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NEW YORK — Michael drove all the way from Alabama for this. Garden state park Well, technically, Brandi Murray, the woman in a pearl-colored, sequined skirt suit running a hairbrush over Michael’s back drove him. Michigan softball coach Michael can’t drive, because Michael is a dog, and dogs don’t have opposable thumbs, which makes gripping a steering wheel difficult.

But Murray was more than happy to be the Finnish Lapphund’s chauffeur, because Michael’s big moment at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York City on Monday was also Murray’s big moment: As his handler, she always has a vested interest in how brightly he shines.

So Murray brushed Michael near his little dog cubby, in the cavernous space of Pier 94 in Chelsea, as though he were a junior getting ready to go prom with a senior. Facebook desktop version android She fussed over his tail, wondering out loud why it wasn’t standing up, then realized if she and Michael didn’t head over to Ring 7 immediately, they’d be late for the competition in which Michael had to prove to a judge that he was the most beautiful of all the Finnish Lapphunds.

The two of them took off, half-jogging over to the wide open expanse of green carpet where canine dreams of greatness either come true or shatter into a million pieces like a crushed-up dog bone.

In my happily overwhelmed state, I lost Michael and Murray. High pitch eric howard stern I’d gotten sidetracked by the need to pet several other dogs and tell them how good they were, including a German Shepherd named Ridge and a foxhound named Jackson. Basketball teams in california I passed some dogs who resembled mops, a few who looked like they’d had their hair straightened, and one who looked like it were made of the tassels that come on graduation caps.

The handlers at dog shows are all neat and clean, too, and they all wear suits, I learned on Monday. Baseball field dimensions I asked a handler standing next to a bunch of coonhounds if there was a dress code, and she said, “everyone wears their Sunday best, you know what I’m saying?” She also said that many of them like outfits with “bling,” because it sparkles on camera. Ny yankees spring training 2016 The amount of sequins around me proved her point.

When I finally got to Ring 7, a steward was telling Michael and Murray, along with seven or eight other Finnish Lapphunds and their handlers, that “we’ll have the dogs head in, and then the bitches.” I didn’t laugh, even when he said, “okay, now let’s get the bitches in.”

The judge, whose name was Mr. Diy outdoor furniture plans Walter J. Wyevale jobs Sommerfelt, stood near the entrance to the ring, but I wasn’t allowed to talk to him, the steward said, because he had no time. Baseball practice plans He was busy judging dogs.

I don’t totally understand how the judging of a dog show works, despite all the explanations I got from a few different handlers. Pitched roof design However, Mr. Hardscapes tulsa Walter J. Stardock fences key Sommerfelt appeared to check the dogs’ teeth, grab their haunches, pinch their tails, and then watch them and their handlers run around the ring, before ultimately awarding one dog “Best in Breed,” and then bestowing two others with second and third place.

But second and third place are not called second and third place; second place is called something that I can’t remember and that Google isn’t helping me find, and third place is called “select.” I learned this when one of the handlers, a 13-year-old named Emma Rodgers, corrected me after I congratulated her on her third-place ribbon. Baseball games online She is a young lady who is going places.

While Mr. Fantasy football team names reddit Walter J. Canadian olympic basketball team 2016 roster Sommerfelt poked and prodded Michael and his competitors, I made friends with Bienna, a Norwegian Buhund, and her handler, Amy Mclaughlin, who were waiting to enter the ring for the next round of judging after the Finnish Lapphunds. Fastest softball pitch Bienna and Mclaughlin were from Seattle, where Mclaughlin works for a guy who shows people’s dogs for them. Football scores espn But Bienna is Mclaughlin’s own personal dog and a four-time “Best in Breed” champion, a record for the American Kennel Club.

“She says, ‘I love it,’” Mclaughlin said, looking at Bienna then at me. Fantasy football yahoo app “This is her life. Minecraft fence gate She absolutely adores it. Pitch diameter calculator She also says, ‘Mom, I love this. Exterior house design ideas pictures I love the show ring.’”

I realized I’d been neglecting Michael. Timber merchants bristol I turned around and was dismayed to see a different Finnish Lapphund sitting in the middle of the ring next to a basket of big yellow flowers as Mr. Natural stone design Walter J. Landscape architecture foundation Sommerfelt handed it a “Best in Breed” certificate. Usssa softball tournaments A photographer took the not-Michael dog’s picture as someone behind it tossed a rubber chicken in the direction the dog was supposed to look for the photo, so that the dog would actually look in that direction.

Murray and Michael stood next to the ring. Basketball rio 2016 channel They hadn’t won anything, and Murray was upset because Mr. College softball world series Walter J. Espn fantasy football draft app Sommerfelt had looked at Michael for a long time, which is usually a good sign, but in this case was simply false hope. Spring training schedule 2016 I asked how she felt.

“It’s a lot of needing Klonopin and Xanaz,” Murray continued. Comiskey park “I’m gonna go to the hotel, and have a early dinner, and take a couple drinks, and go to sleep. Masonry veneer manufacturers association I gotta get up early, I have to go to Pittsburgh to pick something up, then I have to drive to North Carolina and pick up two clients before we go back to Alabama.”

I asked if the clients were dogs. Facebook logo size Murray said they were. Jain irrigation systems ltd I pet Michael one last time, and then he and Murray left the ring. French flag images free He smiled, blissfully unaware that he hadn’t won, because he is a dog.

Then I turned my attention back to Bienna, who Mclaughlin had already paraded around. Wild pitch frisco facebook Mr. Baseball diamond cake Walter J. Landscape lighting world Sommerfelt was pointing at Bienna, and I realized he was awarding her “Best in Breed!” For the fifth time!

Mclaughin picked up Bienna and squeezed her, then put her down and headed to the middle of the ring for the requisite photo next to the basket of yellow flowers. Basketball courts nyc Winning meant that Bienna and Mclaughlin would be going on to the big event at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night, where they’d compete for Best in Show. Fantasy football betting sites I thought of the greatness that lay ahead, and asked Mclaughlin how she felt.

“For Bienna, being only three months out of having puppies, and this being only her second show since September of last year?” Mclaughlin shook her head. Mono pitch roof construction drawings “She showed like a rock star.”