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206629 206630 206630 GE, other corporations shop for best relocation deals American companies have often moved manufacturing plants in search of cheaper labor or easier access to raw materials. How to hit a softball But inside the U.S., states are competing with each other to attract new companies and the jobs they bring. El patio menu In turn, corporations leverage their position to shop around for the best deals and tax incentives to relocate. Facebook search history activity log 2013 NewsHour Weekend Correspondent Christopher Booker reports. Jain irrigation share price today 2017-02-11 00:00:00 disabled 2365955155 hyCZteeXgfg 206472 206465 How should companies navigate polarized politics today? How should companies navigate the new political climate under President Trump? From political Super Bowl ads to Trump-brand boycotts, we seem to be seeing the rise of a new partisan consumerism. Garden centre london Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports. Types of pitches in baseball 2017-02-09 18:00:00×196.jpg 2365953760 BHl64Ge-WDk 205834 205798 The economics of repealing Obamacare Repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act was a top priority for President Donald Trump during his campaign. Basketball games y8 But there are hurdles — both economic and in the expectations of the millions who are now covered. Landscaping ideas for hills Economics correspondent Paul Solman reports from Kentucky, a region that’s seen one of the biggest drops of the uninsured rate in the country due to Obamacare. Baseball scores from yesterday 2017-02-02 06:00 pm×196.jpg PDdekOLkSQA 205348 205349 Positive fiscal signs amid a slow-growth economy The U.S. Softball tournaments economy has slowed since the 1990s, but in the final month of President Obama’s term, 156,000 jobs were added and unemployment held at 4.7 percent. Football season As President Donald Trump took office last week, the Dow Jones closed above 20,000 points for the first time. Best fantasy football websites Wall Street Journal Reporter Nick Timiraos joins Hari Sreenivasan from Washington, D.C., to break down the state of the economy. El pato harlingen 2017-01-29 14:34:00×196.jpg 2365944486 Nfpt-Bm66Cw

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: For more than 40 years, these two buildings tucked away in the leafy enclave of Fairfield, Connecticut housed the headquarters of one of the largest manufacturers in the United States General Electric. Pitch angle calculator But a year ago, GE announced it was moving to Boston and taking 200 high-paying jobs with it.

MIKE TETREAU: You’ve got one side saying that, “nah, they were planning it all along.

Spring training florida 2016 There’s nothing we can do.” On the other side, you have people saying, “no. Pitched roof extension ideas You’re to blame. Landscape design plans It’s a bad tax environment. Yaw pitch roll We forced them outta Connecticut.”

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: GE was one of Fairfield’s top taxpayers: paying $1.6 million in property taxes in fiscal year 2016. Garden planner GE still has more than 4,000 workers in other Connecticut facilities, including 600 re-assigned from headquarters. Batting average But the departure is a blow for a state already struggling with tremendous fiscal liabilities.

CATHERINE SMITH: The reality is the 200 jobs that are moving from Connecticut to Boston really aren’t going to make or break the economy here in Connecticut. Yankee stadium tour But I would say that the symbolism, the perception that changed with the GE decision is certainly a challenge for the state and something that we’ve been wrestling with a bit.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Connecticut is wrestling with contradictory economic forces. Small backyard landscaping ideas It’s home to 13 billionaires, and the state has the highest per capita income in the country. Minnesota landscape arboretum But it also has the highest per capita debt — the state is 23 billion dollars in the red. Fastest softball pitch ever And its pension fund for teachers and state workers is one of the country’s most underfunded.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: In the past two years, Connecticut governor Dan Malloy and the state legislature have chosen to make deep cuts in education and construction projects and laid off more than 1,000 state employees.

The state also raised its personal income tax add added a surcharge that effectively raised the 7.5% corporate tax rate to 9% for the state’s largest companies, one of the highest rates in the U.S.

In a June 2015 email to the staff GE CEO Jeff Immelt had complained about Connecticut raising its taxes “five times since 2011.” Immelt told employees, the company had formed “an exploratory team to look into the company’s options to relocate corporate HQ to another state with a more pro-business environment.”

Massachusetts offered GE $145 million in incentives to move including: purchasing these two warehouses as GE workspace, granting up to $25 million in property tax relief from the city of Boston, and possibly improving local road and parking infrastructure.

GOVERNOR CHARLIE BAKER: When we heard they were looking for, possibly relocating their headquarters, I think, we simply felt that with the ecosystem we had here — and with the colleges and universities we had here — it would be a mistake for us not to at least give it a try and see what happened.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: How closely does Massachusetts monitor the fiscal playing fields of other states and particularly states that are home to Fortune 500 companies?

GOVERNOR CHARLIE BAKER: Well, we’re in a competition, and we know that, with lots of other folks. Football teams in london I mean, we’ve had governors come up to Massachusetts to make a pitch to companies here about why they should be in their states.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Baker, a Republican, cooperated with Boston’s Democratic Mayor, Marty Walsh, on the pitch to GE. Home garden design pictures The two men had cemented their relationship during the record breaking winter of 2015, when storms dumped over 9 feet of snow in Boston.

GOVERNOR CHARLIE BAKER: The GE people actually said to us at one point that one of the things that really impressed them about the bid from Boston was the fact that there really wasn’t an inch of daylight between the city and the state on anything.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: The company also says, moving its headquarters is part of a strategic transformation into a “digital industrial company,” producing the analytical technology required in large industrial products, like its own aircraft engines, train locomotives, and gas turbines.

GE vice-president Ann Klee, who oversaw the negotiations behind the Massachusetts move, says the Boston region offers a steady stream of the talent the company needs to make the transformation it says it requires.

ANNE KLEE: And that just wasn’t Connecticut. Stardock fences windows 10 A place that’s what we call “in the flow of ideas.” And that’s in a city where you have a great, you know, energy, access to talent, an ability to attract and retain talent, people want to move into cities. Pinch hitter 2 unblocked That’s what we’re seeing with millennials. Landscape photography lens And so we looked at at the move from that perspective. Ancestry sign in How would we get into an ecosystem of innovation? Which is what we found in Boston.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: The new GE headquarters — including this 12 story office tower — will take up about 100,000 square feet less than the space of the old Connecticut buildings.

ANNE KLEE: We think about the talent we’re bringing in. Beautiful landscapes tumblr Lots of coders, software developers, technologists. Fantasy baseball rankings So when we think about our new headquarters, this is not your grandmother’s headquarters.

JON CHESTO: He talks about it a lot, about, “I don’t wanna sit in an office where I can look out the window and see deer running by.” He says, “I wanna walk out the office and get” yeah, I think he used the expression, was, “punched in the face by some MIT geek who can do my job better than me.” And there’s a lot of smart people within a three-mile radius of where, where their headquarters is now.

Food processing giant Conagra, the maker of Chef Boyardee and Slim Jim, moved its headquarters from Omaha, Nebraska to Chicago with a collection of undisclosed tax incentives from Illinois.

CATHERINE SMITH: Competition between the states overall is extremely high. Portfolio outdoor lighting transformer troubleshooting Companies that have their presence here in the state get calls from North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, so we have governors that come into the state to try to recruit companies away. Rock garden images So it’s incredible intensive. Garden state parkway My own personal view, and I think our governor as well, is that it’s not necessarily beneficial for us to be using state tax dollars – which is what we do for their financial incentive programs that are offered, like GE got out of Boston – it’s not necessarily beneficial for us to be luring companies away. Watch mlb online free streaming live Rather, we focus on really growing the companies that are here.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Has there been any local pushback or blowback? I mean, I read a few op-eds here and there that said, “oh, you know, GE is a multi-billion dollar company. Hardscaping They don’t need this type of money put before them.”

GOVERNOR CHARLIE BAKER: There are certainly people who have said that they don’t think GE should, you know, get any incentives. Major league baseball scores from last night And I understand where they’re coming from. Landscape wallpaper But if you talk to most people who pay attention to this sort of thing and study these kinds of things, having a company like GE here in Boston and in Massachusetts is gonna pay back 10 times over in a whole variety of ways.

CATHERINE SMITH: It’s my view, based on a lot of interaction with GE and with the community in which they operate and with some of the employees, that GE. Irrigation definition geography Was on a road to make a change. Vegetable garden layout ideas I think that decision actually was made long before we got into conversation with them. Francesca battistelli free to be me By the time we got a chance to talk to them, I think the die had already been cast.

CHRISTOPHER BOOKER: Last fall, Connecticut offered another major employer — Sikorsky Aircraft — a $220 million incentive program to keep it from relocating. Spring training arizona In return, Smith says Sikorsky promised to spend $700 million a year on Connecticut-based companies that supply their production.

But the state’s fiscal woes continue. Baseball diamond clipart The Office of Fiscal Analysis is projecting a $1.4 billion budget shortfall next fiscal year. Nsa softball Last month, the state asked Fairfield after cutting about $4 million from its 2016 budget to cut an additional half million.

MIKE TETREAU: We have a significant drop in revenue from the state that we have to make up by either tax increases or expense cuts. Garden city kansas So I know Fairfield was successful, and vibrant, and very much alive before GE came here and we’re gonna have to continue to grow, and learn to get over that. Frances bean cobain instagram And realize there’s life beyond GE.

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