House beautiful_ shawnigan home hand-hewn with love

The Shawnigan home of Jude Gilley and Tom Schindelka is a marvel, not only because it nestles in an idyllic forest glade, is designed in the shape of an octagon and has soaring ceilings and meticulous millwork that glows like polished amber.

Apart from pouring concrete, hanging drywall and lifting beams, for which they had help, they did virtually everything on their own, including forming the foundations and pouring most of them, milling about half the lumber required for the beams, routering and planing the wood, doing all the framing, roofing, plumbing, electrical, millwork and cabinetry, laying in-floor heat and building windows and doors, not to mention painting and staining.

Schindelka, 70, a retired insurance broker who grew up on the Prairies, said he was born with a hammer in his hand. Green landscaping “I built a lot of huts starting when I was about seven.

University of alabama softball camp I’d collect scrap lumber and build a hut, then take it apart and build another. Softball pics Building that fascinated me.”

“My son always said I should be an architect,” joked Gilley, 73, whose career as a developmental psychologist included teaching at UBC and SFU. Baseball american league east standings “I love designing homes. Softball images I built two others before this one and also redesigned a couple of kitchens.

This construction project has taken them the better part of 15 years. Football season start During the first year and a half, they lived in an old trailer that they had moved onto the property, while they built a garage with living quarters above.

Their original plan was for a 2,577-square-foot house, but it grew with additions for visiting family and a studio for her art. Lattice multiplication example The house now covers 4,500 square feet.

“Building for us is a passion, not a vocation,” Schindelka said. Wicker world They used to live in Vancouver but wanted to retire to the Island and searched the length of it before finding this property.

“It was totally overgrown when we came here, but we managed to get a trailer into the forest far enough to set up shop,” said Schindelka. Minor league baseball teams in ohio “We borrowed water from one neighbour, power from another and did all the designing ourselves on a computer — which took about two months.”

Since then, he estimates they have used about 10 kilometres of board feet to create doors, windows, floors, baseboards, trim, beams and more. Wyevale nurseries Much of that wood came from the property and it all had to be finished.

She does all the staining and painting, while he does the woodwork and they share the design work. Definition of pitch in physics They have worked side by side on almost all of the tasks, and have the scars to prove it. Orchard fencing erith For instance, there was the time Gilley crouched down to check the level of some concrete Schindelka was pouring, and he accidentally stepped on her finger. Lattice energy calculator It still won’t bend.

The home is octagonal in shape and there are few right angles, except on four sides where rooms jut out. Gravel patio diy And because the owners didn’t want the house to cantilever over a dip in the land, they built five-metre pilings under that side of the house and back-filled.

They had many adventures along the way — the most fun was framing the house, Gilley said. College baseball scores espn “It’s great getting to wear a belt with hammers and stuff hanging off your hip.”

The most challenging time was “the dreaded 33-hour day,” she said. Fantasy basketball draft strategy It happened when they were planning the foundation. Cultural landscape ap human geography They had rented forms and ordered a concrete truck, but the concrete people suddenly phoned and said they had to come two days early.

“Around 4 a.m., I started to cry and said I couldn’t go on. Fences august wilson movie I had to rest. Good fantasy football team names 2015 Tom came to bed about 7 a.m. Landscape lighting world coupon and we both got up an hour later and worked all that day till 4:30 p.m. Usssa fastpitch softball rules We went to bed with no dinner. Baseball field dimensions mlb We were too tired.

Another setback came one sunny day when Gilley had just finished coating the kitchen-cupboard doors and had laid them on a tarp to dry. Fencing rules olympics Her husband was felling a tree nearby.

“I suddenly heard a creak and a humungous tree came down and landed in an explosion of dust and dry needles that landed all over the doors. Fantasy sports fest It wasn’t a big deal, as I was able to sand them all off once they were dry.”

Another time, it was his turn to grimace. Softball world series After he’d spent an entire day staking out their future home, she found herself a lawn chair and sat on it, imagining she was in her new bathtub. Garden centre jobs Glancing around, she asked if he could please turn the house just a little to improve her view. Gardman He spent the next day redoing every measurement. Hillside landscaping Again she hopped in the “tub” — and suggested he move it. Sprinkler world springville After three moves, he got down on his knees and begged her not to move it again.

The bookcase in their library, for instance, has a secret doorway into the attic, inspired by C.S. Realtime landscaping architect 2016 Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia. Asa fastpitch softball rules The living-room fireplace has its roots in the imaginary universe of German author Michael Ende’s The NeverEnding Story. Landscape magazine In honour of a giant rock character, Schindelka gave the fireplace two sturdy legs of stone.

Gilley says her husband is a brilliant builder: “He studies absolutely everything and is so meticulous. Dripping springs ok His father used to tell him: ‘We’re not building a church.’ ”

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