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LENOX — For local inn owner and visionary entrepreneur Eiran Gazit, his personal “Field of Dreams” fantasy — a $40 million, interactive miniature-world attraction in midtown Manhattan — is about to become reality.

Gulliver’s Gate is an immersive, interactive display of 300 small-scale scenes, including more than 1,000 miniature trains, 12,000 wagons, 10,000 cars and trucks, as well as planes in simulated flight.

There are monuments from U.S., European, Asian, Middle Eastern and South American sites, and landmarks depicting wonders of the world such as the Hoover Dam, the Parthenon, the Colosseum, the Pyramids, the Panama Canal and the Great Wall of China.

Matthew Cote, on leave from Lenox Memorial Middle and High School after 15 years of teaching science and technology, has spent nearly two years as chief technology officer for the Gulliver’s Gate company.

Realtime landscaping plus He views the massive “build it and they will come” endeavor as an inspiring learning experience.

Gazit, who co-founded an outdoor theme park in 2002 near Jerusalem depicting Israel’s landmark sites, based his Gulliver’s Gate concept on a successful indoor display, Miniatur Wunderland, in Hamburg, Germany.

“When I embarked on this,” he said at his Gateways Inn, “I made a strategic decision that every area we would display would be built in that area for authenticity and flavor.”

He sought out model-making studios in eight countries on four continents to create the 50-nation display in the former New York Times building on West 43rd Street in the heart of Times Square.

Gazit has spent many months meeting with design teams around the world including China, where Asian landmarks such as the Taj Mahal were reimagined for the miniaturized displays.

Italian craftspeople designed Western Europe locations, Argentinian artists depicted scenes of central and South America, while Israeli designers covered the Middle East, including Mecca and the pyramids.

Gazit launched the project in 2014 through an online Kickstarter campaign that raised nearly $25,000 in startup money but, more importantly, created buzz that helped attract additional investors beyond the three initially involved.

“That was a big challenge, I didn’t expect it to take close to a year to finalize a lease,” he said. Football games online play “We were an unknown, a year or two ago, nobody had heard of us.”

At last, in January 2016, a 15-year lease with renewable options was signed for the 47,000-square-foot, block-wide second-floor newsroom and pressroom of the former New York Times building. Facebook logo Gazit compared the space to a football field.

“What we’ve achieved in the past 13 months, I’m told, is impossible in New York,” Gazit said. Yard design “Working in New York is a challenge; it’s not an easy city, and Times Square is the hardest of all for reasons of security and logistics.”

Gazit credited his executive, administrative and design team as well as artists and contractors for reaching the goal. Landscape garden design ideas With 300 working on the project around the world, including nearly 100 at the Times Square site, “people have really stepped up with a lot of pride and commitment,”

“I have a very direct attitude,” he acknowledged. Fastest pitch “I say what I mean, I mean what I say but people in New York like that approach, they know I pay on time, pay fairly, sometimes I’m hard to negotiate with but once I make an agreement, I stand by it.”

Gazit awarded high marks to Cote, his chief technology officer, recruited based on his work as a Lenox teacher. Stone fence minecraft Gazit’s three sons were educated in the Lenox public schools.

“He had never played with toy trains, so he came with a totally open mind,” said Gazit. Garden design planner “He was willing to test and navigate various options. House design pictures exterior He has turned out to be fantastic.”

Some scenes of the display were assembled at a warehouse in Lee two years ago — towns, farms populated by tiny chickens pecking away, industrial sites with jackhammers drilling, an amusement park with a Ferris wheel and a ski resort, all a tiny fraction of their actual size.

For Cote, the project, with final assembly in Brooklyn, has been “a wonderfully exciting challenge, completely new but allowing me to use every skill I think I have.”

“As a teacher, you’re supposed to be more knowledgeable than the people you serve,” Cote said. Garden spider size “In this case, the people who work with me are so much more knowledgeable.”

“It has been inspiring and great fun working in a learning-intensive environment,” he said in a phone interview from Dalton, where he returns for long weekends with his wife of 21 years, Janine, and their daughters: Samantha, is a sophomore at UMass-Amherst; Emmy is set to graduate from Wahconah Regional High School this spring and Jillian. Rawlings outlet who will enter ninth grade at Wahconah in the fall.

Despite a last-minute obstacle — the company’s Chinese design team was unable to obtain visas to assemble their display in New York — Gazit considers the project his crowning achievement, “the culmination of all the experience I’ve had in my life, whether it’s managing challenges or managing people. Fences download It’s all coming together in this project.”

The five-year plan for Gulliver’s Gate calls for three new locations. What is pitch perfect 2 rated Potential sites include Miami, Nashville, St. Facebook app Louis, San Diego, Atlanta and Toronto, Ontario.

“I’m not in a hurry,” said Gazit, 61. Jain irrigation ltd The task at hand is for a successful launch of the New York flagship. Georgia tech softball camp But the buildout of a second location, involving many of the current design studios, is expected later this year.

He predicted that the attraction’s combination of hand-craftsmanship and 3-D image-mapping technology will be the “wow” factor — “where art meets technology, the sweet spot.” Visitors are also likely to be awed by the miniature futuristic airport, including planes taking off and landing.

Cote faces a decision this spring on whether to stay with Gulliver’s Gate or return to his science, technology, computer-aided design and robotics teaching post in Lenox.

Cote, 45, credited his oldest daughter, Samantha, as “largely responsible for my decision to take this job. Small garden ideas images I’m excited to have my family see what I’ve been doing all this time, the fruits of our labors. Football schedule Since I’ve been away several days of the week, missing them as they’ve missed me, I hope they’ll see that it was worth it.”

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