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The question originally appeared when the town was debating adding a fourth culvert prior to the start of the high school project. Baseball stores It failed at the time (with 44 percent in support), perhaps because it was tied to the culvert, remediation question which asked the town to spend $11.45M. Gardens illustrated The town passed the first question with 65 percent of voters in favor (only 19 percent of registered voters turned out for the June 2015 special override vote).

Manganaro is hoping that asking residents to support the turf field as a stand-alone project will produce better results. Garden design He informed the School Committee at their most recent meeting that the question they want to put forth to residents in 2017 will be exactly the same as the question the Board of Selectmen put forth in 2015.

The question reads: “Shall the Town of Winchester be allowed to exempt from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, so-called, the amounts required to pay for the bonds to be issued for the design, permitting, and construction of synthetic turf fields consisting of a baseball diamond and a rectangular multi-purpose field at Skillings Field, including lighting conduit, original equipment and landscaping, and all other costs incidental and related thereto, provided that any vote hereunder shall not be effective unless the town votes to exempt from the provisions of proposition two and one-half, so-called, the amounts required to pay for the bonds for the Skillings Field supplemental culvert and environmental remediation projects to be voted under Question 1 above?”

Obviously, Question 1 already passed so now residents simply have to decide how badly the town needs a second turf field to complement the one at Manchester Field. Baseball drills for 7 year olds Manganaro, Athletic Director Marc Arria and some members of the School Committee believe strongly that another synthetic field would help out the town’s athletic program. Facebook app wont load It could also get the ball rolling on a five-year plan for the field.

Should the question go on the ballot (Manganaro will go before the Board of Selectmen this Monday with a similar proposal and he said they could go before the Field Management Committee if asked) and residents pass the question, the town could rent out the facility, put the money in a revolving fund, and use it in a decade to replace the surface if needed.

To convince the town to place the question back on the ballot, Manganaro collected 1,500 signatures from residents and members of the high school baseball team, youth lacrosse, soccer, and football.

Schindelman believed in the project two years ago and believes in it now. Landscape design ideas for front yard He mentioned that the town has a field shortage. Masonry store near me Another synthetic field would open up, not only field space, but also Manchester Field.

He also backed the notion that people look at facilities when choosing a place to live, mentioning the story of a couple who came to Winchester, saw the high school, and kept driving.

Bohne, who also expressed support for the project, wondered if the town could use some of the money it saved from the culvert project. Landscape design pictures Then the override could take some of the pressure off other areas of the high school.

“We spend $1M each year on athletics and 50 percent come from fees,” Bohne informed the public, noting that it’s not fair to put so much of the burden on parents.

Supt. Small front garden ideas no grass Evans not only supported the ballot proposal, she stated that she wanted to see three turf fields at the Skillings site. Landscape images free download She did note, though, that as a backup plan the town may have to reseed the field in case the ballot question fails (or doesn’t make it on the ballot).

Not every committee member was gung-ho about the project. Garden of eden kansas While Chris Nixon admitted he was all-in back in 2015, his tune had changed somewhat. Football games online multiplayer He thought the field money could be spent elsewhere.

“In about 30-40 minutes, I’m going to ask my fellow committee members to support $1M for a schematic package to get the McCall library back with construction starting next year. Fencing rio 2016 It’s been split into two instructional spaces,” Nixon noted.

If the question passes, it would need to go through Town Meeting. Cheap bats com If it passed there, funding wouldn’t be available until July 1. Basketball wives la season 5 episode 5 That would push construction to either fall or the spring of 2018. Basketball rio 2016 tv This means the town would still miss an entire baseball season, plus the possibility of missing the fall 2017 season.

Fortunately, the project has the support of those high up on the food chain, like the superintendent and AD Arria. Softball games He said that the town is in “dire need of more synthetic spaces in town.”

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