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Each week, we offer a Q&A with a local personality. Landscaper salary Today, 67-year-old Champaign resident Bruce Swartz chats with The News-Gazette’s Paul Wood. El patio mexican restaurant Swartz has been active with Restoration Urban Ministries, served as a sidekick to comedian Tony Clements and has been official statistician for the Illini football team since 1984.

I grew up on a farm midway between Mahomet and Champaign in the days when Mahomet had 350 residents and Champaign was “a fer piece off.” Even though I’ve lived in Champaign since 1974, I’ll always consider myself a farm boy, and I still love to head out to our family farm, which goes back in our family to the 1830s. Elevator pitch for students My mother and brother each have homes on that farm.

I only played one season of Little League. Low maintenance landscaping ideas I did, however, play several years of slow-pitch softball as a pitcher. Baseball field layout Many of those years were with Loren Tate and several other News-Gazette employees on the team, and we had a lot of good times.

I’ve been the official statistician for the football team since 1984, and while many of those seasons have been less than memorable, the people on the crew are all exceptional people who genuinely enjoy being together. Play baseball games While most of us could easily say it’s time to retire, Kent Brown and his staff make working the games a pleasure. Famous softball players And for over 20 years, I’ve been the back-up timer for the basketball team. College softball rankings It’s a lot of fun to be at center court and see everything up close, but as I’ve told many people, we all “see” the game, but we don’t necessarily get to “watch” it, as we are constantly busy.

I don’t get to do it anymore, as we finally retired the show, but for 25 years I was Tony Clements’ foil at the Clements Comedy Cafe. What is pitch perfect rated Being part of something that brought so much joy and laughter to people will always be a highlight of my life. Usssa softball texas Tony really is a comedic genius, and we came up with some of the most stupid and most hilarious stuff that helped people laugh with each other and at themselves. Pinch hitter Laughter really is good for the soul. Final score ncaa basketball championship Of course, Tony needed someone to play off of for some of the humor to work, and it was my pleasure to be that person. Fantasy baseball yahoo But we allowed people to laugh at themselves, because we were first laughing at ourselves.

My parents had attended First Baptist Church of Mahomet, a small American Baptist Church, for many years, so when I came along, I went, too. Pitch diameter gear My mother was the choir director, and my dad sang in the choir. Landscape photography tips for beginners When I was 9 years old, sitting between my grandparents as we passed a candlelight to each other and our dark sanctuary came to light with an incredible warmth, I knew this baby we were singing about, and who our pastor was saying was “the light of the world,” was real. Garden spider I felt His presence and somehow knew that He knew me. Www pitch Two years later, I formally accepted Christ, and Rev. Fantasy football mock draft 12 team ppr Dan Unruh baptized me in an old lead-lined baptistry filled with frigid water complete with a painting of the Jordan River behind it. El patio All three of our children were also baptized in the church building, but by then we had a new baptistry that came with water heaters.

I’ve had multiple life-changing events since then, each of which has deepened my faith, even though some caused me to doubt and some were very frightening. Ncaa baseball tournament scores Others have been profoundly uplifting. Facebook login problems I think it takes all kinds of experiences to develop a genuine relationship with Christ. Cutter pitch Without life-altering events, it’s too easy to assume you have God figured out.

I felt like God wanted me to go back to school. Lattice degeneration And for several years, I worked largely with men and women who had suffered childhood trauma. Sprinkler world springville utah Watching people find hope when life seemed hopeless, find meaning when life seemed meaningless and find joy even in the midst of pain is such a blessing. Garden design pictures do yourself All I had to do was ask questions, and God did all the work. Backyard baseball It took several years to discover it, but it turns out I had suffered a head injury in an auto accident and my thinker was not working normally. How to build a deck mtg When I finally realized I could not continue counseling, I accepted a job at Restoration Urban Ministries working with Ervin Williams and Leland Collins.

Health issues forced me onto disability in 2008, but fortunately I’ve regained enough vitality that I volunteer as a teacher of a class on dealing with pain at Restoration and work with some amazing people who are part of a group who work with sexual abuse survivors at the Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln. Irrigation supply near me Our job is to simply love the women, teach them a few things we’ve learned and let the Holy Spirit do the work, and we have seen some absolutely miraculous changes in people’s lives.

Linda and I will celebrate 45 years of marriage this year. Flood irrigation advantages and disadvantages I attribute that to her perseverance and patience. Rock garden We have seven grandchildren, six of whom live quite a distance away. Drippers vape shop I love to travel with Linda to visit our grandkids and enjoy having our one local one come spend the night with us. College softball pitchers I saw a bumper sticker once that said, “Grandchildren are your reward for not killing your children.” They know me as “Opa” and Linda as “Oma.” My oldest son is a systems whiz and is the hands-on managing partner of Jones Double Reeds in Spokane, Wash. Garden city tx My daughter, the middle child, is a very gifted physician’s assistant in Beaumont, Texas, and my youngest son is the financial controller for several businesses. Football games unblocked He is a CPA who also has a side tax business, and does ours every year.

I have a group of guys I meet regularly with, either on the golf course during golf season or at Panera during the winter. Softball savings com We laugh and share the very best and worst of life together. Usssa slow pitch softball rules Some of us have been dealing with health issues as we age, but we still meet as often as we can to share life.

I am a deacon, teach adult Sunday School occasionally, lead a small group, help with our church youth group and sing in our newly reconstituted choir. Sec basketball tournament scores I’m also active in an ecumenical Christian renewal movement called The Walk to Emmaus, which can be a powerful faith-building time for the participants. How to install chain link fence I also speak in other churches periodically.