Congressman mark amodei, honored guests, my fellow Nevadans:

This occasion marks my fourth and final state of the state address, and I stand before you with a sense of deep humility and great pride. Gardman in all sincerity, I’m just as overwhelmed by this responsibility as I was six years ago, when, for the first time as Governor, I addressed a joint session of the Nevada Legislature.

Please allow me to take a moment to recognize Nevada’s First Lady, Kathleen Sandoval, my children, Maddy, Marisa and James, my parents, Ron and Teri Sandoval, my sister, Lauri, and my brother, Ron.

I would like to draw your attention to a first in our state’s extraordinary history, I am honored to recognize the first African-American Speaker of the Nevada State Assembly, Jason Frierson.

In another noteworthy Nevada first, Senator Aaron Ford and Speaker Frierson will be the first African-Americans to concurrently lead both majorities in both houses.

likewise, I look forward to my continued relationship with Assemblyman Paul Anderson and Senator Michael Roberson, and trust that the four caucus leaders will work together, and with me, in the spirit of bi-partisanship to make the right choices for our state.

Sadly, since we last gathered, six former legislators have departed, including the recent loss of my friend and colleague, John Carpenter, a champion of rural Nevada.

And, I would like to recognize the absence of two special Nevadans….we will miss the warmth and humanity of former first Lady Bonnie Bryan, as well as the sage guidance of former congressman, state senator and supreme court justice, Cliff Young.

Having attended every deployment and de-mobilization ceremony since taking office, I have personally witnessed hundreds of brave Nevadans leave their homes, families and jobs to protect and defend our great country.

Tonight, Mr. Hillside landscaping Speaker, in honor of the heroes who have answered the call to duty, I’m proud to present you with this gift from the 485th Military Police Company stationed in Kuwait. Sprinkler world springville “the law dawgs”

In January of 1963, the year I was born, President john f. Realtime landscaping architect 2016 Kennedy said in his State of the Union speech….“ I congratulate you — on your selected role in history. Asa fastpitch softball rules For you and I are privileged to serve in what could be the most decisive decade in our history. Landscape magazine The choices we make, for good or ill, will shape future generations.”

Now, you and I are the ones he spoke of as “privileged to serve”, in what I’m confident historians will proclaim as the most transformational decade in Nevada history.

As a cornerstone of this evening’s message, I stand before you, beneath a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, a man who resisted the calls for a house divided, and ask you, Republicans and Democrats, members of the Senate and Assembly, to join me in rejecting the counterproductive divisiveness of partisan politics.

And instead, to embrace the tradition of bridging our differences in honorable Nevada fashion, so we can make the wise choices, and deliver the sound decisions needed to secure a more prosperous Nevada for generations to come.

Nevada is enjoying record visitor volume, higher hotel occupancy rates, and casinos ACROSS THE STATE reported a COMBINED positive net income for the first time since 2008.

This two-year budget is 10 percent larger than the last budget, due primarily to needed investment in workforce development, education, infrastructure, and Medicaid caseload growth, but is considerably below the statutory spending cap formula established in 1979.

tonight, I want to recognize the enormous contributions our state employees have made to help get the state back on track and acknowledge the dedicated work they have performed for the people of Nevada during this demanding economic period.

This session, my budget includes a four percent cost of living adjustment and increased funding for health benefits to recognize the shared sacrifice and dedication of our state employees.

We can make that vision a reality by investing in higher education, closing the college attainment gap, expanding dual enrollment and growing career opportunities.

i will continue our commitment to nevada’s students by keeping the promise of the milleNnium scholarship with a contribution of $20 million to this legacy program.

Academic programs offered by our higher education institutions, particularly our Community Colleges, must be closely aligned with our economic development strategy.

My budget adds $10 million in new funding for capacity building initiatives at each of Nevada’s seven post-secondary institutions and the Desert Research Institute.

This fall, the inaugural class of 80 future medical professionals will begin instruction, and my budget includes $53 million to sustain this important addition to our higher education system.

Nevada has emerged as an international center for innovation in technology, transportation, and autonomous systems, and has attracted cutting-edge industries making incredible strides in science and engineering.

To build on these successes, I’m proposing the construction of a new College of Engineering at UNR, an $83 million project, half of which will be funded by the state.

This commitment represents yet another important step forward in our effort to adapt workforce training programs to the specific needs and realities of the New Nevada economy.

when implemented, we will meet or exceed the goal that 60 percent of Nevadans between the ages of 25 and 34 will have earned some form of post-secondary degree or credential by 2025.

Last session, we made historic investments in public education and enacted sweeping reforms that changed our top-down approach to education, and laid the foundation for improved learning with financial accountability.

Our work also ensures children are reading at grade level by the third grade, places technology in our student’s hands, and provides full day kindergarten for every child in Nevada.

That’s why I’m announcing the Nevada Connect Kids Initiative, an investment of $2 million of matching funds to ensure our schools have access to high speed broadband, particularly in rural areas.

Since 2011, we have recruited 204 companies that have made $14.5 billion in capital investment and accounted for 15,000 initial jobs, growing to 38,000 jobs within 5 years.

We have added names like Apple, Tesla, EBay, and Hyperloop One to our roster of businesses, and others like Switch and Amazon have UNDERGONE significanT expanSIONS.

In addition to companies expanding and relocating to Nevada, we’ve increased investment in our school buildings, roads, highways and bridges, positioning Nevada for a vibrant economy for years to come.

We have also taken an international leadership role in the development of unmanned aerial systems, autonomous vehicles, and water technology through our economic development efforts.


The CyberDEFENSE Center will help Nevada detect, prevent, and respond to cyber-attacks and stand ready to partner with local governments and the private sector to minimize cyber risks.

with the dedicated leadership of the First Lady and former Supreme Court Justice Nancy Saitta, and After being the only state to receive a grant from the Council of State Governments, a group of legislators, judges and policy makers studied our Juvenile Justice System and concluded it is in need of reform.

They found that state and county agencies spent $95 million on the supervision of justice-involved youth, yet across our state there is no standardized method to track outcomes, or ensure that evidence-based practices are being utilized.

While there are many forms of public service, tonight I want to pay special attention to the servicemen and women who have devoted their strength, talent, and lives to defending our freedom.

For Gold Star families in the United states, I have submitted legislation which permanently removes the out-of-state tuition fees that a Gold Star student IS REQUIRED TO pay to attend a Nevada university or community college.

And, for servicemen and women who answer the call to serve, I am requesting legislation that provides foreclosure protection while they are deployed, and for a period of time after they return.

This legislation increased enrollment in the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program from 16 percent to 81 percent, and has expanded access to lifesaving overdose-reversal medication.

For this reason, last summer I convened a Statewide Prescription Drug Summit with participation from 500 stakeholders, that included legislators, health care professionals, law enforcement, judges, and victims.

Based on recommendations from the Summit, I will introduce the Controlled Substance Abuse Prevention Act, which provides more training and reporting and heightened protocols for medical professionals.

The centerpiece of thE initiative is the addition to the state park system of three historic ranch properties — located along the East Walker River in Lyon County.

Last year, a non-profit organization approached us with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transfer these ranches — valued at $8 million — to Nevada, for free.

this land, to be known as the Walker River Recreation Area, unlocks an unprecedented 12,000 acres OF ranchland and opens access to 28 miles of the East Walker River to all of us.

We must continue the effort to preserve WHAT MARK TWAIN CALLED “SURELY THE FAIREST PICTURE THE WHOLE WORLD AFFORDS”, and my budget includes funding to fight aquatic invasive species, reduce the threat of wildfire and improve storm water drainage.

Let’s face it, continuing down a path that seeks to force THIS unsafe and unwanted project on Nevada is a waste of time and money and only gets the country farther away from solving its nuclear waste problem.

we must ensure that the gaming industry is free to innovate and compete, while closely adhering to two ironclad rules; player protection and safeguarding Nevada’s reputation as the “gold standard” in gaming regulation.

We all know the significance of lithium to our emerging sectors in advanced manufacturing and renewable energy, and we know that mining is CRITICAL to the future of the New Nevada economy.

Join me in urging the Trump Administration, and Congress, to allow Nevada to capitalize on our wealth of mineral deposits that are central to the success of our rural and state economies.

We are completing preliminary work that will CONTINUE THE I-11 PROJECT FROM las vegas to reno, and we must work with our federal delegation to pursue the funding necessary to complete this important infrastructure project.

we are working with local and regional agencies to finalize a traffic study by the end of this year and, once finalized, we will commence plans to build an interchange that ALLOWS residents and visitors to move more efficiently through the Truckee Meadows.

It expands the state’s busiest stretch of highway and, once completed, Project NEON will IMPROVE the daily commute for our residents and ENHANCE the TRAVEL experience for THE millions of visitors who COME TO LAS VEGAS.

“We the people of the State of Nevada, Grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure its blessing, insure domestic tranquility, and form a more perfect Government, do establish this Constitution,”

As I close this address, I ask for your indulgence, on a personal level I’d like to recite a few lines of a hymn summarizing how grateful my family and I are feeling tonight: