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Last August, we got the quintessential Game of Thrones (bonus Star Wars) experience as we travelled to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, courtesy of Tourism Ireland and Etihad Airways, to see where the mammoth TV show films. Definition of pitch Cue archery training, breathtaking scenery and an 8am run-in with Jason Momoa.

The Cuan is a cosy inn run by Peter and Caroline in the village of Strangford, Northern Ireland (population 500). Elevator pitch definition The couple is sweet, elderly and married, and they like to blast Game of Thrones music through a boombox in the mornings while serving soft boiled eggs, cheese, bread and mint tea — Catelyn Stark’s breakfast from the G.R.R. Fastest pitch in baseball Martin books.

The family-owned hotel is just one of many hidden treasures in Northern Ireland that have benefited from the grisly HBO series filming in their backyard. Fantasy sports websites Over the course of six larger-than-life seasons, Game of Thrones — a fantasy drama that takes place in the fictional world of Westeros and Essos — has become one of the most popular TV shows of our generation. Garden state parkway rest stops It shoots largely in Northern Ireland and is funded in part by Northern Ireland Screen; the agency has spent a total of £13.75 million (Dh63.34 million) on the show since it began in 2010 and estimates that the series has brought £148 million into the economy.

Drive ten minutes from the inn, and you’re standing in front of Winterfell, the daunting, gloriously grey home of the Starks. New york yankees spring training 2016 (In reality, it’s Castle Ward, an 18th century property spread across 332 hectares — nearly the size of Central Park in New York, and twice the size of Monaco.)

If you’ve signed up for a tour (, you’re handed a fake sword and a weighty cape (far too heavy to keep on, far too cool-looking to take off) and given an archery lesson in the same spot where Jon Snow and Robb Stark taught a young Bran how to shoot. Garden design free software The winner gets to fake-behead the loser over a log, with the pictures to prove it.

Guided tours take the form of cycling, walking or even boating through iconic scenes: Robb’s Camp, where Jamie Lannister had been held in a cage; the castle where Bran famously fell to his death; the cottage of the Winterfell brothel and the tree where Brienne once discovered three hanging bodies.

The scenarios are morbid, yet the locations are anything but. Baseball games today scores If anything, they’re surreally peaceful and practically otherworldly, more suitable for family photo ops than for routine, bloody murder. Gravel driveway cost per square metre With the right tour guide — ours was a delightful history major who now leads tours full-time — the stories behind the scenes become just as fascinating for a total GoT newbie as they are for a steadfast fan.

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, is a colossally colourful city. Fantasy basketball keeper rankings It’s drenched in explicit political graffiti and home to Mount Stewart, the massively flamboyant gardens planted in the 1920s, which were restored a few years ago to the tune of £8 million. How to pitch It’s also where the Titanic was built.

A new, interactive visitor attraction dubbed the Titanic Belfast (it was built in 2012) shows the shipwreck in a new light. Ncaa college baseball scores The focus is on the builders who spent two years away from their families to perform grim manual labour (some lost their hearing from how loud the construction was) only to mourn the loss of their work almost immediately in the collision.

Our hotel in Belfast was a monument of a different kind: the Europa, the most bombed hotel in the world. Uga softball roster It was blown up a whopping 36 times during the Troubles. Auburn softball complex And yet, a sign in the lobby proudly declares: “PRESIDENT WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON stayed here, 30th November 1995.”

Every day, a gaggle of Game of Thrones fans trek to the middle of nowhere — Seaview Hall, 13 New Road, Glenarm to be precise — to find Brona Spencer’s jewellery shop. Lattice energy of kcl It’s where the Starks and Lannisters get all their old-timey accessories made for TV.

For 36 years, Spencer’s parents ran Steensons Workshop and Gallery before passing it on to her and her husband, Dan. Absolute pitch About a decade ago, the head costume designer on Game of Thrones called in a favour, asking for a custom piece of jewellery for the show’s debut season.

The result was a 10 kg livery collar made of bronze (the equivalent of wearing a Dachshund around your neck), which took two weeks to craft and barely enjoyed any airtime. Mutual materials Seven seasons later, the jewellers are still working on the show and selling replicas in their shop (sadly, they don’t have clearance for online sales just yet).

Kit Harrington, however, made an anxious visit to Steenson’s Belfast branch to buy a ring for his girlfriend, presumably GoT co-star Rose Leslie, and left with his purchase. Garden of the gods rv resort There was no diamond in it, though Harrington was frazzled enough to come back with two other cast members for a second opinion.

A spray-painted Yoda welcomes you into Farren’s Bar in Donegal. Diy trellis He wasn’t always there. Masonry supply near me But Star Wars: The Force Awakens decided to film its final scene, and the film’s upcoming sequel, amidst the striking, jagged terrain of Malin Head (the most northerly point of the Republic of Ireland) and the whole place went Star Wars crazy.

“I couldn’t speak. Tactile paving I was in total shock,” he told Gulf News tabloid!. Fantasy baseball keeper rankings A friend had called him and told him to make sure he’s at the bar at 10pm, though he couldn’t explain why, thanks to the notorious secrecy surrounding the franchise. Outdoor Farren had a feeling it would be a celebrity, so he got a marker ready and took a pair of Kickers’ Stroomtrooper shoes out of storage.

“To think it was only filming up the road, it’s an unbelievable feeling. High pitch eric dead There were at least six lightsabres — 200 pound [90kg] ones — and [fans] were having fights with them,” he added.

Some of Farren’s own friends were recruited to work with the local crew, but weren’t allowed to speak about it and resorted to charades to try and get their pals to guess.

In true JJ Abrams (co-writer and co-producer) style, the sets — including a gated, private home with magnificent black, brown and white horses strolling around its farmyard — were cordoned off a mile away. Landscape pictures free 300 staff members were hired to shield the area. Patchwork Two guards had binoculars. Usssa softball iowa For maximum privacy, the cast, including Daisy Ridley, were rumoured to have stayed at private homes rather than hotels. Alabama softball (Hamill, however, apparently stayed at the Red Castle.)

Typically rainy, Ireland called on its twisted sense of humour and was perfectly sunny on filming days, necessitating two lorries carrying a thousand litres of water to create the stormy atmosphere required.

Dublin is tame when you compare it to London or New York, but a real city when you compare it to Derry or Donegal. Baseball online streaming If you’re looking to casually bump into a celebrity, it’s the place to go.

One star-studded spot is The Merrion, a timeless, luxury hotel that once upon a time welcomed President Barack and Michelle Obama. Garden of eden location It’s extravagant in an old-fashioned way, made up of restored Georgian buildings in Dublin’s city centre and doubling as a museum, offering tours of more than ninety privately-owned works of 19th-20th century art.

But “whenever Bruce Springstreen is here, it’s pandemonium,” said marketing manager Sarah Glavey. Baseball pitches “Outside the hotel and the back entrance are completely swarmed.”

People were once irrevocably convinced that Justin Bieber was there, which resulted in the same chaos. Little league pitch count “He was travelling with Willow Smith, and the Smiths were here but he wasn’t. How to design a garden You’ve never seen the likes of this, people thinking he was here,” added Glavey.

The staff are wary of distinguishing between their high profile and low profile guests, but that didn’t make it less suspicious when, at breakfast the following morning, a man hid at the corner table with a baseball cap on. Slow pitch softball swing To this writer’s knowledge, only rock stars wore baseball cap to breakfast.

Lo and behold, it was Jason Momoa (in all his giant, beautiful Jason Momoa-ness) who played Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, rumoured to return in the seventh season. Pitch definition music Like we said: Ireland is all about the quintessential GoT experience.

Early last year, the Dark Hedges, where GoT had filmed (now open for visitors), was hit by a storm. Diy outdoor wedding decorations It left visible gaps between trees as a couple had fell, but the wood was used to create 10 stunningly intricate doors that have now been used in pubs across the country. Fantasy sports network This includes the Fullerton Arms in Ballintoy.